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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby Home Builders | Tons of Services

Bixby Home Builders | Tons of Services

All right we’re doing podcast I forgot what what this is so gorgeous going to keep talking for about a about 5 minutes. I’ll. Tell you i, love to see true language tulsa home builders looks there’s a lot going on in politics right now. We have the russian is so many people trying to be in trunk insane so that they can? That could be a possible route to impeach him. Get him out of office. I think what the left is doing is absolutely atrocious. They need to be called out on the carpet for this maxine waters is just absolutely, for she is gs-11 crazy, lady, but the left is I mean. Basically, the left is a is just thinking basically, i. Think it’s an insidious philosophy, I think it’s a philosophy from the pits of hell really broke the bixby home builders, and so what I’m thinking about is the fact that I’m going about 50 miles an hour and right now, I am behind this chevy, which is quite so it’s quite arduous. This chevy is going so stinking slow butts. We are heading down 97 right now:cara mitsubishi just passed me and it looks like another. One is going to pass me I’d like to pass this guy, but it’s a blind to blind turn so, unfortunately, I’m not I’m not able to do it so I’m. Turning this is street. The trees are brown, I love it when it’s slow, snows, so beautiful here in the in the hills, the hills of sand springs. Believe it or not, my wife is quite ill. I feel feel so bad. She she had pneumonia. We were up all night. You couldn’t go to sleep, so it really really wanted her to just snooze, but unfortunately, unfortunately she didn’t do it, but nonetheless, I still have to I still have to do this. Let’s say I was behind 24, so I need to do.

30 I need to do 30, yikes 3 hours of this 3 hours, 30 I think that’s at 2430, then. If I got to do, six, I have to do 6 hours per oh, my gosh, that is 5 hours. I have to do 5 hours, i. Think that’s right. Let’s see 30 text 3030 3 hours, 3 hours worth of recordings, which is not bad at all, I have to do is maybe 3 hours a day. I need to have it all done by I need to have it all done by Friday, so I got 5 days, cicada piece of cake so 5 days it’s 15 I just got it today. No problem or I think I’ve already done so I’ll check with the big speed home builders about that this. Actually, this exercise should be quite quite easy for women, because women love to talk not so with me. I can’t really talk. I keep looking at this and seeing how much time I have I think I’ve said:bixby home builders, maybe about 5 times so I got another 5 minutes to go so I just have to say that about 3 times, I’ll do that after the 5 minute mark. So it has taken me 5 minutes to get down from the 97 highway 97 I’m, still behind this chevy truck with a trailer, and hopefully you please don’t let him go on the highway. I need to go fast. I need to get to the office. I need to go, go go, but let’s see how it goes. I don’t want to judge i, don’t want to judge him. You know what I I honestly I’m praying for my wife to get better.

She needs to get better she’s been having difficulty she’s been having difficulty with her health to take so many meds she had like I said we were at er for a couple hours yesterday and then she got a note to take 2 days off. Lord I pray that i, don’t i, don’t get sick. That’s the last thing:i need I need to be at work, I need to be selling, and so that I can make money for my baby, which I love because I have to check on the bixby home builders and see what’s going on with that, but we’re recording. Now it’s about 6, I’m, running out of juice, i! Don’t know why I’m plugged in okay I need a plug that in 6 minutes and 14 seconds, 1617 1, 2, 3 4 I could do that. I could just start rambling off the letters., but anyways I used to have a really good voice. I used to sing songs at church lead I used to lead song service man, I get but i, don’t know what happened on my voice just got a little rusty, which makes me sad. My son never got to hear me at the peak of my singing, which breaks my heart I wish man I wish you did, but no problem, because I live now in the bixby home builders i, don’t know how many that is I’m, pretty sure that that I have maybe two left right now, I’m at 3 a quarter of the way there three-quarters of the way there but I think I can actually do this because carl’s juniors to my rights, let’s see keystone chevy those bunch of vultures.

They kind of hang around and circle you because they smell blood and they smell the decay of dying flesh and they love to just pounce on you and we are at 8 minutes is just got 2 more minutes, 2 more minutes, so I think I have I’ve said enough. Bixby home builders, but I’m going to give it one more go about it just in case just to put a little staccato on its the caddo and all will be fine, we’re coming on eight and a half minutes now as of right now, and so that means folks have a minute-and-a-half actually right now about a minute and teen minutes as of right. Actually right now, i, don’t know how dj’s do that on the radio. They know how to go post to post, they are professional. I can do that. I, usually you know in my sentence before hand, but at 9 minutes, which is approaching I am going to say, fix me home builders, i, don’t know how many times that is, but that should be enough. I don’t need to say that again it says I’m going on 1 minute and we are doing good. We are doing good in the we got 45 minutes right now, so I say 45 and then I can also say 21, because that’s a word and I can say 25 and we are going at 9 and 1/2 minutes right now, boo, boo, we’re making it weird that it’s 30 more seconds and then I got 30 more seconds. I. Don’t know why I like I said I used to have a good voice, but now I can’t I’m just excited that I can and it right now and 7 6 5, 4, 3, 2 1 go

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