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Bixby New Home Builders | Great Quality Services

Bixby New Home Builders | Great Quality Services

To continue on discussing today, bixby home builders and water stone home options continue on with the options that are included in your entry and, what’s really going to set this as heart sounds that come standard as some people say. Are you the garage? The options are really beautiful and nice features that come with a water stone home, even though you are seeing a higher price point, Bixby New Home Builders easy to see why you are paying higher price out there. That will look really good from the exterior you aren’t going to have on the inside. The interior’s aren’t going to be, as it should be, something that it’s important to hold, that beautiful, calm, start entry door. Remember last time, I would trade or which one a gray appeal here. It’s a really beautiful day to showcase the front door, but also is going to be included here is going to be the wood floors until two and a quarter inch white oak wood floors throughout this is a lot of fixie home builders, the quality home, but will also include maybe a hardwood tile or carpet. If you’re going to see a lot of your money, it’s going to be a quarter inch, white oak wood floors, really really beautiful and I’ll really really makes the home so finding 20 foot tall to level entry. Stealing all of these water stone home is to switch indirect. It’s just an option here. To do is going to be the arched entry to the great room, arched entry to the room, both included teachers care, is going to be $250 to be included with iron spindles on the staircase. Next we’re going to move on or as the bedroom, whatever you wish to use it as the number of rooms.

While we want to focus on number of rooms and the seas rooms are dedicated to certain things, this one, for instance, the study door, opening the ceiling fan with light included. So it’s going to be. Are you also find the windows around with the crown header? So this is going to be included. This is not the other windows you can choose to as an upgrade included, so this window surrounded with a crown header, oak forest. In your study. All of this features in especially being right off at entry, and you know being seen by all of your gas. We know that it’s really important for us to have a quality room with materials and casings and flooring of really beautiful job here on these studies now moving on to the hall or the utility area. So what you were going to find food in this area is going to be the arch entry to the hall it’s going to match the arched entry, which is going to be in the great room in the mud room, is also find a tile floor. Bixby New Home Builders It will be as smartest because of the dirty and messy area, so we have to do our best to listen to our clients. You’re, also going to see what we call open lockers for each person in the whole nearest gets their own place to kind of hang your coat or throw your shoes off when you, you will also find recessed light, switch included to everything in that area, utility room in different items as well straight or brick floor, because it is a utility room. This is going to be your laundry area and obviously this is where you might have the most water. That’s really not smart. To have hardwood in this area, which is why we choose tile included, will be.

You will also have a face cabinet with a stainless steel sink 3cm granite countertops also had a hanging rod with the shelf included. Flush. Mount will be included here. If you choose to have some people choose to happen just to have a little extra light or night, and they just want the recessed lights on instead of an overhead light, they may choose to do that here as well. It’s really just personal preference. Tell her it’s important to have those options to really make custom for you. In fact, this master bedroom, another great design by glenn, sean and being jinx home builder. We got to have diversification and we have it just the master suite is huge. Bixby New Home Builders It takes a whole side of the house that back house from the very back yard to the to the back of the garage bathroom weave out of the bathtub to this one. It’s already got a 60-ft, so that’s great side. You can make it the jumbo sound, Bixby New Home Builders get rid of them what time and make that linen closet bit bigger. How many drinks home builders on 484 in showers, like that the model and timber creek little show it off, but then they got that master bedroom has the bump out a little bit bigger rooms in the monroe great size of vaulted ceiling. Then walk back out that hallway you pass the laundry room you going to the kitchen butler area with the with the pantry, then you walk into the kitchen and one by 11 foot, to which also has a patio door with the windows that overlooks the covered patio i, just beautiful with the corner.

Fireplace! That’s really it that your two bedrooms in the back and as you know as we got to give you a two-story than more so that’s the end of the podcast on my name-is brad naifeh and laura marano. Both three bedrooms at the big game room except the v just has 1 bathroom up. Where is the el, has 2 bathrooms so now you’re, giving you a three and a half bedroom home, very few drinks home builders. Bixby New Home Builders Do that and we’re one of the few we go 1-2-3 models like that when we can, we can put you through and a half ass up. So if you got to check it out and most areas, it’s a secret gym this floor plan that we have here. So that’s all I’m going to say about this for plant cells just a little bit larger than the va bible lesson 20 square feet and we kind of reposition some closet. That’s it for now this end of this podcast

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