Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby Home Builder | Best of the best

Bixby Home Builder | Best of the best

At shaw homes being a bixby home builder, we do now, but that’s important in we gone over the different communities that we have available in the bixby location. Even though we are a bixby home builder, we are also building homes in broken, arrow, jenks, Tulsa and I know what, as a big c home builder, we know that different locations are important as well. As you know, location floor plans, square footage, home site and type. So as a big sweet home builder, we do have special incentives that we are currently writing right now we have a January promotion that is about to expire. Let’s see here currently right now, with her preferred lenders, they do have promotions to help with closing costs. First, Oklahoma mortgage juan Rodriguez. His phone number is area code. 918-4088 his email address is j. U a n, as in nancy at first Oklahoma mortgage.Com. Our second preferred lender is with bank of Oklahoma. Ethan Wagner is area code 918-527-6798. His office phone number is area code 918-488-7112, his fax number 918-280-3423. You can go to www.Net10.Com, see you ag, as in nancy e r. Com. You can email him at, a g as in goat car at BOK f, as in frank. Com. We also have a new preferred lender at spirit bank, her name is lexi. Her office phone number is area code. 918-970-4824 for cell phone number is area code 405-880-2942. This is our newest preferred lender. If you are building a shaw home, they do currently have a $500 in credit for closing, which is always nice to have, and as a bixby home builder, we like to give you options on. You know even your preferred lending, also as a bixby home builder.

We do know that warranty is very important to our buyers. So one thing to keep in mind:at shaw homes we have the best warranty in the greater Tulsa area, with our 10-year structural warranty, our 2-year mechanicals warranty, which is going to be your electrical and plumbing, and then our 1 year limited warranty that covers the entire home. Also, as a fix me, home builder, art design studio are experienced, home design experts will help. You understand the selection of materials available for your new home and help. You discover the pallet that reflects your personality and taste. We done the hard work at finding all the right choices and putting them in one place with expert advice at hand. All you have to do is design and choose. If you like, more information about the shaw homes, design studio, please call area code 918-409-5195, also as a bixby home builder. We do know that the construction process is very important to our buyers, construction, i, step by step guide to help. You know what to expect when you work with shaw homes. We want you to be informed and educated about the process, so you can make the best decision for your families needs. If you ever have questions or don’t understand any say, step will be there to help you through it all step. One preliminary matters after the purchase agreement is signed, but before we begin moving dirt, many things are beginning to happen. To create a plot plan of your life showing the location of the home on the property. Other plans will be submitted to the appropriate, city or county permit office, with our application for a building permit. The banks will require building plans and specifications for a property appraisal prior to closing of our construction loan. Also, at this time, we will order windows, doors and frag due to the nature of government.

It is not unusual for these processes take 3 to 4 weeks, step2 design studio. Within the three days after the execution of your purchase agreement, you should schedule an appointment with our design consultant to finalize selections of your new home. This appointment should take place within 2 weeks from signing the purchase agreement. A timely selection process allows us to prepare the necessary purchase order so start the building process as fast as possible. Please refer to your design studio addendum for complete details. Once all selections have been made, we will schedule a plan review with your construction manager to review all the details step 3 the foundation. This stage begins with a creation of a level pad site pad. Ovation is very critical in ensuring proper water drainage away from the structure. Next, the house lines are staked out on the lot in accordance with the plot plan, and then the footing is doug. Steel bars are installed through the footing. A city inspector will then approve the footing prior to pouring concrete wood forms will be erect around perimeter of the structure. These forms determine building side and finish floor elevation, ensuring proper drainage step, 4, the ref in process after the frames are in place on the fighting plumbers will ruffin all the water and drain lines at shaw homes.

We use only fours, though pex water lines, which are far superior, copper in freeze protection. The plumbers will run the main water sewer and gas lines to the appropriate tie in locations at this time. Upon the plumbers, completion and city inspection is brought in an installed inside wood forms and leveled off approximately 4 inches below the top of the for any electrical lines that run beneath the slab are installed. At this time, post tension cables are installed in the steel bars extending from the footing bent over into the slab area, to tyler full footing and slab together. The fighting is clean to ensure proper placement of concrete and the full structure is treated with a warranted chemical termite protection. Another city inspection is done prior to pouring any concrete and upon inspection. The slab is poured in the form. This is na amazing opportunity so make sure that you do everything that you can to get in touch with the people over at Shaw Homes so be sure to call them today at the number 918-688-5660

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