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Bixby New Home Builders | Beautiful Bixby Homes

Bixby New Home Builders | Beautiful Bixby Homes

Hello, this is brad, naifeh was shaw home tonight is january 18th 2018 and we start out with probably the floor plan that makes shaw homes the best bixby new home builder around, and that is the monroe one beautiful floor plan is 2274 square feet on the bottom floor, we’ll talk about the monroes and other podcast, but there are actually about 15 different ways. We can build the monroe family I mentioned this a single-story floor plan, but I can also add upstairs to it. We can. We can do this way. We can i. Add one bedroom, two bedrooms app. We can do at a game room with that with the bathroom. We can add an additional game room upstairs, but right now we’re going to discuss the whole bottom floor and we should get there with this beautiful home design. It’s a three-car garage that is pushed out actually extends beyond the house. You got 10 feet up with behind that third car garage. You can build behind if you like, but if you go into the front door near you got a nice porch there any walk-in to choose the 8-foot doors and do the 6-foot a door as beautiful. As you know why people love this floor plan and why it’s the number one selling floor plan of all the bixby new home builders 104 plan when you go and look in left at the avenue n dinner in the door. The front door at that are dining room and to the right is. Our study in the study has the capabilities of adding a closet to it, which also can be utilized as a 4th bedroom.

So how’s your study there with it we can be. Does the other bedroom? So then, as you go through the entry going to walk into one of our biggest great runs, its 90 of 15 ft 7 in in width and 24 ft 11 in in depth also get three big windows of trans am and are covered patios for larger patio. That we offer is 26 ft 8 in stands out. Almost you enter through the area of the kitchen. Some people put two ceiling fans on that that covered patio cuz. It’s just gorgeous. One thing you can do with this single-story floor plan is vault both in the kitchen and the nook ceilings. Take it up to 12 feet, high or 13 ft. I believe it’s 12:40 to buy the plate line. Usually in and then you know you have this gorgeous corner pantry that really really this a nice eyes pantry to put me on the kitchen, Bixby New Home Builders you can put the farmhouse sink in it. You can put the 36 in 5-burner stove in it off of those in it and in fact, the dishwasher in the microwave in the oven and the stove and sink obviously I’ll come with it. And but it’s a sin to really nice layout I mean you got a extra large kitchen, overlooking a large great room. You can put that tv on that big wall. There that’s perfect for our. You can put on a stand, how you can configure your furniture, multiple ways in that room, there’s plenty of room to do it just about every way you can imagine.

So that’s alvis lee a great benefit. That is that you know you can design it. How you like i, was really needed this this master bedrooms on one in the house and get to it through the great room as you’re walking through the the great room by the fireplace is of the entry hallway entry closet right. When you walk in to your right, then go take a left and then there’s the master. Bedrooms is huge:master 20 feet, 7 inches by 13 feet, 11, and it also has a bump out like a sitting room. Did you put a couple of my chairs in people, love this master and then what they love? You even more is when I go to remodel and they see this beautiful model master bathroom in this model, again 3 models in bigsby. They got one to building to add a third one for actually in Yorktown or jenks area. So we got more models, anybody else and others. So you walk in to the master bath and you got split vanities one on each side. It’s obvious which one the lady will have a sibling for more counter space. Bixby New Home Builders You know what people notice is that corner bathtub and specially the way we haven’t decorated the model, it’s just absolutely gorgeous being a corner, and then it backs up to the the huge shower. So just standing in the middle of the master bathroom is kind of a square with everything around you on the outside walls, and then you walk into the master closet which I love it when we suspend or expand the ceiling in a can I get a seasonal closet, give you extra storage in there. So that’s the bedroom suite as you walk back out to the bedroom, light to the living room.

You’ll go to the other hallway, which there’s a under the stairs. It was a stairs closet is not under the stairs the linen-closet type space utilize. All of our space quite nicely back. A survey was taken for all the jinx home builders in that was one of the features that shot got credit for is how they utilize space. But you go down the hallway and the first thing you see us as the bathroom the guest bathroom right there, the middle also bedrooms two and three bathroom. As well, but that’s all, and then you walk into two bedrooms. Both of my sides spoke bicycle the same size not by much. You know, but still square footage about the same. So that’s also where the mad. Then she is, and it takes you out to the garage and whoever three car garage. Bixby New Home Builders So that is a really popular plan. That’s called the monroe one and we’ll talk about what upstairs options we can add to it. We finish out that that game room and a bonus round on that one of the best looking homes in the of all the jinx home builders, but I mean if you really want it.

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