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Bixby Home Builders | Great Company with experience

Bixby Home Builders | Great Company with tons of experience

podcast 6 matthew holmes, welcome back to the shop homes podcast I am going to talk to us about our floor plan collection. So we have many many many floor plans to choose from how this might take a few segments of the series to bring together all of the pieces that are included in this puzzle. However, I will let you know that is bixby home builders best builder. We do have 62 floor plans in our signature and heritage series alone, plus more additional in our manchester series. Home collection at that. So starting off we’re going to go with my personal model, home that I love and enjoy it is the addison. Now the addison one story or the s&p have a slight difference to them. So. The addison is 1857 square feet. It is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, one story 3 car garage and a study folks. A study we’ve developed this plan, specifically for the needs of new families with nursery off the master or an office off the master needs to be for that. It is a great traditional plan that has some modern touches and elegance to it, but as bixby home builders best builder, this is a very popular floor plan that we offer either one or two story. Now the two-story is the addison. P stands tall at 2421 square feet. It does have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2, story, 3, car garage and a study. Both plans are identical except that of the transition to the second story in the addison. One story:if you find yourself viewing the floor plan you’ll notice that there is upon entry, a large storage closet upon entry now in the addison p, the true story, version of the staircase is in place of that storage. Closet downstairs. Next to that in the two-story version, the staircase that is in lieu of the storage closet, you do have a small butt, suitable hall closet for coats and whatnot.

This disappears in a one-story and go to the oversize large storage closet. Those plans are excellent, as bixby home builders best builder. The next floor plan that I’d like to discuss with you is our crescent. So we have three versions of the crescent and it is a beautiful floor plan available to show customers this floor plan. As the single-story is 2095 square feet, it’s 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a one-story three-car garage. However, it does have a study as well as the dining room, beautiful home. Absolutely gorgeous course. You just got it the way you like, but the flow of the floor plan and the reason we stayed at the home. The way that we did is excellent. Large living spaces, common areas, great bedrooms, etc bar crescent, p and a crescent both are indicative of two-story versions. So the crescent p indicates that we walk up into a game room directly. As you walk through the game room, you do have a bathroom and an additional bedroom, 946 square feet, 4 bedrooms and total three bathrooms in total two story 3 car garage with a study and a dining room excellent. How is a little bit different story, so the crescent him? What we have here is a home that is exactly identical to the crescent p, the other two story:wood discussed with the staircase. That goes up. The only difference in this home is, it is a three-bedroom study, but the staircase leads to a very large game, room and single room upstairs with a closet as well, so that is 2593 square feet. Bixby home builders best builder. The next home is our most petite of the signature, heritage series collection of homes-and that is the thinly.

The finley is 1800 and 2 square feet. It is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, one story 3 car garage and it does have a study upon entry as well great living space, great functionality, and it is a wonderfully priced home. Depending on where you placed it. It is the most affordable of any of our layouts as bixby home builders best builder. The next home is what I would like to call armas grandiose or presidential home, and it is our home that we have multiple versions of the. There are quite a few differences, so what I’m going to tip to do here is explain them eloquently enough to where I don’t get into too much detail. I’ll start off by the one-story. So it’s the 120 257 square feet. It’s 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, one story with 3 car garage and it does have a formal, dining room as well. That is connected to the living area and you’ll, see that when you’re in the home or check out the floor plan, that is a beautiful home, extremely high ceilings that go through all of the floor plans. Nearly a 20-foot ceiling over the dining room, 13 foot ceilings throughout the entry, as well as the rest of the home, is beautifully. High ceilings 2 the to is a secondary version of the one story which additional two rooms off of the master bedroom access. So it’s only accessible from the master bedroom two rooms, which are a study in exercise room on our floor plan. Of course, that’s your home! You can do with it as you please, but they’re, only accessible from the master suite that home lanza set 2556 square feet that we have multiple versions of each the Greenville one and the Greenville to the to both have an e, an h and an l segmented. Upstairs I’ll explain the differences here for you, the e is simply going to give us a game room, a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs. The Greenville one which has the three bedrooms down and the one bedroom up with the game in the bath is 20 987 square feet.

The to e, which has those two additional study and exercise rooms off. The access of the master bedroom downstairs, has that same game, room bedroom and bathroom. Upstairs this to e lanza set 3286 square feet. The one h2h is indicative of two bedrooms upstairs a shared bathroom, so in fashion and jack and jill, and a full game room upstairs. This is a total of 5 bedrooms with a game room. Three bathrooms included on that 3164 square feet. The to h. Has those study exercise rooms accessible off the master, 3 bedrooms down two bedrooms up bathroom up at a game room, so you have a total 5 bedrooms, two extra rooms that are not bedrooms, that extra study and exercise room, accessible rooms from the master bedroom, two bathrooms in the entire house. What upstairs that home places at 3463 square feet? Yes, we are largest. One in both versions. Is the Greenville l. So this is the Greenville 1 l. This home has three bedrooms down three bedrooms up:two bedrooms down and two bedrooms. Scuse me:it has 3 bedrooms down 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms down into bathrooms. Up this place is at 3413 square feet:beautiful home ashley in the Greenville segment of homes Greenville to l, so 3 bedrooms down three bedrooms:two bathrooms down two bathrooms up and the additional study and exercise room accessible from the master that linzess at 3712 square feet as bixby home builders best builder. We do love these homes and we appreciate you coming to look at them and invite you out as bixby home builders. Best builder I would encourage you to check out a floor plans online shopping.Com and it’s bixby home builders best builder. You can continue this with me. The next podcast we touch on shortly here have a blessed day

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