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Bixby New Home Builders | Best New Homes

So we’re going to go ahead and start off this podcast with another segment of our beautiful we love you more locations than any builder in Tulsa to show you what you possibly looking for multiple areas around the Tulsa greater area starting off this we’re going to go to Brighton Village in the south side of Broken Arrow very low traffic mind you during rush hour so keep that in mind excellent highway to access any of Tulsa Bixby New Home Builders this is the Monroe to that we have now here in Brighton Village priced at $261,279 this is located at South 13th Street Broken Arrow Oklahoma know this is going to be a 2100 square foot home bedrooms two story School District Spring Creek Elementary Childer’s Middle School Broken Arrow High School so we hope you guys come I have the same home now over here in westside of Broken Arrow scraping Tulsa all within that is just minutes away from Memorial which is that main Corridor that runs through Tulsa minutes away from everything right there in the heart of it all but still it’s not at all but very close to what you would need on a daily basis one of my favorite neighborhoods the rushbrooke North Community this home is a Monroe to again 2162 square feet it’s going to be 3100 West Delmar Street Broken Arrow Oklahoma and this is an active status of we have and we are excited about we want you to come out and see it beautiful home it’s hard to turn down. Close to everything else so we expect you to come on out check this beautiful home bedroom Oliver Middle School in Broken Arrow High School next is one of our far-reaching communities out in Broken Arrow Community Ashbrook one here it’s going to be an Addison P that we have this is a two-story Addison the 24-21 square feet more than 1/2 acre pushing about .7 Acres on this beautiful this is the Bixby New Home Builders Broken Arrow community of Ashbrook it isn’t Addison P with a beautiful home to be 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 2 stories and a three-car garage Highland Park Elementary School oneta Ridge Middle School in Broken Arrow High School this home is going to be located at 3516 my apologies 516 South 8th East Avenue Broken Arrow Oklahoma beautiful Addison p on more than 1/2 acre in community in Broken Arrow next to the Village at Southern Trails this is a close to Memorial.

Just minutes away from Memorial and excellent Trails Community this is a Redford one-story Redford one here is a beautiful home that has 2349 square feet is a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom the one-story build to it 3 car garage and this home is exceptionally open as a large 16 foot oversized breakfast nook area which merges directly into the living room for an open entertaining feel one of our only reversed kitchen placements so you have to come check this out in person when you’re in person you’re seeing if you’re going to fall in love with this plan what a better place to be then Village Southern Trails excellent Community unbelievably beautiful and very close to anything that you need this is going to be priced at $284,290 address to this home is 3618 South Fir Court Broken Arrow Oklahoma this home will be Wolf Creek Elementary Oliver Middle School in Broken Arrow High School to the Redford is one of my favorite plans if not Bixby New Home Builders the favorite of my selection of all the plans that we offer you need to come check that home now next on the list is again Bixby New Home Builders going back to Seven Oaks South hear the Greenville to this is a one-story that has 2556 square feet 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1 story now it is a three-car garage at this a some particulars about this on it does have a master suite that accommodates roughly 40% of the first floor of that home so you can imagine about 40% of the home is an entire Master Suite of a master bedroom bathroom and closet also in this song we have one of the largest entertaining areas.

If you have large families friends you’re the one who always celebrate holidays at your house you host this is the home for you what a beautiful Community too close to the Creek Turnpike enclosed minutes away from really anything priced at 280-9985 for a 2556 square foot home we want to supply you with the best Homes at the best price in the best locations and give you the best experience buying a home this home is located at 4106 South 12th Place Broken Arrow Oklahoma Leisure Park Elementary Oliver Middle School in Broken Arrow High School are the school district’s here and in this community of Seven Oaks South so we expected to come on out we encourage you to come on out we want to see you help you and make sure you find that proper home I do have many homes available here is Bixby home builders best builder we have upper 245 move-in-ready homes that are near completion or completed for you to see and move into so we we we hope you guys have a fun time looking at him contact one of our sales managers to CDs Bixby New Home Builders homes and we will be excited to show you these homes next to your tears. Homes very out and multiple communities all around the Tulsa area this next one is Highland Creek again a beautiful collection of community that we offer this home is going to be located at 10415 South 229th East Avenue Broken Arrow Oklahoma this is Highland Creek Row II e now this one is a two-story it’s a bigger home 2942 square feet 4 bedrooms 3 baths beautiful 2 story home with the three-car garage priced at $293,012 this is a beautiful home you have to come check this out this is fully completed ready to move in and one of the most popular neighborhoods actually the most popular neighborhoods in Broken Arrow we expect you guys to love all of our homes but of course ones going to fit better than the other and this may just be the one if you’re looking for that perfect two story home that’s available.

Right now we have it here in Highland Creek please come out and see it check one of our sales managers to take you on two and see if he’s beautiful move-in-ready homes this home is going to be Oak crest Elementary Childers Middle School in Broken Arrow High School here’s our homes we have another beautiful Community now we are Bixby home builders best builder. We’re going to go venture over to jinx now at this time or Community call Dellwood Park this is going to be located at 11730 South Redbud Street Jenks Oklahoma this is a Redford one again my favorite floor plan priced perfectly at $294,938 this is an active ready to move in home that’s near Leander nearly complete and it is 2349 square feet just a little ways out until it’s finished but we expect you guys to have fun that’s our whole goal is to make sure that we have enough homes for you to choose from this beautiful one is 2349 square feet 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1 story and it is a 3 car garage this is located in Jenks School District 5 which is Due West Elementary Jenks Middle School in Jenks high school but a beautiful Community Elwood Park is completely sold out except these last two items that we have available near this Redford one is going to go quickly so we encourage you to check it out soon Bixby New Home Builders otherwise I’ll be gone before you know it and then the last is going to be Seven Oaks South again this is a Stonebrook V which is going to be the larger version of the home that we offer is 2619 square feet $294,971 located at 1510 East Roanoke Place Broken Arrow Oklahoma and this is a couple of months out from being completed but once it is completed it will be ready for you to be moved into you want to wake the entire time of the bill process but you’ll still get that understanding that your home is absolutely brand new this is 4 bedrooms two-and-a-half baths two stories and a three-car garage Leisure Park Elementary Oliver Middle School in Broken Arrow High School we welcome you come on out and take a look guys be blessed talk to you soon

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