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Bixby Home Builders | Amazing Home Builders

Bixby Home Builders | Amazing Home Builders

So one for 2018, matthews, podcast 3 continuing with our included features podcast here for the heritage, heritage and signature series collection of homes for shaw homes. When you do look for broken arrow holders best builder, you will run across us most definitely and when you do run across us, you will see are included, features down. We do give you these all in full detail a poulan model home tour. Joining that to her will allow you to see all of the detail that I’m speaking on today on this podcast as well as much more information, plentiful communities, school systems, hoa dues, etc, so everything could possibly want. You can get onto early highly, encourage you to join us every weekend at any of our model homes. We will be happy to set one of those model home tours up with you, so exquisite exteriors we’re discussing right. Now. We ended last time with the collection of some of our doors and locks, as well as some of our mailboxes and shingle types that we use. Bixby Home Builders Some of her insulation, windows, etc I’m, going to continue a little bit. It will start to I transitioned into some of our mechanicals. So as far as our exteriors right now, we do use overhead, door, prime, 2, boss, stihl 16-foot garage door has broken her home builders best builder. There are many to choose from, but we have a great relationship with overhead door garage door. Part of why we are who we are. We do have a quarter acre, homesites I will be fully started in the front and the rear yard oversized and acreage required. Bixby Home Builders But that just depends on two variables and we get to that depending on covenant community off site or not a lot of a lot of things come to play on there. That’s broken arrow. We do have a landscaping. It’s a $500 allowance for crabs, trees, flowers, mulch and green, iron, edge included, or per covenants in the depending community that you choose.

So there are some variances there as well. Keep in mind just ask your sales manager at 2, frost-free hose bibs, so frost-free hose bibs, pretty simple. What the difference is from a frosting hose bib is that it comes out of the ground. Where is a frost-free hose bib will come out of the hole, but we do include two of those I want on front when I’m back and then a 3 waterproof gfi outlets around the exterior of the home as well. That we’ve included at no additional charge for you. Where’s other builders, sometimes will add for those extra outlets on the exterior of the home, we feel is necessary. Since you’re moving into a home, you can have to take care of it and there’s 3 waterproof gfi outlets help you do has, broken, arrow, home builders, best builder. We do use an electric half horsepower garage door, opener included in the two-car bay. Now all of our floor plans standard include, do have three car garage in the heritage inn series, signature collection series. Bixby Home Builders Those will be the three car version. The two-car bay has a garage door. Opener third car does not, but it is set and prepped for it to be added, if you like, so we do offer that as well. We offer garage door, openers included on the to carpe your plans that include a three car garage. We do free wire and for the coach lamps at all three days are included, and it also fixtures come out of the lighting allowance, so we’ll get it set up a little bit moving into our top best mechanical here, but leaving the exteriors included features for efficiency, gas furnace, which is very important in here at lowe’s. We also use a 14 seer carrier, high efficiency, cooling equipment, automatic thermostat with heat and air control call. This is very important, also know that, would we use old, heating and cooling with two separate units on two story:homes for extreme energy efficiency, Bixby Home Builders it’s two stories with one zone heating and cooling homes for that energy efficiency, for you for security system, which is great because alarm system that I never had an alarm system installed in your home. We do offer that threw us as well, if you’d like to go with who we have for our security system, ao, smith or equivalent 50 gallon high efficiency, gas or electric water heater.

It just depends on what you like. We also have tankless water heaters that we can add. However, what’s included right now is the equivalent of a 50 gallon high efficiency, gas or electric water heater has, broken arrow home builders, best builder, a we do offer a 200 amp electrical service into the home as an occluded future and pex freeze, Bixby Home Builders tolerant, plumbing lines as well, very important, specifically of those cold days and at the time that I’m speaking of this, it’s about 20 degrees, wind chill in about 13, and it’s been very hovering around the zero mark for a couple of days now too so I definitely important to to bring up these issues that could be had with other builders that we try to prevent with are included. Features on her heritage is signature series home. So try to get what everybody loves. The kitten are gourmet beautiful, custom, kitchens, built-in stainless steel appliances with your kitchen to find out where your place, what you need in your kitchen pot for storage of those oversized pots and pans, as well above the microwave, a great place to put those pans that are falling out of your pantry right now, stuck by the map of Walmart stocks and. Target and research bags. So definitely those ones that open up the door and you can actually place those sheets in the dividers above your microwave. So that’s included as well. Olive garden included appliances are going to be whirlpool now. Currently we have a whirlpool 30-inch built-in 5 cu feet, oven with oversized window light, Bixby Home Builders clock and timer. We do the whirlpool whirlpool 1.6 cubic inch with turntable whirlpool 30-inch gas cooktop with 5000 but accusimmer burner gas line connection now keep in mind that some of this is possible to change based on how we do have some communities that are a little further out and berkeley area leading in towards the I know that area too actually are only applicable to electric. So some of these references may change as broken arrow, home builders, best custom hood vent above the cooktop, and your choice of two styles, either a two-door or three petaled smooth. These are excellent choices of gourmet kitchens that make your included features vastly above and beyond the competition to where you can go in without having to upgrade much or I choose optional equipment.

Inside of the kitchen, you already have a beautiful kitchen that i, prepared and ready to go has broken her home builders best builder. We also have high capacity food disposal very important specifically for those of you who love to cook, and it does save some time being able to have the high-capacity food disposal that makes it easy to get rid of garbage that you may not want to have to worry about disposing of in your trash petoskey area lighting with 8 recessed lights in the kitchen nook. So we do have the 6 features here. This is what we’re discussing 6 in the kitchen to in the duck. Of course, you can always add additional optional recessed lights, Bixby Home Builders but the six and two what we found based on the square footage and customer feedback is adequate light. That’s required for the kitchen size and the nook size is the 6 recessed lights in the kitchen and two recessed lights in the milk. However, depending of some of our floor plans that could be variable to a little bit higher in the nook from 2 to 4 will continue this little pocket

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