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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby Home Builder | Move in ready homes

Bixby Home Builder | Move in ready homes

Okay at shaw homes-and you can hop on our website at shaw homes.Com in our website shaw homes. You can actually click on, find your home. It’s going to give you a drop-down box and you can select communities and then a new page will pop up, and even though we are a bixby home builder, and you will see that the current cities we building is not only but broken arrow, jenks, Tulsa and I know love. So if you would like to take a look at our bixby communities, just select on dixie just take the little second to the last you’re going to be another box with up and down arrows. That’s going to show you our neighborhood that we are currently in for bixby and then on the main page of that you’re also going to see a map of Tulsa and surrounding areas, and you will see the little shaw symbol. That’s going to take you and show you exactly where those communities are located. So the first community everything speed is called Chisholm ranch. The starting prices in Chisholm ranch is a 300. The square footage will range from 2404 square feet to 3712 square feet now, even though Chisholm ranch is on this website, I do believe that we are now officially completely built out in Chisholm ranch. If anything we might have just one more. But memory serves me right, I believe we are done in Chisholm ranch, the next community in bixby.

This is a brand-new community which is great as a bixby home builder. This is called estates at the river. The starting price at estates at the river will be yours, low 300,000 and at the square footage is going to range from 2349 to 3712. You can view the map or select on more info and we’re going to select out in more info for estates at the river. Let me hear you can have theirs little options for community brochure that you can select on, and the platte for the neighborhood or the community will pull up. You can see all of the highlighted, lots or home sites that we currently have, and, of course, if you do have any questions about it, you can contact, say it one one with additional questions. We’ve got some great north east, south and west facing lots in clovis corner. We have quite a few and then once we’re done with phase, 1 and out-of-state that the river we will start on phase 2, and that is when the community pool will be. There is currently not an hoa set yet for estates at the river. I also do believe that all of our move-in ready homes that we have built for estates at the river are now officially sold out being a bixby home builder. We do try to make sure that you know we do have those move-in-ready homes for our buyers. That may have a sense of urgency of getting into their home right away, and they just don’t have the time to build.

The bixby is such a popular location right now that all of our move-in-ready homes are sold or under contract. We do have I believe one move-in ready home in quail creek and one more last in somerset make sure we’ve got everyone covered, but unfortunately, at estates, the river we no longer have any move-in-ready homes. The next community, oh and also states that the river is located on the southwest corner of sheridan on 121st, really close to pretty much everything you quickly get the jeans quickly hop on the creek turnpike and get to downtown and you’re also still close enough to get to downtown broken arrow. Also a little bit since we are bixby home builder about bixby this former agricultural paradise is now one of the fastest-growing areas in the state of Oklahoma remains popular local for growing and selling fresh produce in Oklahoma, only a small percentage of bixby residents still work in agriculture, but the town continues to celebrate its farming history at its annual green corn festival. Today, bixby is averted and relax. Community perfect for young couples, families and retirees so caring on to the next community we have a community called quail creek. Now this is a bixby school neighborhood, located on 121st and memorial. This is going to be on the southwest side between memorial does southwest side of memorial and southeast side of sheridan. So it’s right in the middle of sheridan and memorial on 121st street, gotham start out at 200,000 square footage. 2102 to 3712, when you click on the brochure it just takes a second for it to load up, you will once again see the preliminary plat of quail creek.

Now the plot that we have loaded on here, unfortunately, is not highlighted. So this is where you will want to probably contact someone at shaw or myself being a bixby home builder. We do try to have everything loaded on the internet, so I do apologize, that a non highlighted flat is on there, but just contact someone at shaw and we’ll get that taken care of for you for the available homes in quail creek. We do have one. This is the single story called the monterey one. This one is currently listed at 3200, 3024, 1300 and $24,883. The square footage on this home is 2419. This is a three bedroom. Two bathroom one story. If you select on view detail well, we do have a finished one story of this house in a different bixby community that you can take a look at it and, of course we can take you to this one, that’s located at quail creek, to show you what the house does look like and you are not going to be able to find anyone else that can do what they can so do everything that you can to get int ouch with the people over at Shaw Homes. You are going to be able to call them today at the number 918-688-5660.

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