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Bixby New Home Builders | Amazing New Homes

Bixby New Home Builders | Amazing New Homes

Hyatt candice michelle hunt again and I want to talk with you today about our move-in-ready homes. As a jinx home builder, we have in elwood, park are beautiful, redford one-story home. This is a gorgeous home where the kitchen is right in the center of the home. So it’s truly the heart of the home. It’s a single story, home three bedrooms:two bath 3 car garage in jenks, school, district, number 5, so that’s jenks, west, elementary, jinks, middle, school, jenks high school, Bixby New Home Builders and it’s located at 11730 south, redbud street in jenks and beautiful elwood park. It’s a super nice neighborhood. It’s not a huge neighborhood that has a small community playground that is beautiful and fun for the kids additionally in elwood park. We have a vent on a q. That is that’s actually our model that we have in Yorktown. The ventana q is 2500 and 95 square feet. It has 2 bedrooms down and two bedrooms up and it is located at 1905, Bixby New Home Builders west, 117th court in elmwood park, and it’s listed for 318 423 again at 2595 square feet, it’s a great price, great family home, and we have a beautifully decorated model home just a couple of miles from where that house is located. If your buyer would like to see it fully furnished and decorated. Additionally, in bixby as a bixby home builder, we have in quail creek are beautiful monterey, it’s a single story home, that’s 2400 and 19 square feet:3 bedroom, 2, bath, 3 car garage that is 100%, complete and ready to move into, and that would be bixby north elementary and then bixby middle school in bixby high school have a great location right off of 121st street, just west of memorial, so you’re close to everything there. The address on that beautiful monterey is 12533. South 73rd east place as a bixby new home builder. Those were built, all of our that hound was built to all of our exacting standards right there in bixby. Also just around the corner. In bixby, we have our beautiful seven lakes mall. That is now for sale, since the neighborhood is almost complete. That is our Wyndham. When I model, it’s a whopping 3565 square feet, so it’s a4 bedroom, 3, bath, 3, car garage.

It actually has two game room:one game room 1 bonus room as well as a study and a nice size, formal dining room in that beautiful neighborhood and it faxed to a pond. So it’s a it’s a great location at scenic, it’s relaxing right there at 128th and sheridan. You are close to everything in the world. You could want and south-bixby you know, I’m just a mile from memorial where you’ve got all the shopping in the world. The new reasor’s, the Walmart, the lowe’s, all of the movie theaters and entertainment, entertainment venues as well as the the gyms and all the shopping. That’s right there on south memorial in the great restaurants, my goodness there’s a ton of them. The right there on south memorial, just around the Bixby New Home Builders corner from our beautiful seven lakes in bixby, is a bixby home builder. We like to offer you the best in this Wyndham. Certainly, is that priced at only $399,900, that’s 3563 square feet. That’s an incredible value that home is located at 6672, east, 125th, street south in our beautiful seven lakes. Also in seven lakes. As a bixby home builder, we have our stone brook v to offer you it is 100% complete ready to move into our stumberg, be won several awards during the parade of homes of 2017 last year. So this is a home that is smartly designed beautifully-designed. It’s modern, the kitchen overlooks the nook which overlooks the backyard it’s just cute, as it can be with a great time, master suite in it and the most adorable little half bath in that home. It’s just great and it is located at 7095, east, 124th, street south.

Again, that’s in seven, lakes v, and it’s priced and only 327 90747 lakes. That is a value that one’s hard to get into 4th at that price. It’s just a beautiful at location and a beautiful actually lot that that particular home sits on it backs up to woods. So if you want so that’s, certainly a beautiful home there in seven lakes. We also have homes that we all have for sale that are located in broken. Arrow I will start with our ash brook. This neighborhood is a great neighborhood in east broken arrow, not too far from forest ridge and the lots are big. So if you’re looking for a large home site where the kids will have plenty of room to run and play in the backyard, ashbrook might just be the neighborhood that you’ve been looking for. We have one of our addison peas for sale, its 2400 and 21 square feet at 4, bedroom, 3, bath, 3 car garage, it’s priced it only $282,400. So what a great price for that size home for a nice family home located at 9516, south, 238th, east avenue there in broken arrow. Also in broken arrow beautiful, bell, trace. We have a single-story monterey at 2453 square feet, it’s priced it only 3-16 901 and it’s 3 bedroom, two-and-a-half bath, 3 car garage built race. If you’re not familiar, is part of the battle creek master-planned community, their neighbor mini golf course. Bixby New Home Builders Lots. You no backing lots that go right through the neighborhood. It’s all also located conveniently really really close to the bass pro shop area, Bixby New Home Builders with all that shopping and dining right there just barely off the broken arrow expressway. So it’s a great location that monterey is located at 101 west ulysses in belle chase living on east a little bit.

We are the developer of brighton village, it’s a beautiful neighborhood, basically at the creek turnpike and county line to your right there off the creek turnpike brighton village has a beautiful pool and clubhouse it’s a great family. Neighborhood, there’s also several ponds with fountains in them. It’s just pretty it’s just a pretty low neighborhood, so we have one of our finley’s for sale, which is only 1800 to square feet and my goodness, it’s only price to 27005. So what a great price to get into a beautiful neighborhood like that, that finley is located at 1516, east, pasadena street, and if you would like to see these or any of our other move-in-ready homes, we would love for you to go to our website at www.Homes.Com and click on the contact us link or give us a call. We’d be glad to make arrangements to show you any of these beautiful market-ready move-in-ready homes.

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