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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby Home Builders | Years of experience

Bixby Home Builders | Years of experience

Shaw Homes podcast, 9, matthew, shaw homes welcome to shaw homes, where we focus on the floor plan with the customers intentions included. We have gone through quite a few of those floor plans in the past few segments. I would like to introduce you to a recap of what we’ve done as bixby home builders best builder here at shaw homes we have 62 floor plans at least discussed. Quite a few of these already would be in no particular order. We started with the addison floor plan, which is found on our website. If you look for bixby home builders best builder, you will see shaw homes as being that builder, for you checking out all of our floor plans online is easy to yahoo.Com, slash for slash target – plan, – collection, ford /, and that will direct you to the floor play location, so the addison was first. Next was the crescent, which has a few versions the findlay we discussed Greenville as well. We’ve also discussed the monroe monterey notting hill park wood, prescott and redford, which is my personal favorite on to one of our very popular plans as big as best builder. Some of our plans cannot be built in a one-story. The vast majority of them can, however, the next plane I’ll be discussing is called the stone brook only plan, but there’s many reasons why i, starting out with the stone brook h 2467 square feet. Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms two stories, 3 car garage and it does have a powder bath for your guests off the living room, as well as a study very large for your breakfast area or dining needs, and it is a phenomenal plan. Two-story variant, you, which adds an additional bedroom upstairs sing about the stone brook, is that it’s a master, whereas the rest of the guest rooms will be up stairs. So you either have two guest rooms upstairs or three plus a game room in a bath. Stone brook v increases the square footage of the stone brook model to 2619 square feet.

That’s the additional bedroom upstairs was created when you look for bixby home builders. You’ll find that shaw home has a great collection of floor plans to choose from any model homes that you visit. What are we going to, or you will see all of the homes that pertain to you at all? The variance explain to you as well. Another true story, variant floor plan will go into, has bixby home builders best builder. The ventana is a fantastic home with an unbelievable flow, a great layout garage, three bedrooms or four bedroom or the ventana respectively. Two stories on vote and three cards car garage on both the smaller version is 2445 square feet, whereas the ventana q’s 2595 square feet are bottle, is located in jenks with this home in the Yorktown community. However, we can build this anywhere, specifically in bixby when you’re looking for bixby home builders, we would be the ones to help you with that, depending on all of our floor plans, we have many to choose from and we do build throughout all of Tulsa, greater area and bixby as well. The last time. What are four segments does have quite a few variance so bear with me. The Wyndham is our next foreplay, so the Wyndham is a twin or a sister to the monroe floor plan that I discussed with you previously. The Wyndham has many many versions and, as we go through these, how explain some of the differences as the end of the story. Now the Wyndham one story is 2224 square feet:3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, with a great living space;great open area, large covered patio, just a great home to check out on tour.

It’s a single story with a dining room, with a butler’s pantry connected to kitchen, but excellent flow to the floor plan, check it out online or on tour. The difference in the Wyndham two story is fairly simple. It’s hard to explain sometimes, but if you can grass this, please have a floor plan in front of you to see, or also see it on to her the difference between the Wyndham one in the Wyndham to is 5 square feet, so the Wyndham to is larger by 5ft equaling 2229, as opposed to the Wyndham one at 2224 square feet. So the Wyndham to the entirety of the garage 10 feet outward to the side of the whole. This creates the third bedroom to have front-facing window as opposed to a porch facing window again. Look at the floor plan. Reference a floor plan or visit us on tour and see the home or find us in bixby at seven lakes. To see that example, Wyndham is a great floor plan. We encourage you to come on out and see it. Any other versions of this and tailed are up story, variance with the windows 101 h and we have the Wyndham to e&h. So here are the differences. The Wyndham 1e traditional bedroom, end game room upstairs why this changes? The staircase is rearranged in the Wyndham one. When you add the e at top in the second story that third bedroom downstairs on the east staircase creates that to be a study because of the size restriction. So we don’t have upon entry, a dining in a study in the Wyndham one bedroom upstairs. So this is a total of three bedrooms and three baths:3019 square feet:the Wyndham 1h everything pertains the exact same as what I just mentioned on the window money. However, the Wyndham 1h has two additional bedrooms upstairs so totaling two bedrooms down two bedrooms up a dining in a study on the first floor, totaling 3217 square feet, the Wyndham one eye you will find that model home is the example.

You will see in seven oaks in bixby what is bixby home builders best builder, the Wyndham one dies, one of our larger homes, giving you three space is added up two stairs to what we’ve been discussing so downstairs. Upstairs a bath 2 bedroom bonus room, which is a large bonus room front, facing bonus room over the garage, come check it out on tour or come see us at seven, lakes in bixby great flow to that home. That will play that puts us at 3562 square feet for the Wyndham one eye. The Wyndham 1p fairly simple, just a little bit rearranging when it comes to this home, so downstairs. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, study at a dining room with the staircase going up directly into a game room with a bedroom off of the game room in a bathroom off of the game room. So definitely a nice middle ground between a little bit more space upstairs, but not too much and I ease of access. Direct me to the game room which a lot of people enjoy as 2826 square feet is fantastic and everything would be the same in those except. The garage does hang off the side, an additional 10 feet allowing front windows in that study other than those are totality of our floor plans. We hope you appreciate the time I got into the development of these plans, with your customer experience as far as walking to our homes, letting us know what works and what doesn’t we redesigned to rebuild those based on this? We hope you all have a blessed and we look forward to

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