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Bixby New Homes | Wonderful Days

Podcast for shaw homes to 818 matthew, so when you search for bixby home builders will find many builders, but she saw home full, be the first and there’s good reason for that. That is one of the main reasons you find the homes first assembly, because we are number one number one in options:whether that’s talking about floor plans features inside the home communities in which we build in or number of other great ideas. We are number one and we will continue to be number one, because we listen to the customer. You, the insight, that you have the ideas that you have. We listen to those ideas. We listen to that insight and we want to know what makes us better. What makes us more proficient what makes us a better quality builder. A lot of people will ask who the best in bixby is who’s the best bixby home builder, and that is shaw homes, something that I hear a lot about when people ask me is about the options that go inside the home so are included. Features you can find all of our website and are included. Features are very exclusive. They are inclusive and one of the most included features of any builders out there. Something, however, which is covenant driven. There are a couple things that are covenant german, typically speak sprinkler systems, gutter systems and fencing so perfectly winooski for bixby home builders. You will find many gray properties out in the area bixby all around tulsa with all of our government’s now. If a covenant ever requires fencing to be had, then obviously that’s something that we would include. However, typically it’s not-and this is always depend upon the size of your property. How much home do you have on the property and how does that home correlate with a v? Give a quarter property? Is it a larger cul-de-sac, property which property is it that allows it to be a larger or smaller property which will have the fencing be accommodating that so fencing in something that a lot of people are concerned about, because it is quite expensive, I mean you can get at least three for $5,000 range fairly quickly in any number of sides? Lots, if you have a home site that gets up to half an acre, you could be looking at 6 to $7,000 for fencing alone. Now. This is something that is where a lot of people, because they want fencing when they move into their new home. Typically most people do a lot of people have pets, family members that are fur babies and they would be protected, pdf, be able to go outside and roam around and see things. I would say this that, with our fencing that we offer, we do offer to put it in the mortgage as well. So we can add that as an option to the home and have you have it in your home now, what’s a the fence is $5,000 homes, because we are we offer that to be inside the mortgage and for every thousand dollars you looking at about $5 roughly of mortgage payments, $5,000 fence will be about $25 a month and rather than having that come out of your pocket. When you finish filling the home going to go, pay $5,000 to a fencing company, 25 bucks a month sounds a lot more reasonable in the mortgage, which a lot of people issues to do rather than pay the expensive 5 grand out of your savings to the liquidity or what not. So it’s something that we offer now. That has a lot of insight to people they love it. Also. Guttering is a big deal here. So there’s a big covenant driven item when it comes to gathering, we have included on all of our homes on the front, no matter which community have it on the front of your homes at all, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good or bad thing. It’s just not the way that we choose to do it. We choose to have gutter in the front of the home because it allows if it is raining, it allows proper flowing and drainage off the home. Now it is covenant driven nearly every community, whether it has it where it has not on the remainder of the home, but we included in the front which most builders do not include guttering in the front of the elevation there. So since we can put on the front of the home, if we have a reason on the covenant to include on the rest of the home, we do included in that, for you for the included features. Guttering, that’s another option that we can put into the addendum list there for you and have it choose to where you can pay it monthly as well, get on the run or run you about $3 a month. So it’s really nothing to be ecstatic about. It is a great option that have it around the entire home, but of course it depends on the community of what you bill another thing that people are always curious about. Our sprinkler systems in here is shaw homes. We are bixby home, but we have a lot of rain and then we have drought. So it’s very inclement and it changes consistently and a bigsby. We have more of a floodplain area which doesn’t necessarily create an issue or a bad bad. What it does do is it forces us to have the need of watering, because when we do go droughts there is no drainage from higher levels. It’s going to stay pretty dry pretty quickly and with all that occurring. Sprinkler systems are on the higher end of people’s minds. A sprinkler systems are again or something that is somewhat expensive in the realm of things. But if you consider it, we can include it into your options.

$3,400 $3,500 to include that in a home, depending on which area you’re at how many zones you need, but it’s something again that we can apply to your home as an option which will allow you to include it in your mortgage and you’re still looking at about $15 a month for a sprinkler system. So if you had a fence guttering and a sprinkler system in a good-looking write about $45 a month for all 3 covenant driven items to be included in your mortgage so $45 a month and you are good to go-you have everything there, that’s included for you, so maybe a little less 40 to $45 a month, but it’s a great way to option out your home with some of the things that would be included. Features in premier, community community citrus require that covenant be met, but also it’s another way that we can allow you to put those pictures in there now. How do we do this? Well? This is dependent on the neighborhood that you select your home site. Reservation reservation in this case when you’re looking for bixby home builders would be in the big speaker manatees that we offer, and you find a home that reservation in there, that you would like of a community website. Somerset estates, the river seven lakes or quail creek. You find a home site with choose that home site. Would you a price out of the home floor plan that you chosen on her mobile home to her that allows us to go in an option at the home exactly as you wish? If the community does not offer full guttering or sprinkler systems or fencing or anything of that nature, then we will put that in there at your desire at your request, and you would have that fully itemized list. So you could see to the penny of what things would cost you, whether you choose to go forward with it or not? It’s up to you, but it is completely interchangeable whenever you’d like and we can put those pictures in there, so you could see ideally. What things would cost for you before. You made a decision to move forward, but this is a great way to do it rather than having the expense later on down the road, it’s just really up to the consumer and how they choose to destruction their mortgage and their options inside their home. So you know what those things being said. We appreciate you looking for us. We are bixby home builders best builder here at shaw homes. We encourage you to let join us on the model home to her and we’re at oliver model homes from bixby to jenks glenpool in broken arrow. We, we are always here staffed hours, so we welcome me on out to come check, stop i, introduce yourselves and we will glad to have you join in our weekly to or that we do consistently. So looking forward to speaking with you in the future hope you have a wonderful day

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