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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby Home Builders | Top of the line builders

Bixby Home Builders | Top of the line builders

Welcome to shaw homes, where we deal up 62, wonderful, fabulous, unbelievable floor plans that we have in our signature, heritage series collection of homes getting into it right away. Bixby home builders best build a very popular floor plan that we do bill in multiple variations. The first I will discuss is going to be the notting hill age and the notting hill age sits nicely at 2400 square feet. It does have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a three-car garage as well as a wonderful study upon entry, delicious and scrumptious. In the top floor we have the spare guest bedrooms. It is a wonderful living space in a great home that is very popular amongst are planned selections as nations to this, the notting hill l. Well, that alone has an additional bedroom. Has an additional bathroom is still two story 3 car garage, 2600 and 18 square feet that one’s coming in at a nice size home as we go through that the notting hill vr25 93 square feet, just a slight reduction in that square. Footage still retains the four bedrooms. However, Bixby Home Builders now we drop down to two bathrooms as well as I bixby home builders best builder. It is a wonderful selection. We do ask that you come see it on to her and we will have that scheduled for you, anytime, in the model home the park wood h, multiple variations of this home. The park wood is a stupendous floor plan that is only built as a two story. Multiple bedrooms comes accommodating in this park with age. It is a three-bedroom, it does have a powder bath which is nicely equipped in the home downstairs master bathroom master bedroom. Upstairs is two extra spare bedrooms, a bathroom and a game room and nice stair landing as well. That totals out to be 4 bedrooms, plus a study two and a half bathrooms and a three-car garage. The two-story sits at 2623 square feet for the park with h as bixby home builders.

Best builder, we move on now to the park with l, park wood l has conditional bedroom, it sure does this additional bedroom will be placed upstairs with an additional bathroom as well downstairs retains the same value as the park. The park wood Elmo goes to 2894 square feet. It’s rising up there, folks, it’s getting big at bixby home builders, best builder 2848 square feet of living space news stories in a three-car garage. This home does have beautiful, beautiful, upstairs scenario going on here. If you venture onto this in our model home to are you experiencing upstairs that is so enthralled with space and living situation, including three young ones or 6. If they share a room at any rate beautiful home. This is now 2848 square feet for the park. The park wood is a tremendous. You can find that on model home to our visit any of our model homes to see our beautiful doors right away as bixby home builders best builder. Now it’s one of my absolute favorites, it’s the big brother, Bixby Home Builders the crescent, you folks, remember the crescent! Do you not? The prescott is a larger crescent. It has more room more space or dedication to each room. It’s a great home I’ll, start off by the prescott single-story. This is a enthralling 2404 square foot home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. It is a single garage. The prescott also has a study upon entry, open, archways and also a large dining room for those family get together during the holiday season. We move on to the next the prescott, a the a is indicative of a singular game room upstairs everything remaining the same from the prescott single-story, the prescott, a as a 19 foot 11 inch by 18, but eight in game room upstairs access to possibly a pool table food or just some couches and enjoy yourself in the prescott come see it 2904 square feet enjoy that one as bixby home builders best builder. We don’t stop there. We go to the prescott eat.

Everything downstairs with a dining in a study upstairs now we’ve added a game bed and bath bathroom bedroom. That is the fourth upstairs. It is a landing spiraling staircase. We do enjoy this home as many people build this quite frequently to top it off. For the prescott that prescott just mention was 3152 square feet. The prescott age, however, is next the prescott h we find three bedrooms downstairs the same beautiful living space. Nothing changes in the first 4 variant, a dining room. A study downstairs and upstairs bedroom bedroom house with a bathroom home all nestled, together with the study in a dining room at the beautiful prescott 3362 square feet, see it on tour with one of your local sales managers. Come see us at any model home today to bring up it will be partaking a little bit into the next episode. Here is the Redford model home. We got to look out for me in the off-season cuz. It may happen. The Redford comes in multiple variations is a one or two story. Home I’ll have to dig into this the next time folks, but at the moment I want to thank you for looking into our floor plants and seeing what we have to offer. You can find all this information located here on our website into the floor plan section or better yet join us on a tour. We do these tours the same time. Every single week that is Saturday at 9 a.M. Sunday at 5 p.M. Mondays at 5 p.M. Come visit.

Any of our managers at the model. Homes and we’d be happy to help you, the Redford you will find onto or either at the very beginning dessert before dinner or after we will be seeing you all on tour, come check us out and also with the homes that we’ve done. I want to do a small recap hear the prescott, multiple variations, the park wood, multiple variations, the notting, hill, excellent to story alone. Monterey is one of our most popular and then the monroe is our number one selling with the 15 version that offers in the variations. You can’t go wrong with the monroe beautiful living space. Great size live in common areas along also the Greenville one of her most presidential and grandiose, 20-foot ceiling, 13-foot entry ways, beautiful living space and one of the largest masters of our homes. The finley are most quaint, but very popular 1802 square foot home. We recapped out a little bit as well. The crescent is a beautiful home. It is bixby home builders best builder, you can’t forget the addison. Now, that’s my model home come and see me guys where to continue on with the next podcast and going into the Redford, telling all the details about that. Wonderful living quarters could be built for you anytime any day whenever you like, let’s play

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