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Bixby Home Builders | Best in the business

Bixby Home Builders | Best in the business

Alright, we are going to do another podcast, and this is on the way to work. I’m, passing hillcrest right now and also lewis having you and my wife is still sick, praying for my wife because she has pneumonia. She had a amanda with the flu. That’s going around in my dear dear dear dear friend, rd from church now I need to pray for him. He is sad age. He sits find me a church, lord I pray that you killed. My brother, beijing I know. That. It happens, especially with those or up in years which army is and I pray. I pray, I pray that you I know his community isn’t quite welcome. You certainly are able to heal him. I pray, anointed spotty with you today, I pray the lord. Thank you. Take me to touch his wife to comfort and all of this, obviously, according to your good and acceptable and perfect will, and if it is your will, that he comes, he goes home to you, cheese, wonderful, mansions, name, jesus, show that also my wife touch, my wife swelling so I pray, lord, i, pray that you, according to your good and acceptable i, think i. Thank you, i. Thank you, i. Thank you. Lord I give you this day as well:lord fletcher, Williams, perfect customers that are ready, willing and able to purchase skirt first you’re, also able to work miracles in their finances, where, of course, they already I pray over. All my customers currently currently hip bones are in the process of building their own, that you bless their family. What’s the family, westside community in jesus, name, bixby home builders, oh man, because I have not had a lot of sleep, sickness girl, night i, don’t quite have enough sleep, and so I am struggling today, my cell phone.

How do you spell yes and I’m? Telling you right now telling you right now. The people who are Oklahoma do not know how to drive. Are there is something called a turn signal. It’s not a I’m, going to cut you off signal and there’s a responsibility with that turn signal. Let me see a bixby home builders, so there’s is a two-fold responsibility. Person who is signaling I’m at turn, signal by the way is called I was also calling by the courtesy goes to it’s right for the term. For the signaling first thing is you want to out of courtesy? Let people know hey:i am changing lanes. Second, part of that courtesy is i, am not going to change. I am going to go the flow of traffic, so it doesn’t impede your speed right, so you can do one, but if you don’t do the other than it really really doesn’t help. You can turn your signal, but if you go slow in that lane that you’re turning into and then all of a sudden people have to break slow down, that’s not courtesy or you can go the flow of traffic. But if you don’t tell people hey, I am going to flow, I mean I’m. Turning then, basically a message:what you’re doing is you’re cutting them all and that’s not so you have to do both. That’s the two-fold responsibility now on the receiving end on the viewers and when you do see someone turning their signal, xp home builders, then number one.

You don’t speed up so that they can’t turn that’s not courtesy and you you recognize their light and you let them in yeezys that they don’t do that here and i. Don’t know why but I don’t know how long that’s been going. What’s 4 of 04 4 minutes right now for my podcast, but the good news is that I did bring a book that I’m very interested in reading, obviously I’m interested in winston churchill as well, but this particular spring because it talks about hebrew and I love the hebrew language. I think it is indeed god’s language, there’s just so many levels in depths to it. It is, it is quite remarkable. You got the pronunciation annunciation of each letter, Bixby Home Builders you have characters and underneath the characters you have some form of numerology, and it’s all to me quite quite interesting and I love. The hebrew language I think it is very beautiful, makes me home builders and I will always think that that’s the language handed down to Abraham and the aramaic language is a derivative of new version of hebrew and i. Believe the new testament was written in aramaic. Originally I am an error made believe in aramaic, supremacy and so I believe that that is the case. I just wanna really believe that there’s just too much evidence out there to believe otherwise, and so that is my take on hebrew and I’d love, my goodness I would love i, would absolutely love to learn hebrew I’m right now.

It’s two minutes to shive two minutes:i am so falling asleep. I can barely keep my eyes open, I’ve, exited 129, so I can buy some submits I know. My breath was really bad yesterday, because I had some what is it called, steak and shake so glad it’s here, bixby home builders I’m down to about a minute-and-a-half, and that should give me plenty of time to go to quiktrip by sam it’s my favorite or is ice breakers, my wife hates it because it has aspartame. But what are you going to do? You got to have fresh breath in my line of work, so that’s that’s! Pretty much! It. I have about a minute left and it’s perfect timing, because I am about to park into the quiktrip parking lot. I like the pass through by like i. Don’t like backing up. Oh here we go. Here’s a truck. Let’s see ya, i, really don’t like backing up I just like to move forward. It saves a lot of gas and, of course, the sky backs up that a mean he could have just easily. What okay? That’s? Alright, you know you can go from behind, don’t have to backup if people really don’t greeley. You know the concept of that the saving money, but oh well, who am I I i, got about 8 7 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, peace out

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