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Bixby New Homes | Finding the best plot of land

Bixby New Homes Okay, I’ll make sure that we’re providing it’s not just on the sales, but the different additional features for your floor plan was coming into your house. Bixby New Homes The different communities that’s available for you to look at and celexa. We have multiple locations available for you to take a look at all the different floor plans that we have to be able to look at the different communities but available to you as a bigs by home builder. We also make sure that we’re taking care of you not just off of those. So, for instance, if you are wanting to build a shaw home on private property, that’s going to be available for you as well. That will be an option. Bixby New Homes You would be required because you will carry the construction instead of us, and so I will for you and that way we are taking care of customers out there. That’s even thinking about building a shop, river and 21st and shea, and this is on the southwest corner of sheridan. We have a lot of beautiful home sites available in the near future. We have lots of north and south east and west facing lots still available different debt and even corner lots that are available and homesite a cul-de-sac. Also, there are multiple builders inside estates at the river. So, if you’re worried about a neighborhood, looking you know to cookie cutter rush estates at the river is not going to be one of them. Bixby New Homes There are multiple builders, and on top of that, when it comes to shaw homes, we do have 64 different floor plans, and so we can really make your house plus unique and one-of-a-kind. So whether or not it’s by picking different exterior types of stones, we can make your house look very unique and different from the rest. Also, we do have different sizes of homes. Bixby New Homes That’s allowed at estates at the river from your one story:that’s a minimum of 2100 square feet to your very large to stories at scott bathrooms, a game room and a bonus room on top of a formal, dining room, so at shaw homes being a big c home builder, the different floor plans and we have tons of options for you to pick from. We also have a lot of different options when it comes to inside of your house a lot of those options. On top of the included features you can customize to your own liking, the different type of wood floors. How are the different colored stain? We can really make a house very unique. We have different options when it comes to your paint, color the small little details, extra text such as adding me as a bixby home builder. We want to make sure that all of that is going to accommodate you and your family estates at the river. We do have home site campsites go as far as a hundred and fifty feet. Deep I’m, depending on the floor plan that you have you’ve, got a good selection, the floor. The lots are, they range, it probably 1:30 to 1:50. Some of them go just a smidge over 150, depending on what side of the neighborhood this community will have a face to so as a bigsby home builder. We know that what a community will provide for our customers, who were going to have a clubhouse with a pool that will go in this particular community, is very close to a lot of different shopping and dining out on memorial., your, walmart and target within a few miles from this community, including the different types of dining restaurant, starbucks, coffee shop, small coffee shop, it’s a quick 2 minutes to get to riverside, which will dump you right at the creek turnpike at on riverside. This is bixby bixby taxes in bixby schools you’re also surrounded by nothing but thieves. So there’s no older neighborhood from you at all south of sheridan that one has five phases and, as a bixby home builder, I do believe that we’re pretty much built out in that neighborhood. There might be a few more home sites available. Bixby New Homes A couple of arms may have a pond view that you may like, since they have the five phases, they got different pond views and also community clubhouse and pool seven. Lakes is also another great bixby community and once again, that’s located just not even a quarter mile south, 121st and sheridan. We also have another bigsby community located on the northeast corner of sheridan, so it’s it’s in between sheridan and memorial. It’s about a quarter of a mile east of sheridan. So right before you get to the sheraton in our section on 141st communities for shaw hounds right there on 121st and sheridan somerset is a gated community. So it’s located also right next to the big city, schools, bixby, north, elementary, so on one side, you’re backing up to the bixby elementary and then on the west side of the street, pretty much it’s all. What is lot deck versus a flat concrete patio and it’s just the way that the land dips down and that’s why it requires a wood deck on some of our lives. Bixby New Homes

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