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Bixby Home Builder | Great Services

Bixby Home Builder | Great Services

112 2018 podcast 15 Matthew for coming to check out, and we are today speaking on our podcast about our customers, just awaiting your complimentary herbal essences that you burn in the kitchen cooking dinner for kids and hold your photographs. It wants to hold your fridge and keep your food cold. It is the house of your dreams. Will it be the first to the last of the one in between it wants to be there for you? It is shaw homes, move-in, ready available home, so we’re going to go ahead and get shell homes have multiple homes available for you right now, t2 your mechanical warranty and a one-year everything warranty is bixby home builders best builder. What I can tell you right now? Is there a manchester series, signature and heritage collection of homes? We have quite a few to offer that being said, I’m going to start off with some manchester series homes dabbla back into the signature in heritage collection, then double back in the manchester series to keep with me and stay active. Let’s go first on the list on the 3421 east quebec street 3421 east quebec street broken, arrow Oklahoma, that is a silver leaf community that were operating in that those are communities we offer I’ve gone through those and describe those dizzy and what they offer. What their price points are, where they’re at in the hell we’re going so I refer back to those other podcast. If you like to know more about the community, but silver leaf is a fantastic community again located right there at 51st and 209th street on the north east corner of that intersection at 3421, east, quebec, street, broken arrow Oklahoma is a big wood. It is a silver leaf and the baby move in and start bringing those boxes moving boxes. If you catch my drift two men in the truck, you know what I’m saying it is priced at 16618 3 that is $183, and we are asking that on a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom one-story home 2 car garage, broken, arrow, school, district, liberty, middle, school, broken, arrow, high, school, Oklahoma. You want to see it. It is excellent, come check it out craftsman, style, beautiful, ready for move-in. Let’s go the next to bixby jenks broken arrow Tulsa anywhere in between, and we offer right now, I’m going to 3445 quebec street broken arrow broken, arrow Oklahoma.

It is a silver leaf community again, but the baby would another additional bay wood. This was priced. A little bit higher has a touch more minute into it. There’s one 69055:it has 169,000 zero $55. It is an active listing ready for your move. It again 1323 square feet:one story, 2 car garage, broken, arrow, school, district, high, school, again, move into cars wants to hold those cars nice and warm in this cold weather we’re having. If it is hot that it will keep those cars, nice and cool out of the shade of the sudden light rays. You know what I’m saying come check them out:they’re identical but they’re different, come check them out beautiful homes. Next time we have on the docket 3425 east quebec street, broken arrow. This is a silver leaf home again with the birkdale 7909. That price is $170,909 bedrooms, 2, bath, 1, story, 2 car garage liberty on this list is a silver leaf home. This is a beautiful, community, up-and-coming, very populated, quickly becoming vince and excellent neighbor excellent communities in there. We encourage you to come join in while the gettin’s still getting, because it’s about to be gone by the next time we have on the list is 4001 that is 4001 north, 34th, street, broken arrow Oklahoma silver leaf is that community. This floor plan is known as the birkdale. It’s the same home I just read off, but a touch warm. It is to it cuz, it’s just a price notch above instead of 171 909, it is 70 to $172,850. It is an active status at 1424 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1, story, 2 car garage again with the broken arrow schools of liberty anita ridge middle in broken, arrow, high school as big as well as our beautiful signature.

That’s just four of them. Folks, I have about 24, more 25 more homes, ready for your moving, always adding to our selection. Realtors always welcome to our best to accommodate that. Obviously again in the silver leaf community have three more homes that I’m going to be listing off to you right now. So I have one brook dale to ashton’s available right now about to be discuss. First off the bedroom, 2 bath, 1 story garage again:broken arrow, school district 3 weeks is liberty oneta ridge middle school and broken arrow high school east quebec street broken arrow Oklahoma, 417, east, quebec, street, broken arrow. This is a silver leaf community again with the ashton. That’s ashton! It’s an action plan. It is 100 $24. This is 1499 square feet to get an additional bump up from the previous owner who talked about this is oneta ridge, middle, school, broken, arrow, high, school, again, silver leaf ashton. This is an additional home. The final one that I’m going to be listing here for silver leaf east, quebec, street, broken, arrow Oklahoma dollars at active listing at 1499 square feet:3 bedroom, 2, bath, 1, story, 2, car garage, opener, school, district 3, which is liberty anita ridge middle school in broken, arrow, high, school on to the crystal creek community, indicative of all of our communities and descriptions within those check, those out shaw, homes.Com crystal creek community. This is the floor plan 1323 square feet with a price of 17097 to 9. In a little bit more location, history, bedroom, 2, bath, 1, story, 2, car garage, the school district, union school, district 9 me rosa, parks, elementary, middle, school and high school. We do build everywhere across the Tulsa area, jenks broken, arrow bixby. We have it available, have a move-in-ready homes for you. Next off I have a few more homes that I would discuss, but I’m going to go ahead and jump to three more homes in the silver leaf community. Here at this is the most affordable, neighborhoods 160th and up under $60,000 and up at about the 200. Maybe the 195 depends on your stuff to get two guys next time. I have available here as again.

We love to make sure all the craftsman home quality home and have the 10-year structural warranty beautiful, come check it out. You must. We have a excellent sales managers that will take care of you to you around and show you all the available homes in this community. However, silver leaf does have a few more homes that are available for you and right now we’re to get to the cambridge one of the most popular folks. This is priced at $180, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, one-story 2 car garage, broken, arrow, school, district, middle school in broken, arrow high, school, 429, east, quebec, street, broken, arrow, silver leaf community, again, with the four plan is the cambridge. This was priced at 183 7:15, that is 16 square feet:4 bedroom 2 bath, 1, story, 2, car garage, liberty, oneta, ridge, middle school in broken, arrow high school keep those high schools in mind, one of the best in the nation vote last one for the silver leaf that I’ll speak about on this podcast amber. This is probably our most popular floor plan for the manchester series. 3 bedroom, 2 bath priced at 183, 843, high school, it is fantastic, is broken. Arrow is developing. We we definitely have new Tulsa, developing and jinx and bixby. All of a sudden, it is bixby. Home builders are being looked at. We shall homes, definitely realize that we can capitalize all over and make sure that we are meeting expectations of all of our customers and building in places that they might not have thought of before, simply because of buying power. You know where you start might not be where you end up being so. Are we just try to accommodate all that, but we we look forward to expanding on this later and give me more information and more available home to check this out of the next podcast. You guys have a blessed day

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