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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | Greatest building option

Bixby New Home Builders | Greatest building option

So you don’t want to check out Sean’s. Com if you’re looking for Bigsby home builders and you haven’t checked out any other Builder you’re going to want to check us out now she has been in business for 20 years we have five different communities in the biggest the area and you’re going to be able to see all kinds of things that are going to fit your needs the most there’s going to be all kinds of Bigsby home builders to choose from you’re going to find that Shaw homes offers the best for the back there’s not many homes that you’ll be able to find in those neighborhoods now a lot of people there looking for Shaw homes.com or you’re looking for Bixby home builders he’s going to just find so many great things in the Bixby area that they offer one of the things that I know is they have a barbecue festival that they do every year and a lot of people go to the barbecue festival once a year just because it’s right on the river and pretty cool he’s got a lot of things to do and it just gives you such a great place to enjoy with your family and all your friends so if you’re looking for Bixby home builders and you haven’t checked out Shaw homes check us out on the website and then is your second visit to walk in the doors and we would love to set an appointment with you today and take you out and just show you what to expect with a Shaw homes experience and we do have a process down there’s not a lot of builders that can say they have a process but we have a process that we follow in that process is real simple we do a model home tour in the first day of meeting you we schedule that tour so that we could take you out for 90 minutes and show you our best so you for plans with you and mine and then after the model home tour we schedule an appointment actually why were there so that it doesn’t fill up before we schedule with you and after the bottle tourist you’re going to be able to see the function of each home and what each home has to offer so if you’re in the Bigsby area and you’re just trying to find the best deal for the money you’ll want to check out Shaw homes.com so for Bixby home builders and Shaw we have found all kinds of things who is a common goal to make sure our customers are satisfied they get the best quality for the price and that they anticipate on living in their shell homes for many many years to come.

So when you look at Shaw homes.com and you understand that not everybody is that I looking for the exact same thing and we realize that that’s why I will say hey show homes.com has the market because we have more to offer than any other Builder around show homes.com there’s going to be a lot of different Aleve places takeover socialserve.com Choice Bigsby home builders in one of the things I love about Bigsby is there so many new and upcoming communities that we have in the Bixby area so Bixby it’s just going to be a great area for the price now we have Quail Creek we have us Somerset which is gay we have Estates at the river we have Chris Chisholm Ranch we also have Seven Lakes and then last but not least we have half acre plus lots in Spring Hill Farms Springhill Farms because you can get a half acre in the to 80s to 90s with lot included and that’s just giving you a lot of land for the back of anyone else in the bigs. It’s able to give that kind of land out for the price but if you’ve been looking at Bixby home builders and you want land that’s just the best place to be as far as price especially in quality to there’s other builders out there and they may come in first as a production Builder but the difference is is a production Builder is going to give you a big box and you’re going to have to do all the work yourself on the inside so they are a big box seller but this year we actually surpassed them which is pretty fantastic and when I say we I mean it wasn’t just a little it was absolutely devastating we devastated him and we should because our product is perfected every year we keep your needs and wants in mine and we always always stay focused and if you’re looking for Bixby home builders and you want to check out show homes.com you’re going to want to look at Bixby new home builders but also see what did these different neighborhoods afford me.

What kind of amenities comes in and I know that I’ve been asked this button Quail Creek in Phase 2 there will be a swimming pool now they have not assessed any anybody’s home do you know just to see what people are building in there all of the homes are the same caliber and really just cannot beat that the price in Seven Lakes to build now we also have a move-in ready so if you’re looking for Bixby home builders or you search did City Home Builders and you’ve also looked at Shaw homes.com you would see that we have a two-story home that we’ve just listed inside there that 327 it’s called are stone brick in the thing I love about the stone brick while there’s many things but one of the things that I love is when you walk in you’ve got a study with an angled open area and then you’ve got three bedrooms 2 full bath plus 3 car garage on 1 Florida then you’re going to step up Anna to store you’re going to gain more rooms and more space and of course all of our plans come standard with a three-car garage included and there’s not many places that will do that social homes.com Bixby new home builders and you’re going to find a good match and speaking of Bixby new home builders are going to want to make sure that people are you know being competitive and but I can tell you there’s nobody that builds a house like Shaw homes especially in the big the area are guys gone he’ll actually send you plans and they’re not playing until January. save your house going up he’ll give you a weekly report which is super awesome and we love our construction manager in her in our area he’s great but you’ll want to check out she’ll homes.com look up Bixby new home builders and make sure your Windows support a video of the Builder other than our own social homes.com the Builder of choice it’s just absolutely amazing and you’re going to be able to see every every my dog just ate and it’s grossing me out but show homes.com your builder of choice.

Come check us out we’re the Builder where the best 28 years in business 10-year structural warranty on your house from the crown of the toes I’d say but all of your structural you’ll have it in your structural warranty 2 years on Electric and Plumbing and Lifetime on the roof which is your rafter and it is transferable so if you ever sell your home and you want the new owners to have it I mean they will get what’s left of that warranty so if you sell your still covered so Bixby home builders show homes.com Bixby new home builders your Builders Choice and so you know if your looking or you been on Google and you searched Bixby new home builders you’re definitely going to find what you’re looking for in a Shaw home so Bixby home builders your your home your way show homes.com Bixby home builders we would be honored to take you on model home tour and show you everything that we have to offer it’s going to be a great area bixby’s a great upcoming area and we would love to show you around to show your 5 Bixby community so Builders Shaw homes.com come and see why everybody is raving about our model home tours that is done one and what you can do to make your next step to your new home it’s a process and we definitely love everything that we offer clients so come and see us Shaw homes.com Bixby home builders 28 years of business and we would love to meet you and show you around so give us a call

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