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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby Home Builder | Builders with experience

Bixby Home Builder | Builders with experience

Shaw homes podcast, 14 matthew. We are starting off this. Holmes, podcast, tulsa, broken, arrow community 62 for plants and encourage you to come out to speak to one of our local sales managers at one of our model. To, expedite your process and your decision-making capability on what you’re wanting to do in this process of considering building or buying a new home. So you don’t spin your wheels inconsistent and ultimately, we spend weeks in months looking at stuff, you don’t know if it’s you or not, if it’s appropriate or not, and we have a process that fixes all of that. So, as you know, when you’re looking for bixby home builder to look no further than shaw homes, because what we offer and all of our communities is the opportunity to build all of our floor plans, some some restrictions apply, but most of the time anything will fit anywhere. I just depends on which home site is adequate and which size of home you’re, looking at as well so search for bixby home builder. Here in the zoo, timber creek, timber creek is starting in the square footage of 37126 area 300. But these are going to be half acre up to one and a half acres home site wonderfully paid roads are the rolling hills that you’ll be living on in timber creek just going to be on 121st street, it’s going to be west of highway 75. It’s actually south 33rd west avenue in between 11th and 121st street, so get off on 121st or 111th on west, 33rd street, and you will locate timber, creek location to beautiful beautiful area, quick highway, access to Tulsa, hills to downtown Tulsa, and then, of course, is a corridor throughout the creek turnpike as well.

Do all over the broken arrow bixby berseria. You are free to travel throughout within 10-15 minutes. But if you follow the posted signs, then probably 20 minutes to the furthest distance opposite your location in jenks, some of the schools there for timber creek & b, west elementary, jinks, middle and jenks high school developing some homes in there right now, they’re going up in the process. We have a couple that are almost finished, so the community is just starting to be broken into and just starting to bloom. You need to check it out because those home sites are very rare to find that size home site for that low of a price. I would be happy to have you come in there and check them out. Look at it get on tour with it as bixby home, brew, fest builder. You can’t go wrong with it. Half acre anchor and a half in the jinx ariel be encouraged. You to come check it out, check out timber creek. It’s a great new community that were offering next is going to be tucson village. This is yet to be open, but it’s just about to break around tucson village is going to be 170 s square footage of 42 to 2376. It’s really a beautiful community that features a swimming pool on a full house, this community home sites. You can be near just about anything you desire and still feel like. You aren’t the city less than a mile to the creek turnpike for easy access to anywhere in Tulsa the shops at aspen, creek you’re, going to be coming up there at warren theater is well. She can have a lot of stores at Walmart. Just a couple of minutes away from there, it’s a great community against 170s, beautiful, beautiful homes for craftsman style, but great size varies from 1442 to 2376.

We looking for bixby home builder homes are the best beats. So when we look around for people to come, see us we’re looking for all over Tulsa and broken arrow the home site and the covenants don’t require certain square footage, guess what you can build it there. We do have a couple of segments of homes that changed a little bit. The tucson, however I still close access to bixby jenks anywhere, based on that creek turnpike in broken, arrow high, school community surrounding the entire neighborhood. You have a definite character in this part of town and check that out. We also have ashbrook everywhere that we have one of our model homes come see. Us come speak to a sales manager and will be happy to take you on tour, and let you see this up-and-coming community about to be released to the public. You have priority right now Bixby Home Builder I hearing this up front so again, located at 121st and county line road, that’s going to be on the southwest corner of that intersection. So look for it come see. It will encourage you to come check it out. Next, on our wonderful agenda, we have village at southern trails in the village at seven trails 270,000 is what we’re starting at 2102 to 3712 square feet in this wonderful community, and we have wolf creek elementary Oliver middle school in broken, arrow, high, school, community pool with park and outdoor fireplace pictures on home. Com go to the communities to go to the broken arrow and check out 606 south fir boulevard, that’s f! I r boulevard broken arrow Oklahoma 74012, the beautiful access that you have on 101st street will put you anywhere that you need to be just minutes away from memorial. How do you also have access to 169 the creek turnpike short distance to highway 50 creek access as well? Are you close access to all the hospitals and shopping restaurants in churches? But you still feel, like you have a little bit of town for that.

Having great suburbs have a great communities located with mature trees surrounding an all about which keeps up you’re, not stuck in that fast pace lifestyle. So we were happy to offer this to you as a customer and again come check it out, but look at it just down the street from the Walmart mini stores and restaurants nearby. You can have quick access to the creek turnpike, as I mentioned, making getting anywhere in Tulsa very easy to do. We do have some model homes that are going up in their customer, but we do have some sites available in there make sure to drive to the do. Encourage you to get on tour with us. Check, that out 2224 square feet to 3712 square feet is what we build them there and wealth. We have a few few open homesteads notices a great community that definitely has a lot of amenities in it:highland park, elementary, oneta, ridge, middle, school, broken, arrow, high school get a community catch-and-release pond 10 miles of paved walking and biking trails, forest, ridge, park, basketball, court, softball, diamond soccer field, rainbow, play, systems, nearby, tennis, golf course:cafe, savannah, beautiful beautiful area community has home size of golf course in lake, view lots of shopping. So we can check out the pictures that online call homes.Com for humanity for broken – arrow 4, +, wellstone, -, 4, -, ridge forest check it out last on the list for our community overlay here is going to be at Yorktown, but we’ll just cover Birmingham in henley i. Both of you are going to bixby for looking for the area. If you have options, if you’re open to it, when you looking for bixby home builder, make sure you check us out. Cuz Yorktown in jenks definitely has what you need. As bixby home builder best builder tremendous opportunity of the Yorktown great community to 24 square feet to 3712 bixby, high, school, bixby, high, school, bixby, middle school and central elementary in trails in lake landscaping requirements, which is excellent because it keeps your neighbors responsible for the community in the property street jenks Oklahoma 74037 address again be home. Builders show homes. We are the best

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