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Bixby New Home Builders | Bixby’s newest homes

Bixby New Home Builders | Bixby’s newest homes

This is Brooklyn smith’s, shaw homes and stay home, so what you will have here is going to be hanging space, space, storage you’re, also going to have a separate linen closet within which is a really cool feature, as well as two lights with a three-way switch. You also have a framed mirror, so that’s going to be a 24 inch by 60 inch. So it’s a really good size case with the header and access to the, which is a really cool. Awesome. Teacher I will say:option here is going to be entry to the study, which is something we don’t normally it’s something that is an option here in that master closet. Just think it’s just a really cool feature to be able to have in there stairs to the top shelf storage. Bixby New Home Builders So if you’re needing more storage in your home, I would recommend this again because it’s the wet area, what’s included for tiled floors straight or brick, weigh also what is included hardware near granite top on the vanity with an oval sink. You will also have that elongated toilet the head knocker. All of the upgrades here are all included. It’s just a really nice, even though you’re going to have something it’s really nice here, upstairs bedroom number for it’s going to be just the same as bedroom 2 in bedroom. Three ceiling fan with the light, as well as we walk in closet with the light and switch an option here is going to be the windows around. Just like the bedrooms downstairs. What is included for recessed lights, for the switch as well turn around from the game room. You also will have your large storage closet, so I threw another closet.

Storage closet as well good for seasonal, saying there is going to be switched in the garage is going to be the outside lights on the front of the house, so there will be there will be style, metal, 16, foot, 8 foot door on the single-car sign over 7 foot tall, the x sex walk out door, which is fiber I’m, just kind of sentence with in the house, because you know as a big stay humble there. We know it’s important just to have his basic features, but you know some interesting features to throw cicero in there just to clarify in all the rooms that I didn’t specify. You will have carpet included in those rooms. You will also have a stair step lights with a 3-way switch. So there’s going to be two of those switches, you will have a final security system as well light fixtures. Bixby New Home Builders The way that they come into the light fixtures is so you would have a dollar per square foot is at home. So let’s say it says:3000 square foot home. When should you choose to go over? You can just what’s included in it as the features here shield radiant barrier, the tech, shield radiant barrier, roof decking jack in each bedroom, one of the great room, one of the game room and have a home phone. When should you do it, insulation, on the exterior walls? Those are going to be two things really upgrade your home. As far as energy goes really energy efficient, they’re really going to save you, a ton of money, I want it gets really cold and really hot and you’re needing to heat and cool. Your house you’re, going to see a major difference here on your bills, included on this home floored, attic storage dollars per sheet. Here, that’s going to be an option so that all closet, shell paint, that’s also going to be an option at your home-is a smart home.

It’s certainly cool to do it. It is going to be able to do all of those things be humble or being able to do those things as options to move forward with those options sounds really are a beautiful way to showcase all of his features to have all of those items and all of those things will be built with your house. It’s just a really really nice way to build a home, to have everything, be state-of-the-art and have everything be really beautiful and well done, Bixby New Home Builders and hand-crafted I’m you’re, going to get a really beautiful, water stone homes are thinking about doing a please consider this beautiful every square is here. If you are the kind of person that really wants the best of the basque center for really where at that they are chest, they are beautiful and they try to give the same products products as well. We’re going to be able to offer these these warranties, but had to have all these extended included features as those things as well. So please, if you were, if you were thinking about a beautiful, beautiful home. We just add the 5th bedroom just down the hall from the 4th bedroom, I just a great setup, and then we can even do one step bigger with this poor plant.

We have the eye the monroe eye. It has an extra bonus room over the garage, so you have the monroe. You have the monroe, which is 3279 square feet, that’s 5 bedrooms i, would the large game room and then, of course, the one of the bigger homes that we have is the monroe one I as 3671 square feet, 5 bedrooms, just an amazing how those two big bonus, friends in game rooms at we-have upstairs really make the house. Bixby New Home Builders The other way got a long hallway to the game. Over this game is huge, is 1615 ft 7 in by 20 ft 11 in everybody, when I walk up the stairs to the game, room i, just love the size of this house. That’s great size does have a closet in there that you can store things to make it a v better. If you need to tell you and then so, but the way we normally make it a bedroom as we do, the the monroe won hoh means two bedrooms upstairs the bathroom in game, room and bedroom. For all say the same.

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