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Bixby Home Builders | No one even comapres

Bixby Home Builders | No one even comapres

podcast number 13 welcome to the show homes podcast of wonderful communities. In this time we are speaking on our communities, we’re going to go ahead and start off this wonderful podcast by letting you know that we have the best offer warranties in the entire city of Tulsa, 10-year structural, warranty all homes and see one of our sales managers get in touch with the sales manager, Bixby Home Builders Tulsa area 62 floor plans to build from swing states states. Nola is a eastward portion of Tulsa, greater Tulsa area. Few minutes away on the highway do get more fuel the country and definitely more sites to see when it comes to the royal aspect of things, definitely partitioned away from the touch of a drive, maybe 5-10 minutes from one of our closest location to broken arrow, and it does give you a lot of thing. $4, so square feet to 3019 square feet is what we build up their starting in the low 200. So keep that in mind i, just a great great option there for you by the school district 26 and it’s inola on all the schools. It is a wonderful community. Just off of highway, just us just off just north of highway 412 off the south 4180 road check it out you’re, going to have to see the scenery out there for yourself cuz. Bixby Home Builders It is stupendous as bixby humble respectful to keep in mind we build anywhere and any of our communities also off site within 15 minute drive, so check us out next is going to be seven lakes now seven lakes, starting in the high 200. This is a fantastic community that has been well known for quite a while. That’s a staple in the square footage ranging from 2102 to 3712. This is going to be our model. Home designation is the Wyndham at 6672, east, 125th, street, south, bixby, Oklahoma 74008 come check us out.

This is a wonderful community that we have out here. Seven lakes. It is a little bit private, definitely off of 121st and sheridan south of 121st and sheridan about five blocks or so so, when you do I show up to seven lakes ponds surrounding entire neighborhood, sprinkled throughout this is going to be north, elementary bixby middle of bixby high clubhouse. You can check those out for our seven lakes community and actually the commute for the seven ponds and I just over 1 mile from memorial and all the restaurants and shops you could desire. So it’s a farmland surrounding are sprinkled throughout the bixby still somewhat undeveloped in certain areas, Bixby Home Builders which means farmers have a lot of access to their land. However, that could be city doesn’t so I definitely gives you an ice pipe of that country feel. So we appreciate that community a lot when you come out to shaw homes, you going to get a great opportunity to see all of our communities, up-close-and-personal see all of our floor plans up close and personal, and you will have a blast. Checking them out to see some beautiful decorated model home next is going to be somerset somerset to one of our newest communities in somerset is a fantastic community, starting in the low $300,000 to square feet, Bixby Home Builders to 3712 square feet model home address, 2072, south, 60th, east, avenue, bixby, Oklahoma 74008. Now why the school’s out there, if you’d love to know, is north elementary, bixby, bixby, middle school in bixby, high, school somerset, is located directly off of 121st and sheridan there are entrance is on entrances on 21st or 121st street and on sheridan road.

So we encourage come check that out. It is a beautiful community, state property that runs through i. Believe it’s going to be 48 homes developed in there may be a little bit more, but could you check it out wonderful home sites? We have acquired them there for your potential move. In of yours of your home. You have a couple of move-in ready homes available. If your timeline states that you’re looking within a couple of days, weeks or months, we haven’t been home ready to build. We have been fantastic, homesite, kwikset, quick access to target to reasor’s to all of your quick trip gas station, costco lifetime fitness everything you possibly wants right there, just within a mile or two away, Bixby Home Builders quick access to everything that you love her hood, one of the only few get a neighborhoods in bixby I would encourage you to check it out check out. One of our sales managers get on a place:somerset wonderful, bixby community. We doing for you to come check them out options, options, options because we have them scattered throughout always opening up new ones as well. We have a few in the works I can’t yet discuss. However, they are coming to fruition down the pipe. So as we go into the next community spring hill farm starts in the low to 70s about 2556 square, ft 3712 square feet. There is no current model home that we have out there some new sales manager. However, if you do find your sales manager speak with them, let them take you on to her and mentioned the spring hill farms in bixby central elementary, bixby, middle, school, bixby, high, school i. Don’t know that necessary algorithms that they come up with having an address in a certain city, but you have a different town, so this one is one of those cases where you have mounds location address, but the bixby school. So that’s where we see that occur.

Spring hill farms is fairly easy. Locate from Tulsa take highway 170 highway 75, south silver 2.5 miles down on the right. If you need location, please visit our show. Homes.Com click on community listings, spring hill farms tab directions. You locate the address I can give. You coordinates if you like, but I’m sure you don’t have your gps coordinates. So I will go ahead and backtrack a little bit here as we continue on this journey of ours when you search for bixby home builders understand that you’re getting the top quality home at the best possible price. We do continue on with the next community that we offer is the reserve at spring creek the reserve at spring creek starts in the mid 200s going to be 21 or 2 square feet to only a couple of home side’s left. You got a crib mother hot. This is going to be stupendous neighborhood, it’s a private, winding, road, very forced it around the community, very homey, very mature, feel, although it’s brand-new in construction. So it’s probably the best of both worlds:close access to memorial to highway 51 to the creek turnpike, just minutes away from the creek turnpike, literally like 1 minute away from the creek turnpike. So we encourage you to come check it out. It’s very easy access off, Bixby Home Builders 145th street! Some of the benefits of this is located just down the street from the greek, which is going to be developed around the warren theater. It’s the national renowned. Just over a mile from Walmart mini storage restaurants, nearby turnpike Tulsa area very easily broken arrow, school district. This is going to be school, district, 3, aspen, creek children’s middle and broken arrow, high school. We encourage you, come on out, see our model home out there at 6501, south, chestnut, avenue, broken, arrow, Oklahoma, 74011, again, sales manager have them. Take you on to her and let’s get this thing rolling build you a home is bixby home button vest builder. No one else. Does it better

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