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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby Home Builders | Amazing New Homes

Bixby Home Builders | Amazing New Homes

podcast 11 best shops welcome again to another beautiful podcast of this wonderful, beautiful community segments that we have offering here. We are fixed and guess what we build all over Tulsa. We have 62 floor plans, 25 neighborhood, 500, home site I can keep going and going guys. The first community will be talking about as bixby home builders. Best builder is highlands of forest ridge w, starting below 200 square foot range of 1802 square feet to 3712 located going to be located around the broken arrow area north of the highway 51 Coweta exit address for this community is going to be in broken, arrow Oklahoma area schools. Here we have highland park elementary oneta, ridge middle school in broken, arrow high school, some of the great days we found here when you search for bixby home builders. Guess what you find you find shaw home now we do build everywhere. So keep that in mind at all of our communities that we offer anything you seen any of our communities or any of our for pleasure to see model homes. We can put those anywhere and everywhere, but some of the amenities in this community is catch-and-release, pond 10 miles of paved walking and biking trails, softball diamond soccer field, rainbow, play, systems, wings, large,, nearby, forest, ridge, swimming pool and tennis golf course in cafe savannah.

You got to understand that this is a wonderful, wonderful community that people absolutely love out here in the broken arrow area. Some of the community description of a master plan-community 2013 2014 school year, was one of the first for the new oneida middle school, just located south of the highlands of forest ridge have some great photos. If you want to see this, our shop.Com website under the floor plan, selection or community features area, we do have easy access to this from highway 51 from the queeta exit from the creek turnpike down 71st street ne of the locations near quickly, access apple by highway to all of the Tulsa area, absolutely wonderful to be home. Builders best builder definitely check that one out. The nether community we have here, is millicent pond to now. It was a pain to we’re, starting in the high to hear we’re close in going to be anderson elementary middle school for union middle school for union high school. Some of the amenities here playground pod with gazebo a sand volleyball court. A lot of extra help in this community, very close to everything is, right inspect everything is very close to memorial drive and the cavity located here to broken arrow with union schools sand, volleyball court and playground lakes. We do have other homes that are going to be available at all the fugitive it look at, but it’s bixby home builders best builder come check us out on tour square. Foot range of this is going to be 2404 to 3712 and we do have an available hold in there for sale, the stonebrook with a modified movie room upstairs next on the list. If you happen to be searching for bixby home builders, you will find that shop. Absolute favorites in the high 200 square foot range of 2095 square feet to 300 3712. This is located off of 145th street in broken arrow, east avenue, and it’s going to be off of 101st north at 97th street.

You will find out that we have wolf creek, elementary, oliver, middle, school, broken, arrow, high school, this community to actually community wonderfully paved roads find its way back winding through with forestry terri’s. Great great home sites available in here come check us out. This is easy access to the creek turnpike warren theaters near by aaliyah. If you, the comedian, says living in rustburg north, there are many many more community pools and we do have mini for plans, most of which would all fit in a rush. Pro area, great homesite, still available in this community, come check us out a truck brook north as bixby home builders best builder. It’s hard to pick your favorite, but guess what we can help next to seven oaks south, seven, oaks south of starting below $240,000 range square footage of 1802 to 3712. What’s great about me, the location of it where you a little bit out, but you still feel like you’re close to everything with on a regular basis. You have it, but just a couple of minute drive back at home, you have a little bit more seclusion. Private little country feel to it. Yet so hood great development in this community popular wildly successful to come check it out which great about the seven oaks south community in love with the greenbelt homesites, the force it home sites, the farm home sites that backup park, elementary oliver middle school in broken, arrow, high school. It is school district 3 for everyone. There you’ll find model homes Greenville at a stone brook that you can go to her and check out, speak with the sales manager about these activities that we offer its at 1410 east new, orleans, place, broken, arrow, Oklahoma 74012 about 1.3 miles from the northeastern state university campus, which is NSU for the short acronym, the upcoming Chisholm trail south park. That includes approximately 200 acres, the squid bf in jurassic park. That’s going to be developed in the broken arrow community that everybody from Tulsa at all over we’ll come to see with all the experience of going to be. Had there it’s going to be a stupendous time. Folks has bixby home builders best builder.

We encourage you to check out seven oaks south, very, very popular neighborhood. Come check us out on tour next up on the list of the last, for this will be silver leaf. No silver leaf is a different beast. All together is going to be our most affordable price per square foot range of 1323 to 2369. These are going to be an excellent craftsman. Home definitely has with it tenure structural warranty applied to these floor plans as well different structure, floor plans that we offer this different design aspects that we have as well, but unbelievable experience. People absolutely love these homes that we offer several 51st just west of 200 east avenue, broken arrow. We have you covered everywhere around Tulsa, and that includes silver leaf for those who would like to join in on the fun so liberty middle school, oneta, ridge, middle, school, liberty, elementary, oneta, ridge, middle, school, broken, arrow, high, school, earth area schools that we have for silver leaf is located at 3805, north, 33rd, street, broken, arrow, Oklahoma, 74014, again very hot segments of home that people love people who were just getting their first home or people who were great homes, great opportunity there I know they said this is my last one of this. However, we are going to complete this with one more description of the stone wood crossing starting the low 230’s, the square footage of 1802 to 3712 disability located very conveniently right by bass pro shop. There’s currently no bottle home available there, but we do have you with the fuel pump located close to access to highway 51 lots of shopping at crossings that includes sprouts farmers market the shoppes at broken, arrow, target, marshalls, dick’s, sporting goods in cinemark theater great options. Here we definitely could you guys come check it out. Come speak with a sales manager as soon as possible season 1 of our model homes encourage you to come by check

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