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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | Great Results

Bixby New Home Builders | Great Results

Saturday were talking about Bigsby home builders show homes has been in business for 28 years we absolutely Rock the market there is no competition we always offer the highest to most except incentives and today we’re speaking about the Bigsby area we’ve got Quail Creek we’ve got Somerset we’ve got two states at the river we’ve got Seven Lakes and then if for for the people that want some land we’ve got Springhill farms and out of all the Bigsby home builders Spring Hill Farms is going to give you a lot of distance between you and your neighbor was going to offer you a half acre home site for those of you that want to raise horses goats Bixby New Home Builders and farm animals just kidding you can’t raise horses go through farm animals in Spring Hill Farms but you can live there we actually let people live there in our homes and speaking of our homes that place we we chose to one story plans that we will build their phenomenal there are top selling plans it’s our Monterey to or Greenville to both split plans top sellers when real estate agent see the plans they actually want to buy them just to look at them not even buy them but just to look at him because they’re so in all of our poems that we do which we will sell them probably $1,000 glennel say if you’re paying cash he’ll offer you at two hundred bucks but there really a thousand bucks for a plan so in that neighborhood if you decided you want to build a two-story in the great Bigsby half acre location you can you’re looking at probably 270-280 and that’s before incentives are incentives going to drop it so low that you’re probably going to want to buy two houses and and that’s okay you can’t put two houses on a half-acre but will sure sell you two home sites so maybe your parents will want to live next door to you and and you know you take the lot on the other side Bixby New Home Builders so in Spring Hill Farms it’s located on 171st between 109th and 8th on 171st it’s actually between Peoria and Harvard I’ve got beautiful walking trail surrounded by wooded areas actually there’s a forest of trees that surrounds the entire Community other’s families there’s empty-nesters we kind of have a mixture in their quiet country setting panoramic panoramic views of all of the horse ranches that surround it and you’re probably about 10 minutes away from City you can jump on 171st and go west to Highway 75 and Bam you’re right at Tulsa Hills so you can shop a drain your bank accounts whatever you choose to do eat at restaurants really really good location that’s why we picked it south-bixby hot hot hot right now and then if you don’t want to be close in town right next to the Creek Turnpike.

Or close to shopping and entertainment then we have Estates at the river and Estates of the river is going to be located on 121st Street and I’ll tell you one thing out of all the Tulsa home builders that we have Estates at the river is going to be our prime location you can get in that neighborhood for around $305,000 and that’ll give you one story around 2200 square feet totally loaded out I mean you’ll have tile showers you’ll have 3cm Granite you’ll just you’ll have everything that your heart would desire in that Community I would say there’s about a hundred home sites in there and out of those we pick the 33 best home sites and Bigsby it’s on the south side of 121st Street there’s going to be a swimming Bixby New Home Builders pool coming in Phase 2 we have one of our top silly Monroe models in there and in out of all of Bigsby that location gets a lot of traffic people love it you drive through it you’re going to want to reserve a Homesite be walk to remodel your going to go I don’t care what the cost is where do I sign in Phase 2 that’s coming up this next spring you’re going to have a nature sitting area grilling stations are they said the swimming pool is going to have walking and jogging trails and you’re all Bigsby schools yeah they’re right down the street you could literally walk your child to school if you ran out of gas from purchasing one of our homes but that won’t happen because our homes are the best price out of all the Bixby new home builders were the best price best incentive best variety best locations we take the market so if you’re in the states at the river you’re going to you’re going to absolutely love it so there’s two entrances to the community currently so we’ve got green belt Lots we’ve got cul-de-sac Lots we’ve got the best Bixby Lots in town on that two car garage three car garage home sites for car garage home sites we’ve got them we strategically pick the best we have a two-story home there and Bigsby that’s move-in ready and Estates at the river and we just listed it and I’m it’s a beauty someone walked in the door they.

Literally will want to run back out and grab their checkbook that they won’t even want to see the rest of the house it’ll be sold so when you leave a space at the river and Bigsby and you’ll notice there is no other Bigsby home builder around that will compete with us we’ve blown the competition out the dough so as you’re driving back east on 121st you’re going to come to the Sheraton light so if you take a right going south you’ll go to about 126th Street and you’re going to see our beautiful Community called Seven Lakes now out of the Bigsby home builders in Seven Lakes you are going to see quite a few variety of Home sites that back up to either the man-made Lakes we have a few Green Belt still available and the unique thing about Seven Lakes is it’s got six faces and Seven Lakes and the developer which was mr. Shaw actually develop that Community with you and mine and he Bixby New Home Builders wanted everyone to have either a pond Homesite backs up to the man-made lake or Greenbelt Bixby New Home Builders Homesite and then there’s a few that you may not be on one of those too but those are for the people that want zero lot line they don’t want to back up to a lake and they don’t really want to be on the Greenbelt but they want a little bit of privacy in a small Sera line lot so we have those too but and seven likes you’re probably looking at the 290s to get in there on a one-story and we do offer some plans that give you just three bedrooms in a dining for the empty nesters that don’t want all the space but they only one about 2000 square feet will you you’ve come to the right place and out of the Bigsby home builders were the best and there we have by far the most home sites and of course now they’re almost sold out but we still have about I would say about 20 home sites before sold out in there and out of the Bigsby home builders we have the best model in there it’s called are Wyndham and when you’re comparing us to any other Bigsby home builders.

We’re going to take the cake you’re Once you walk in our front door you’re not going to want to walk in there’s any will see our model home first as you pull in there were located as soon as you pull in you’ll see our model with the flags were open 24 hours a day now because we just realize who needs sleep when you’re taking orders we can sleep when we’re dead so I don’t remember who said that but it was a good quote that’s our new model at Shaw homes out of all the Bixby home buyers are the Bixby home builders we are the best and so 24 hours a day were open to take your orders we honor incentives until they expire and then we’ll have will think of another genius incentive it’s going to blow the others away so if you Bixby New Home Builders want the best you’ll come to Bigsby area the Bixby home builders or no just will blow your mind we are the best the Builder of choice the biggest warranty 10 year warranty on all of our homes in the best price the best layouts I mean it’s a shell home so you could Google it show homes.com or you could just go to the Bigsby area and Bam you’re going to see us on every corner you’ll see a sign on every counter an incentive on every corner and were there with our pins ready to go to help you sign that check handed over to us so that we can go pick your home site and start your dream home so come see us and Bigsby show homes Builders Choice there is no one like us

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