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Bixby New Home Builders | New Homes

So if you’re in the big city area and you’ve been Google and Bixby home builders are going to want to check out show homes.com or coming one of our model so that you can sign up and do a tour now if you’re looking for Bigsby home builders and you haven’t checked us out yet you’re going to want to walk into one of our models and meet one of our knowledgeable staff that’s going to schedule a model home tour so that they can take you to show you what you have to choose from out of our first 13 furnace models you’re also going to want to check out the base B communities that we offer today so we have Spring Hill Farms with your half acres plus we’ve got Somerset at the gated community and we’ve got Quail Creek across the street we love quote Creek call Kris going to be a really nice location which is really nice homes you know starting at $300,000 a lot include dam I think I’ll most expensive home site which is a green belt in there is going to run $4,000 extra for that home side but well worth it so honestly for $20 more a month to have a green belt lot it’s worth every penny of it but we also have interior lights and different Lots in there that will work as well we absolutely love the thought of people coming in and being able to choose from five different bee speak immunities we also love the fact that a Bigsby home builders.com a builder that is giving you a 10 year structural warranty and that is going to be on the entire home you’ll also have or it’s on the entire home it’s on the structure of the Hound you’re also going to have two years on Plumbing and Electric and then Lifetime on the roof now there’s not many places light show homes if your been looking for Bixby home builders you’re going to notice that show homes going to have the biggest variety for the money now there’s nobody in this business that’s going to offer you a process that we do hands down.

We have a process that works for a client we kind of work on this process for the last 10 years to get it perfected to listen to our buyers take a home tour price out your home and then find the perfect home site and move forward to purchase agreement is a pretty simple process design meetings that you’ll go to and out of all those design meetings you’re going to find that John or Shelly who you work with are going to be the most helpful to ladies that you’ve ever met in your life they actually are the ones that design all of our models and I tell you what never in history has any Builder 113 Awards during the parade of homes but Shaw Homestead now when you’re looking for Bigsby home builders in your thinking Shaw homes.com or you’re looking around at what we have we’re going to have five locations in the Bigsby area to choose from one of them is going to be Chisholm Ranch now thing I love about Chisholm ranches it’s located it’s going to be located at right on 121st and it’s going to be between Mingo Garnett and Chisholm Ranch is just a really nice area they also we also have we have a lot of things in store at the dignity home builders and the thing I love about it is you’re going to be able to find five different communities that are going to give you the most for your money out of any Builder we have now one of the communities that’s going to be the least expensive if you want land is going to be Spring Hill Farms if you’re looking for Bixby home builders in your kind of looking around he haven’t found the perfect spot you’re definitely going to want to check out Spring Hill Farms I don’t there’s no other Builder that’s going to offer you a half acre included full side full driveway to Street we even do still rebar reinforcement that drives in the rear patios and landscape and a full aerobics system for the home side everything’s included and you can actually get in there in the 280 who else does that nobody does that’s all I answer free nobody does when you’re looking at Shaw homes and you’re checking on our door for different floor plans just know that most of the floor plans.

Will be can be built in the Bigsby communities now summer Covenant driven which when I say Covenant driven that just means they will have in the covenants of that neighborhood the smallest square footage you can do on a one-story and the smallest square footage that you can do on a two-story now we keep that in mind and wanted to look at those things will will be able to you know do everything that we need for you in the setting that you desire so as far as Bigsby home builders it’s going to be such a great great place to be at and I am want you to just keep in mind that digs be home builders and Shaw homes. Com just go hand-in-hand now other than Spring Hill Farms is surrounded by horse Francis by the way if you do want to be closer into the City and maybe your kids go to Bigsby and you don’t really want to move out of the area but you want to make sure that you’re around everything you are going to need to stay in one of our communities that keeps you close by everything now one of which is going to be our stone brick now the stone brick pant plan the stone brick is going to be a two-story home it’s listed at 327000 it’s located in Seven Lakes now when you’re looking for Bigsby home builders in your thinking of show homes.com you’re going to want to see 7 likes it’s just one of our five communities we have the one move in ready home and we also have our model home up for sale by the way and it’s 399 but if you’re looking at 7 likes that is going to be really nice Bigsby community so if you’re looking for Bixby new home builders and you haven’t picked out sell homes you’re definitely going to want to walk in our model or just call us or contact us so we can tell you what we have to offer as you’re looking for Bixby new home builders if you have haven’t looked in 7 like that Community actually has 7 man-made lakes that you can fish in its got a beachfront swimming pool which means you can walk in on one side and step out of the other it’s got a fully-furnished clubhouse that’s indoors with a fireplace and a full kitchen with granite countertops at mr. Shaw bills there’s going to be his in her restrooms in the homeowner Sue’s run 550 year other things so amazing about 7.

This is the neighborhood it’s well-established it’s been there for at least 11 years and it has sold so strong in there five different phases so if you’re looking for a Bixby new home builders and you want a high in community for not paying a higher price cuz you can actually get in in the tune with a one-story included in that neighborhood now we had were down to about 7 home sites for 4 were sold out so if you’re looking for Bixby new home builders and you haven’t come in one of our show models please come and check us out you’ll want to check out show homes.com Bixby new home builders and out of everyone you’ve looked. Especially when you Googled Bixby home builders if you haven’t seen Charles Holmes you’re missing out come see what Tulsa and everybody is so excited to see especially with our new models and all the opinions of others of what cells are what they’re looking for a new home we’ve Incorporated in these new plans and models of ours so you definitely want to come and check it out even if it’s been 6 months you need to refresh yourself and walk back through because of our incentive that we’re offering right now so Shaw homes.com your Builders Choice Bixby new home builders if you’re looking for Bixby new home builders it just doesn’t get any better than this so Bixby home builders show homes.com come check us out Bixby home builders show homes.com 28 years in business and a 10-year shirt for warranty with all of our homes we build two years on Electric and Plumbing in Lifetime on the roof and by the way folks that is transferable to new owners if you ever decided to sell social homes.com Bixby new home builders we are the Builder of choice 13 Awards in parade.

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