Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby Home Builder | Number one builders

Bixby Home Builder | Number one builders

At shaw homes of the bixby home builder I am currently looking at our shaw homes.Com website. We just finished up with our community called somerset, which is a gated community as a bixby home builder. We know that different styles of communities and what we have available for our buyers is important. So, as a bixby home builder, we do try to phil everyone’s means. The next communities that we have in bixby is called spring. Hill farms starting price in spring hill farms is 270000. The square footage ranges from 2556 to 3712. These are half acre lots. We currently do not have any move in ready homes in this neighborhood and I apologize for that. When you select on community brochure, you will see our spring hill farms platte. This is currently not highlighted. We do have a few home sites available. Spring hill farms is located on a hundred a hundred and 71st street between lewis and peoria, the gorgeous quiet neighborhood. Once again, this is half-acre live. That’s pretty much going to be all of our bixby communities that we currently build it as a bixby home builder.

We do so if you own private property out in bixby, give us a call, we can go out there and take a look and get you taken. Care of the main difference is going to be the loan type that you will have when you build a house with shaw homes in one of the communities that we currently build in on one of her available home site, you can do the standard, conventional or fha va, whatever loan. However, if we build on private property out in bixby or any other city location town, when it comes to private property, you will have to do the construction at the end. It will be about the same. It is the exact same thing. Just the process was the little bit different. You guys carry the construction loan versus and we just take drawers from you know, after every stage of whatever completion of the step of the home, for it to be done. So as a bixby home builder, we do try to fit everyone and make sure that we can get you taken care of also as a bixby home builder. You know that’s why we not only build homes from the ground up and let you pick out all of the paint color everything from exterior to interior, but as a bixby home builder. We also do know that building a new house does not fit everyone’s needs, so that is why we do have our move-in ready homes, another thing as a being a bixby home builder and trying to make sure that were taking care of our customers. Bixby Home Builder We do realize that you may not be able to just easily currently make your payments on your existing house. The process of a new construction on the new house know you may have to do a contingent contract and go ahead and sell your current home before you can start the build of your new home, which is fine, and a lot of people may ask.

Well once I sell my house where do I live in signing a lease or a contract got it. You don’t have to worry about as long as you own any pets. We do have rentals that we can put you in now. You will still have a deposit. You will get that deposit back at the end. As long as there’s been no damages to the rental property, you leave it the way that you had moved into it, but the great thing about that is that once your new shaw home is completely done, you don’t have to worry about breaking a contract or aleve. Our shaw customers have new fireworks at first priority when it comes to our rentals and you can just live out of the rental and into your new home when it is done, so you don’t have to worry about breaking a contract, or at least like if you were to rent from someone you know signed a one-year contract at an apartment, complex or whatever. Our only stipulation when it comes to a rental properties is that no animals are allowed. Our inventory does change every single month due to the fact that we do have a lot of siya customers in our rentals and even non shaw customers in our rentals. So we are constantly turning over rental homes and opening up different ones and filling in ones. So it’s always best to check. Probably maybe a month before you need it find out what we have available and so as a bixby home builder. You know. That is why we have our rental properties as well specifically for our customers, because we do want to make the entire process as little stress and pain free as much as possible the process when it comes to building a brand new home, whether it’s your forever home or dream home.

First time you know even can also have a little stress that comes with it. So we just tried to eliminate as much stress for you and make it possible for anyone to build versus buying an existing house, and you can get all of that taken care of at shaw homes. So those are our communities out in the bixby location we do build and other communities and off-site. If you filled out your location might be too far or anything like that. Contact us, shaw sales manager and we can look and see whether building or getting you into a move-in-ready house is even possible. We can also help you out and get you paired up with the proper individuals for even financing prequalify. We do have our preferred lenders that we work with that are amazing. Our preferred lenders have even specials going on. Currently they match prices and rates they’re very competitive with all the companies they can lock.You in that you know. Whatever interest is good and low at the time or you can wait to get locked in

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