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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby Home Builders | Great Homes

Bixby Home Builders | Great Homes

January 4th 18 Matthew today, I’m going to talk about our heritage and signature series included, features sub as broken arrow home builders. Best builder. We pride ourselves on making sure that our abilities and included features are far greater or quality better installed than any other builder the bruckner area. There are a lot of different criteria we can talk about when it comes to the included features of what we offer in our signature and heritage series collection of homes, exquisite exteriors wicked do top golf, mechanicals are custom. Gourmet kitchens we could go into are magnificent master suite for luxurious laundry or incredible interiors. Our premier communities also have added features. I can also talk about which communities those and then also on off-site home builds. So you know I’m going to in a little bit, but we have so much with so much information. This is going to take quite a few times to tell you all the information here. It’s broken arrow home builders, best builder. We do start with a few things here, we’ll start on an exterior solar exterior. We do four-sided brick, the meridian brick on all four sides. King-size meridian brick, so we don’t do a small break. We do a very large brick and this allows for luxurious feeling the quality inferior product, Bixby Home Builders but we definitely use all four sides. Brick expert, bricklaying, expert installation, quality, beyond, something that’s very important. That’s how many people are known about. Is the dupont tyvek house wrap item, moisture vapor protection, it up mold prevention barrier? This is going to be essentially a glove for the house, but it breathes appropriately. Now this is a product that many doors do not use. The vast majority do not use. It does have a slight increase in cost for the thing the face cut, because it’s not something the customer can see. The customer has to be told or see what the current build of of the home it’s going up for that builder use as their exterior prevention system. So all of our homes use dupont, tyvek house wrap, and this will essentially allow the air to breathe and the water to escape appropriately outside of the house.

You see if you take a cold coke out in the summer day and you walk outside what happened to that cold. Coke, it’s sweats! So that’s what will actually happen house as well when you have expansion and contraction with the heat, and you also have the fluctuating weather fluctuating season specifically heard Oklahoma to very very variable. The tyvek house wrap has a great system of protection for the house because it allows the home to properly vent and sweat and allow that water to escape without sticking to the inside of the walls, creating a possible mold issue. A lot of builders will skip this product to simply, make a few extra bucks, Bixby Home Builders but we employee that into our building process, to where you’re guaranteed to have a beautiful well-protected home underneath that brick they’re protecting you. So that’s very important as well as broke their home builders best builder, some of the things that we do. We always do a outdoor living space with a hundred twenty square feet of covered patio on all the home. Bixby Home Builders The size does vary per plan, however. We always have covered patios, which is a fantastic will have to add on as an upgrade or not tell. You are firm foundations, engineer with post tension, slab 28000 pound. So we go a little bit higher and that’s just to make the security of that and that lives itself to the Creedence of our 10-year purple, which allows us to have such great reviews for are foundations. One case bing point we have over the last 11 years and thousands of customers have never had in the past 11 years a structural claim for any structural warranty issue at 11 years. It’s very, very, very off hard feat to accomplish, and we’ve done that simply by making sure that we filled it right. The first time i, don’t think we do is broken arrow, home builders. Best builder are windows, excellent, excellent grade windows low-e argon filled their final tilt, their duke energy efficient window.

You do have your choice of color of white clay or tan, and you also have with divided light on the front and clear view on the item back. So you definitely can get your choice of the exterior aesthetics of a home, but you also know that your home thing he did a protected from the cold excellent with the low e r. Field, that we have the door light windows. Currently that we used and owens corning r30 bloated silliest elation and an ar-13 exterior wall, batts i, all exterior doors windows and put a tray shins are energy foam, sealed energy, efficient weather shield, as well as broken arrow. We make sure that we use the quality products that will protect you and your investment, since this is the most important home you’ll be buying, whether it’s the first, the last for one of the middle something else to do and then dies. Seamless, aluminum, gutters and downspouts on front of home include this on all of our homes. The front is always included. Guttering and downspouts are the remainder of the home? Is covenant driven for the most part. Bixby Home Builders What I mean by that is, depending on the neighborhood or community that you choose to live in, some of which are premier communities. All communities are covenant driven with guttering, so guttering is either required or not by the community and, if is not required by the community, a lot of photos won’t include it on the front of the whole. However, we do so. That is another additional feature that we have included that others will not. So another reason why we are bixby home builders could be broken. Arrow home builders best builder are framed, two-by-fours 16 on center interior and exterior walls as well. Textured and primed horizontal hardboard siding a random shakes. This is going to be a difference of design of the elevation.

Two-story homes use a limited lifetime, warranty, moisture resistant subfloors on top of engineered no squeak floor joints ensures that when you’re walking up stairs, if you ever been in a home in 20 years-and you hear someone upstairs walking and you hear some squeaking having pressure across their crossmember-is creating a squeak that you can hear throughout the house when we build our homes, we use no squeak floor. Joints, oliver and installation prevents that we do have a 30-year warranty architectural style, single shingle that we use again. This is something that’s covered driven. So if you’re looking for a broken arrow home builders best builder homes, we do is a bye-bye 30-year standard. However, it is coveted driven based on the community that you go into as well. We always used designer mailboxes to match community cabinets and design. Another thing that is a covet driven asset designer mailbox to match the communities are, we paint all exterior, soffit and fascia trim at one main color, one accent color and the front door and shutters is bixby home builders, broken, arrow, home builders, best builder. We make sure to always give you the best aesthetics of the exterior of the home and curb appeal best builder. We do use kwikset dakota front door entry, including deadbolt. We also do insulated fiberglass entry door with continuous weather, stripping protection, a back patio fiberglass door with full glass protection of the safety of the door in the locks, protection of the weatherstripping protection as well, but it’s broken, arrow home builders, best builder, reduce ourselves apart with some of these exterior exquisite included, features that we offer and we have in every single home in our signature, heritage series collection I’m going to be continuing this on the next podcast as well

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