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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | Great Reputation

Bixby New Home Builders | Great Reputation

Hi this is Brooklyn with Shaw home and I wanted to talk to you a little bit today about some of the available homes we have as wanted to talk Bixby home builders and they told us we like to offer our fire is a multitude of homes that are call the Market ready homes they’re going to be home soon or move in ready and the reason why we offer so many that are moving already is we have heard from customers in the past but it is important to not only a new home but it’s also good to have some that are available should the time come that they are being relocated or should they sell their home and not want to move twice or not want to rent in the meantime and so so we’ve offered a number of model homes and we have some that are in all different stages of the process some that are fully complete some that are kind of in the drywall stage and some that are under review it with your new home specialist and find out what kind of homes we have available because as a Bixby home builder we know that it’s important to have availability for our customers and as a home builder we know that not everyone always has the option to to build a home and it doesn’t always have the time frame for it which is why we like to have these market-ready homes and homes that are moving already for our clients that don’t necessarily have the time to to build like to tell you a little bit about what we have available again we have two different levels of of homes we have the the Manchester series homes and those are really going to be our entry-level home on those are going to be under 200,000 so they’re going to be a little bit smaller square footage and they’re going to be every anywhere from 1300 square feet up to 1,800 square feet we also have plenty of move-in Bixby New Home Builders ready homes that are our heritage or Signature Series homes so those are going to be homes that are 1800 Bixby New Home Builders square foot up to almost 4,000 square feet so those are going to be your your higher level homes and they’re going to have a little bit more included features and Furnishing.

So those are going to be looks like I’m going to be the majority of our homes but we are building several some people called him stack homes that are going to be moving ready to in the Manchester series and those are everywhere from 170000 to 190000 / 200,000 and those are going to be all throughout the greater Tulsa area so those are going to be Jinx Bixby and a lot of them in Broken Arrow and that’s going to be an all parts of Broken Arrow as well and is the Bixby home builder we know that it’s really important for our customers to be able to to be able to have this option and to be able to have these options in different neighborhoods in different school districts I’m all over the greater Tulsa area so that’s what we’ve done here trying to give is a multitude of options to our clients and the first home I’d like to tell you about is an r r Manchester series one of the most reasonably priced homes is going to be in the 170 S range it’s actually listed at $170,343 so great price for a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage I’m it is currently in the trim stage so most likely it will be done around March this home is located at 3420 East Quebec Street and it is one of our big what models are Bay wood has been a really popular floor plan for the Manchester series home that’s because it is it’s a really a really great price for what you’re getting you are getting that. 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage and you’re getting that in 1336 square feet it’s going to be a really it’s really light out beautifully we’re making sure that were using every square foot here and were using it really economically Bixby New Home Builders zhere so this is a really really nice floor plan we have several other day was that are in the process one of the other ones is also on Quebec and it is listed at 172400 and $1 it’s in the electrical rough stage so it’s a little bit further behind on that first.

First home but it’s got a little bit more included features in it which is why you’re going to see a little bit of the price difference and of course anytime that a home is on it a different home site that’s kind of where you may see a price difference as well and sometimes there may be a credit sometimes there may be a discount it just kind of depends on what the home site looks like the next time that I would like to tell you about is going to be our Cambridge model automatic Cambridge model is a little bit larger its 1662 square feet 4 bedrooms 2 baths and two car garage I’m so a perfect the perfect size Bixby New Home Builders really especially if you have kids or if you entertain a lot or if you’d like to turn one of those bedrooms into a you know when at the flex room or if you wanted to do a huge master closet or if you wanted to do a study that’s a great model to use and there are very few Cambridge as well right there on Quebec Street it’s going to be the first to I want to tell you about and they’re listed at 100 and 787000 ones 180 7170 and the next one’s a hundred eighty seven thousand five hundred sixty one and as a Bixby home builder we know that having the availability in these homes is really what is going to set them apart here the next time I’d like to tell you about is the Ashton it is 1499 square feet it is currently in the paint stage right now so it’s a little bit further out but will certainly be ready by early spring does a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage it’s a beautiful models also been very popular as well when we have two of those that are currently that will currently be Bixby New Home Builders available the next model is going to be our which is also a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage Twisted at 187295 I’m so really reasonable price for a 3-bedroom 2-bath but it is also located on a lot of things going in on that street I’m which of you really nice it’s a really beautiful beautiful neighborhood there and I’m Silver leaf and another couple models.

That we have that are going in or going to be at Birkdale our fork tail is a very very popular model are Manchester series we know that other Bixby home builders are really focus on building building specific floor plans and one of the things that we really thrive on here at Shaw is being able to build a multitude of floor plans on because we know that not the same floor plan isn’t going to work for everyone there are certain things that that certain families need and we certainly don’t want to use square footage for it’s not necessary which is really what we what we do such a great job of on our Manchester series homes in the Brook dale comes in at 1424 square feet so it’s definitely going to be on Bixby New Home Builders the smaller side of those and that’s something that we really feel like we have done a great job with with this floor plan being able to give you all the rooms that you need in the smallest amount of square footage which is really going to save you on that bottom line the Bay wood starts the one that we have respect that we have the lowest is 170343 and the next two are going to be a hundred and seventy seven thousand and like I said that just depends on what we put inside of those homes and their location.

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