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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | Best builders in the area

Bixby New Home Builders | Best builders in the area

Psalms 125 18 Matthew podcast one welcome to shop Holmes podcast we are going to be discussing available model homes today and as Bixby home builders best builder here at Shaw Homes Supply of available homes for you to doubt whether it be on our website in person sales manager of your choice at decorated furnished model home of ours is Bixby home builders best builder the first time we have on the list is a beautiful Crystal Creek community this is going to be our floor plan called the jail that’s Birkdale East 41st Place Tulsa Oklahoma This is an active status listing that we have up currently in this is comes right on it 1482 square feet three bedrooms two baths one Story 2 car garage and in retrospect to Bixby Jenks Union School District’s all that this is actually going to Bixby New Home Builders be excellent home that we have priced at $189,245 ready to be yours move-in ready at your call reach out to give it a check out see it walk through it feel how beautiful the home is in the placement located very close minutes away from everything in Tulsa here is Shaw homes we are known as Bixby new home builders the best home builder we do pride ourselves on that another beautiful community that we have is at Crystal Creek we were just talking about and I have another Cambridge in there this floor plan from previous 8197 this is a large 4 bedroom 2 car garage and two stories here to Union School District Rosa Parks Elementary Union Middle School in Eugene High School absolutely beautiful this was located at 13331 East 43rd Place South Tulsa Oklahoma next up is our Amber floor plan that we have located in that wonderful community of Crystal Creek located at 4326 South Road actually hundred 33rd East Avenue Tulsa so 4326 South 133rd East Avenue Tulsa Oklahoma This Amber is located in Crystal Creek at a price of $206,769 this is an active home that we have 100% complete three bedrooms two baths one Story 2 car garage School District elementary school for kiddos in that great School District so what am I favorite communities we have now is going to be the Brighton Village community the Brighton Village communities located very conveniently after Creek Turnpike on the south side of Broken Arrow easy access to Tulsa just a few minutes away.

This is the only is our most Cosi signature Heritage collection home starting a one-story and three-car garage beautiful home priced to sell at 227 this home is located at 1516 East Pasadena Street Broken Arrow Oklahoma it is a beautiful home that is located in the Broken Arrow School District Number 3 is a Spring Creek Elementary Childers middle school and Broken Arrow High School excellent Findlay absolutely gorgeous Bixby New Home Builders in the way that we signed it ready for move-in 100% complete numbers best builder we do pride ourselves and having a vast quantity of homes from people who want to come in and make their home immediately when they see it they walk through they know it may not have the time to build definitely want to be able to move into a home that is under new construction astronaut homes we definitely earned the right to be called the best builder next on the list is going to be a ruby Estates community little further out but to actually any less beautiful this is on acreage out here that we have mostly all of the year are an acre Estates is just off Highway 412 Hard Rock Casino and this is going to be a beautiful Monroe three that we have under construction it’s nearly complete but it’s a beautiful beautiful Home Monroe one of our most popular floor plans priced at $232,678 this is located at 30170 Maxine Avenue in Inola Oklahoma going to have three bedrooms two baths one story and it is 3 car garage I know the school district to all I know the and I just a beautiful home you have to go check out what a beautiful acreage home site that we have out there and I Nola most of Tulsa just a few minutes on the highway to get there before 12 is one of the life blood throughout the entire city courage to check that out next up is our Seven Oaks South Community what are the most popular Broken Arrow communities 3919 South 14th Place Broken Arrow Oklahoma this community again.

Seven Oaks South beautiful and Mindy’s beautiful home sites close to the Creek Turnpike and Highway 51 minutes from the Warren Theater and Reasor’s gas stations everything that you need that still a nice little furnace Model Homes and I will expect you to have a fun time looking at these homes to Finley and Seven Oaks South is gorgeous 3 bedroom 2 bath 1 Story 3 car garage how this is going to be located in the Broken Arrow School District 3 so it can be at Leisure Park Elementary Oliver Middle School in Broken Arrow High School beautiful home beautiful location next in that same beautiful we have the Addison one-story flow throughout the whole home going to have three Bixby New Home Builders bedrooms with an optional force or usable study as the fourth bedroom but it is a one-story home with the three-car garage we have it at 1857 square feet and price beautifully and this wonderful neighborhood of 702 South peaceful community at $243,255 for that wonderful Addison one-story home there in Broken Arrow Elementary Oliver Middle School in Broken Arrow High School 1506 East Roanoke Place Broken Arrow Oklahoma that is Roanoke Place East Roanoke Place Broken Arrow Oklahoma to open the door for you and leave the light on so we’ll see. As Bixby home builders best builder this is going to be ready to show here in a couple of months but it’s great for the people who don’t want to wait entirely for still have the potential at 104 233rd East Avenue Broken Arrow Oklahoma City of Highland Creek amenities basketball court soccer field sand volleyball court going to have a pond pool Clubhouse reserved walking trails unbelievable Community fast-growing and beautiful home 2 bedrooms 2 baths it is a one-story home with the three-car garage has a little bit more square footage high school so we can see all of our beautiful movie. This is Chase Shaw homes session 6 really well I think she is very interested so hopefully that turns into the home site reservation contract we went first two first Cy Ranch to go be home builder 32 Birkdale 5 p.m. Michelle Michelle Burke I don’t think it was her favorite though to the Cambridge and then that became her favorite what is going to show unfinished ounce of bats always.

I think a bad idea you can get a good idea I was actually like so I did not we drove to Crystal Creek I don’t have any water today Chevy Amber she really like that except for the room in the middle of the master bathroom that was really important to her no clue how many times Bixby home builder my appointment for tomorrow canceled so I won’t be here until 11 reschedule 2 I will follow up with Bixby New Home Builders stupid like to schedule tour to do the home start reservation on price out I think this one’s 50 50 I just got an email from decision talk to you on Monday so I can go anytime but he still has reservations not so much about the house itself as the move itself sounds great Pam thanks for the update I’ll text you on Monday talk to you on Monday sounds great Pam thanks for the update to you on Monday who were the guys alright I’m moving into Prospect see this lender does not leave me alone or lunch on me that’s pretty funny looking forward to seeing y’all trying to remember patio Saturday everyone come on by for food after party adjustment to the place America’s Best Value Inn and Suites us girls or guys text me for the room number and secret password most introverts turn in my jammies ready purchases are potentially I think it’s just her she wasn’t married she never mentioned a significant other so I think it’s just her Bixby New Home Builders kind of wants a lot of square footage though I don’t think it’s necessary who am I to say otherwise we are a Bixby new home builder Shannon Stafford Turbo torracat gosh this is new like call Monday clients Hot Prospects Shannon Save-A-Lot 5 full we are a Bixby home builder interesting under the talk for 10 seconds stop in great today Chile

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