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Bixby Home Builders | Top Notch Builders

Bixby Home Builders | Top Notch Builders

Someone to continue with heritage and signature series included features, and we are currently at the custom, gourmet kitchen side the things I wanted to. Let you know that it’s broken arrow home builders, best builder, we do pride ourselves on our wonderful inclusion that come with all of our signature, inheritance series, homes, pending community, covenants and also floor plan selection. However, as broken arrow home builders, best builder include some wonderful features that come with these homes in signature. Series could have features so where you left off was in the kitchen, and we will continue to have included custom paint grade cabinets with 36 inch uppers as included your choice of shaker, double shaker farmhouse or raised panel door. Bixby Home Builders Style comes with hidden hinges and crown molding your choice of one paint or stain color throughout the home, your choice of doors or open arch above refrigerator opening as well. Bixby Home Builders We also have some wonderful upgrades from that as well or optional. Features with the 42 in diapers are sometimes much larger than other builders. One 2 cm granite countertops, with your choice of flat, pencil, edge or half bullnose, definitely as broken as best builder. We think that, generally from what are customers do in the industry, trends most people place their money when optioning out a home in the kitchen and the master bathroom. That being said, we found it beneficial for our company in the customers who shop us that are grim inclusion in the countertops in the island in the kitchen come with to see me to granite. Now we do have many other options as increased size, color, uniqueness, excetera included in all of our signature and heritage series collection of homes with 2 cm granite. Your choice within those ranges of full ceramic tile or tumbled stone. Backsplash your choice, very, very nice. There most builders will simply have paint or drywall with texture and paint and will cost you to replace backsplash. So we do. You include that full ceramic tile or tumbled stone, backsplash, obviously many choices within those parameters:has broken, arrow, home builders, best builder.

We also do plumbed water line to the ice maker, stainless steel, under mount, double bowl, sink or single cigar. 50/50 split sinks, so multiple choices of delta faucets, with your choice of venetian, bronze, arctic, stainless or chrome. Finish again, you choose those in the design studio, but these are just some of our included features where to move on to the magnificent master suite now and has broken her home builders. Best builder definitely understand that master suites. When most people that’s the biggest room, they typically want. As far as the bedrooms are concerned, and when that’s the case, we make sure that we are architects in our company developed the homes with an appropriate and oversized master bedroom and master suites, but we have included our extended height tray ceilings, detail in the master bedroom, including ceiling fan, prix racing and mounting with two separate switches. Bixby Home Builders Fixture comes out of the lighting allowance, so when it comes to lighting allowance, those depend on one story or two story, but the lighting allowance, I actually for a one-story, is $1,500 that we give you to fill out your home with your selections for two stories:$2,000 custom-made, solid stain grade or paint grade, cabinets of shaker, Bixby Home Builders double shaker farm house, or your choice to paint or stain color as well. Cultured marble countertops with integral 4-inch backsplash that are going to be included as a door master suite, cultured marble, 6in garden tub with cultured marble decking is around is a little bit different per plan.

The tub is a little different for plan. However, it is included as a standard feature which is excellent. A fiberglass shower with framed glass door and your choice of oil, rubbed, bronze, brushed, nickel or chrome finish at one recessed light that you get over the shower at the switch really as a nice ambience. It has some good lighting in there as well, and that billy helps the feel of the inside the shower that you don’t have darkness. A lot of you have lack the ability for light in the shower. We do put that in there simply because it’s pretty much, we do ceramic tile flooring throughout the entire master bath included a towel bar and toilet paper holders in your choice to venetian bronze, brushed, nickel or chrome finish as well, and then, of course, in the commode. It’s going to be white, faucets, multiple choice of delta, plumbing fixtures, new choice of venetian, bronze, brushed, nickel or chrome finish mode itself as white, but those are included. Features in the master suite now in the laundry are luxurious laundry. Bixby Home Builders So this is going to be great as a broken, her home builders best builder. We definitely a step up in the next few segments here that I would get into the luxurious laundry custom-made. Solid-state upper cabinets and lower cabinet with 2 cm, granite, countertop included, comes with hidden hinges and crown molding. All cabinets are per plan, though he in wall wash in-wall washer box, with hot and cold water supply and drain line, your choice of gas or a 220 volt connection for a dryer and then, of course, the dryer vent connection. We’re going into interiors now, which is one of my favorites, does bruckner home builders best builder are interior features are as follows:ceramic tile flooring could all wet area, so this include the kitchen and utility room and large section include colors and patterns, Bixby Home Builders so the foyer kitchen and cook all bathrooms in utility room laundry, some other carpet in all areas.

Your choice of color, 6, pound carpet, pad 36 inch, superior builder vent, free firebox, with builder gas logs with a starter and surround with decorative stained or painted wood mantel. In your choice of classic or beams. Great fireplaces, we have custom-made solid, stain grade older or paint grade cabinets in hall, bath and utility room per plan. Though, keep that in mind your choice of shaker, double shaker, farmhouse or raised panel door. Styles comes with hidden hinges and crown molding in your choice of one paint or stain color throughout the entire home. We also continue this as broken her home builders best builder, Bixby Home Builders something that many people don’t do but I love to mention is that we do bullnose, archways and corners and all the entry living dining room, study, kitchen and hallway in trees. Bixby Home Builders That is a big plus arches, are standard included, 3 inch, ogee base, trim, 2 and 1/4 inch casing throughout the homes interior first floor second floor garage, masonite doors with painted trim, your choice of cheyenne, roman, arch riverside to faneuil square or six panel colonial style and the design studio get representations of what those are. Kwikset cover, kwikset, cove door, knobs and hinges in your choice of finish either oil rubbed bronze, brushed, nickel or chrome something else. We do cable and phone combo jacks in your phone connectivity hookups in the great room and the study, if applicable, master, bedroom game room, if applicable, in bonus room, if applicable, as broken, arrow home builders best builder. We really appreciate you and will continue the interior features and communities in the next podcast

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