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podcast number for 125 2018 Matthew Shaw homes Lubbock welcome to Shopville Holmes podcast we’re going to go over some move-in ready homes that are available for you guys percent complete or under construction at the current juncture because we are Bixby new home builders best builder and when you search for us when you’re looking for a new home will there be immediate move-in or whether it be building process we have more options in any builder in Tulsa and we welcome you all to test that out come see you in a bar new home specialist in Tulsa Broken Arrow area to go on tour and check out some of our move-in ready homes but for now since I’m going to go over some of the homes that we have either fully under construction or completely immediately if you so desire I’m going to try to entice you a little bit on some of these but otherwise pretty simple first time going to be in Seven Lakes Bixby area this home is going to be residing at 6672 East 125th Street South Broken Arrow Oklahoma pardon me Bixby Oklahoma Not Broken Arrow Bixby when I the one the one eye is a two-story 4-bedroom 3-bathroom 3 car garage with 3563 9 9 9 9 this home is ready for move-in 100% complete all it needs School as a Bixby new home builders best builder encourage you all to check out all of our model homes and Oliver move everything we do this by our model home tour which is about 90 minutes that will show you all. It is and make sure that everything we have the offer as to where you don’t waste any time spinning your wheels of looking at home that don’t ultimately resulting in a longer and exhausting experience we don’t want that to happen rapidly all at once and if you like what we offer than great we can move forward if not any further time because you started with Bixby new home builders best builder Shaw homes with the most option the most locations in the most floor plans of anybody.

Let builder in Tulsa next home going to go on over to Tucson village now Tucson Village guys this is going to be over Hood so we have a few I bet at the current moment they’re not available construction so the prices are to be determined on some of these and I will let you know which ones those are so he Community located on 121st Street this home will be located at 6700 South 20th Place Broken Arrow Oklahoma Ellington floor plan is for bedrooms 2 bathrooms it is a one-story in a two-car garage will be located in Broken Arrow School District Number 3 which is Spring Creek Elementary Childers Middle School in Broken Arrow High School folks we hope you come see this one when it’s finished up some more homes that we have going in Tucson Village all of the remaining home that I’ll be talking about on this podcast will all be Tucson Village so their prices are to be determined but as Bixby new home builders best builder we will keep that information updated so whenever you do search for us again or come check out these homes those prices will be updated to the point where we can mention to you next to 6704 South 20th Place Broken Arrow Oklahoma located in Tucson Villages of the Rivington now 10 is under construction it’s 2272 story beautiful large home 2 Stories 2 car garage located in Spring Creek Elementary Childers middle school and Broken Arrow High School you have to radar because this is going to be a very popular neighborhood here in this location next time we have is the 6705 South 20th Street Broken Arrow Oklahoma against 6705 South 20th Street Broken Arrow Oklahoma will be the Tucson Village location community and the floor plan is the Newport construction 2048 square feet 4 bedrooms 2 bath 2 car garage.

Again schools are applicable as Bixby new home builders best builder are Manchester series home is a fantastic quality home with the 10-year structural warranty and we definitely open this to more the craftsman style look a little bit more because they are one in a million hard to find something that compares and if you do find something to compare the quality of our homes will stand alone folks so that we offer here in Tucson Village Newport was my favorite but it’s a toss-up between how many bedrooms you really want when you walk in just the flow of the floor plan looks unbelievable it’s 1932 square feet and for me and my wife my wife and I we don’t need too much square footage is just us and a pup and the 1900 square feet would be plenty enough for us to clean be no kidding beautiful home with everything that you need 3 bedrooms 2 bath 1 Story 2 car garage 1932 square feet Liberty guys you got to check it out when it’s finished in the Tucson village community next is the Dewberry Tucson Village 6000 sorry 6713 South 20th Street Broken Arrow Oklahoma this is the Dewberry in Tucson Village prices to be determined but it is fully under construction 1806 square feet 4 bedrooms 2 baths one-story 2 car garage located in Spring Creek Elementary Childers Middle School in Broken Arrow High School best builder series home can be comparable to a lot of other builders in the Tulsa area sends of these homes along with the warranty that we offer for a 10-year structural warranty which is unbeatable to anybody else in the area and on top of that quality materials that we use with the construction quality control.

That we use the comparisons will fall apart when you get to the details there is no one that compares to us we are Bixby new home builders best builder the last planet all discuss is going to be the Ellington this is an additional Ellington we have being built in Tucson Village under construction currently the address is 6701 South 20th Place Broken Arrow Oklahoma Construction in Tucson Village and the square footage is 1941 square feet 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms garage with a school district of Broken Arrow it will be Spring Creek Elementary Childers Middle School in Broken Arrow High School now we pride ourselves on having more options than any other Builder and having multiple variances so the signature Heritage series which we’ve spoken about a lot of the series from about 230 230000 and then lastly I are Water stone home collections is a complete Custom Homes or mobile homes but I told you has taken series collection homes as well as Manchester series full clarity in the picture of what we offer please visit one of our new home specialist and the model homes they’re fully decorated and fully furnished so when you do meet these model Specialists of these new home specialist a wolf discuss to you about the possibility of going on what we call a model home to her which will show you all of the available homes that we have as well as all the available and we will show you all the variances to how the home try to accommodate that the best we possibly can we do have something for everyone and all of our options can be tailored to your custom needs so looking forward to meeting you and looking forward to help building a new home or helping you get into one of our guys have a blessed week.

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