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Bixby Home Builders | Great building option

Bixby Home Builders | Great building option

Hi this is podcast number 11, so I’m moving along that means I have about 20, not I mean that 19 more podcast to go, which yikes-that is a lot of podcast i, have to remember to do it. Everyday I have to remember, because I don’t want to find myself in this situation again big speed, home builders, so right now, I’m on my way to my model, home silver leaf I’m, passing this beautiful beautiful. Actually, it’s not that beautiful kind of looks like the one I lived in war hawk, brook wood village, but pintos on my right hand on my left or really really apartments the palazzo and creekside to my right. But the leftovers are really beautiful, condos or maybe a senior living facility. I, don’t know, there’s come and go on. My left, I am stopping at aspen and right there on the south. East corner is Walgreens and across the street from it is an empty field, but I’m pretty sure that they’re going to build something eventually, eventually on that field, this place is really really battle. Creek golf club is up ahead, which is pretty cool for those who who want to play golf is a nice community, bixby home builders. These look like average, and there is golf course I wonder if the homes hear that blind the golf course I wonder if they get broken windows or teens golf course by the golf course, extends out there with its lake in the hills I’m going through, looks like an industrial area. I, don’t know what to say, right, two-story homes, they kind of look a little dated some of them who said take as with oil, east avenue, which actually is elm bixby home builders elm.

If I go if I turn right, I get to actually kenosha, which that is where my offices are the main office which is kenosha and it’s a green light on l and so on. The left I see trinity creek, trinity, creek i, don’t believe in the trinity, but country lane, intermediate, country, lane i. Think that’s the high school I really don’t know what the school does, but strangely it is right down the street from silver leaf. Yet, for some reason it’s not the school district of where I’m at it’s so hard to be accepted, go all the way in the broken arrow. It’s just right down the street. It is so odd, don’t get it! You know how they just does not make sense at all. So now, I’m coming to another street, 77th or 9th street. They have to sign two types of roads for all of these roads that just drives me crazy, i! Don’t know why they do that here and do that sheeran in Oklahoma, but it is what it is. So if you go down admiral, you will get to my church house of prayer i, believe in god, but i, don’t believe in the witcher which island clubs, to course I am approaching like, but I have to pass we’re going to do so, all throughout very basic plane, xp home, builders, good will, actually, traffic, pretty wall, pretty lights leave I heard that particular good will has really nice clothes. Strangely enough, we’ll see I’m going to need you to check them out it’s about six and a half minutes, so I have about three and a half minutes.

I mean the time that I want a car in front of me to go slow. This man is moving at a nice clip I hope that doesn’t joe mobile home park shore bixby home builders, mobile home, park homes sold. That is just so awesome. I hope it doesn’t freak them out. Bixby home builders that would just be horrible at 7 & a half minutes going silver leaf I need is a cold cold day, but it’s really strange is that seven and a half minutes so now I know it takes about 8 minutes to get to hear from quiktrip. Show me to put my eyes into my pocket. I have to remember. I have to remember that I have to put what I did it quick trip to buy into my mic, which is really good? I highly recommend this just budget app, which is called every dog, and it helps you with an envelope system to bixby home builders which really helps budget your home budget titanium, basically envelope system, just like the dave ramsey system, but digital an app. So that makes it nice and easy big speed home builders is what I have to say over and over again I’m locking the door turning on the lights, turning off the alarm, uh-oh ferrets off now and so I am bixby home builders. Turning on the lines but you’re more than that, you’re too, to holy light is on the living room, lights and turn on the pocket office, which is such a cool tail beautiful for windows, huge master, bedroom master, closet, bixby, home builders, I got 30 seconds left and then this podcast is done.

It is so stinking cold and I believe it’s going to be warmer much warmer today, but we’re going to go down into a bismol, a physical weather, but we’ll see how that goes. There could be no middle path, no means no means and churchill acknowledge none weapons and strategies that show promise special operations assassination sabotage bacterial spore bombs, atomic fusion bombs, ariel of obliteration of german cities, were justified by the end any weapon, especially when deployed often accurately and ruthlessly, was a fine weapon. He has bixby home builders. He was a distinctly old testament preach to rendering justice as much as the admired and merciful and demanded that as much as he admired the merciful and demanded that generosity follow victory in war, fury form this. Philosophy of battle, so we will leave it there play in the youthful reading. So I got 20 seconds that is podcast number 10, and so I am just 2/3 there or 1/3. There. I need to do 20 more podcast little man-and this is quite so I can exercise

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