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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | Great Builders

Bixby New Home Builders | Great Builders

Well we’re back and we’re talking about the best Bixby new home builders in town Wichita homes is one of them I would say mister shawls been in business for 2829 years now and we are the number one custom builder choice we always offer the best incentive that I’ve ever seen in this town we really don’t have any competition but out of the Bigsby locations we’ve got a lot of great areas that have just exploded we’ve got churches restaurants just jobs people families everybody’s moving out to Bigsby a year ago it probably had a fourth of what it has today it is just absolutely exploded but out of all of our Bigsby locations we picked five the very very best locations we felt that families or empty-nesters would want today we made sure to pick them in areas that would attract people and with amenities close to shopping the easiness of getting to the ease of getting to a grocery store highways downtown well we’ve got Quail Creek and out of the Bixby new home builders we have eight home sites in there currently and once we sell out we will probably invest in more those are moving pretty fast we have the model home that’s under construction right now and it’ll be on her Parade of Homes next year so we’re really excited about that the Quail Creek neighborhood has walking trails surrounding it runs alongside fry Creek North and South the walking trails to you and you can cross the street and on the Northside of 121st Street we’ve got Life Church it’s a great church for families and out of the Bigsby homebuilders we invested a neighborhood called Somerset that’s right next door that neighborhood is going to offer a gated community for those who want a gated community or feel like that’s important for their family we sell to a lot of families and empty-nesters so everybody seems to like Somerset it’s the first prime location that you’ll see as soon as you leave our quote Creek location that is on the south side of the street so Somerset is located on the north side of 121st right just east of Sheridan we’ve got a model in their color retford it’s a hot hot seller there’s nothing in the town that I’ve ever seen design like a red Ford model and then about four doors down we’ve got a one-story for sale love the Monterey and the Monterey is just a sweet Jim that we keep I don’t know it’s been one of our best sellers since I’ve been here Abbott Monterey’s price around 3:44.

Totally loaded out backs up to a forest of trees you’ll pricey families of deer in your backyard I mean is Serene it’s beautiful you have views of the forest from the great room the master suite in the guest room what plan you pick but anyway like I said that’s coming in at 344,000 move-in ready at Somerset Community is just a hot hot place right now I know I would say there’s about 40 for home sites in here so it’s kind of a small community and out of all the Bixby home builders we own the most Lots in there as you turn the street there’s actually two streets that make up Somerset kind of a nice quaint Community during the day the gates are open so that people can walk the home sites and take your pick on what they like but all of the street will the street that you pull in of off Summers as you enter Somerset they’re all going to be east and west facing home sites Easter very popular for a lot of folks out there the west or probably our top sellers sun’ll come up in the front of your house and sit in the back and I know that something that we try to do with all of our buyers as a Bixby new home builder we try to keep in mind location of the house those are little things that the buyer sometimes doesn’t think about in the excitement but we try to think of everything some people call as genius as we don’t we don’t call ourselves genuses even though we feel we are but we kind of are the new home Guru if someone needs to know anything about the building process at Aaron antis is taught us everything I mean he is like a Genie in a Bottle but he’s not in the bottle anymore he’s Xscape the bottle and he is the genie that teaches us everything about new home construction but out of all the Bixby new home builders I would say Shaw homes is the very best due to his training his expertise I would almost worries a wizard but he’s not he’s not into witchcraft he’s a Christian.

But his his mind I’ll blow you away like the knowledge it he he has but anyways back to the home building and Bixby new home builders we are by far the best there is no competition around we tend to pray for the other builders at their home sales will increase because we feel so bad that ours is just exploded like I mean if we were in a race where we’re at that we’re breaking that line you know and holding her hands up cuz we just won the race and they’re there it’s like you just said the gun off like they just started running don’t want to bad-mouth other builders so out of the Bixby home builders were definitely Masters in the universe on that one but anyways back to Somerset are other Street in there you’ve got north south facing homes both so very very well people that Garden love it they think Landscaping is going to be the bomb diggity on that street we have one market-ready home that we’ve done built in there you know it’s a two-story it’ll blow your mind if you walk in at you’ll write a check probably before you get to the study it is a we call it the Dreamcatcher now we don’t call it the Dreamcatcher we called the retford 1H it should be called the Dreamcatcher Glenn won’t let me rename all these plans eat it just say well that’s just silly and it’s not it should be called the Dreamcatcher 1H but it’s the retford 1H but out of the Bixby home builders I would say that neighborhood is prime those market-ready homes will probably be sold to the first people that walk in them they’re still sitting there right now because I think nobody’s walked in and yet we say cards laying around but I honestly think like angels have dropped those cards.

Because if someone walked in that house said want to buy it but they would definitely offer us more than full price that’s what they’re worth cuz that’s a quality we build a lot of people will say this is going to sound crazy I know you’re wanting 297,000 for that house but would it be okay if we pay you $300,000 and we will gladly accept their offer above what we’re asking because that’s just how we are out of the Bixby new home builders we blow people’s minds like work instead of show homes we should be called The Mind blowers because we will blow your mind on our houses and everything that we offer it’s just unbelievable but summer said it’s a great location on the south side of the street if you’re not saved you can view our house you can go next door and give your heart to Jesus and he would welcome you in out of the Bigsby home builders we are the best at Shaw homes 28 years in business if you walk in one of our doors you’ll know why I want Bixby New Home Builders to either buy one or two homes of some people they’re so blown away they bring their family and because they want him right next door and I saw home so come and see us nothing like us we should actually be called Heaven instead of Shaw homes cuz it’s heaven when you walk in our doors it’s not like any other Bixby new home builder around we are the Bixby Home Builders Choice anyways we will talk about Estates at the river coming up next Little Gym in Bigsby great thanks.

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