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Bixby New Home Builders | No One Comapres

Bixby New Home Builders | No One Comapres

Shaw home podcast number 5 125 of 18 Matthew so today on her show Holmes podcast I’m going to discuss one of the most exciting times for customers and that is the construction process when your home has broken ground and you now can go walk through it see it watch it be built take photos make an album keep it forever the process of your home being built it’s such an extraordinary time and an exciting time that you can see the process of what goes into your home Peter Shaw Homes Henderson that you’re looking for the best builder and as Bixby home builders best builder we pride ourselves on that making sure that it comes from the quality of standards that we hold as well as the customer satisfaction that we are told from all of our customers in their experience with our home building process we look the customers and we expect them to tell us the honest truth of what we could do better daily weekly monthly and yearly basis to make it to where that Bixby New Home Builders process is more recognizable understandable and clear clear to the customer so is Bixby home builders best builder we are always updating and continually engaging with our customers to find out what we could do better how are process can improve to where they can feel more comfortable they could be more excited it could be an easier process and that there aren’t more things to worry about than this too seriously needs to be this is a process where generally nationally it can be an experience to where it’s scary it’s beautiful it’s worrisome it’s frustrating and stressful but we do our best to alleviate all of those with our process with our communication with our warranty and with our quality we look for our customers to make sure that they stress-free they have the questions responded as fast as possible by their construction crew construction managers ourselves the sales people or management or office side of things to make sure that those questions are answered Weatherby lending Weatherby the construction doesn’t matter the point is to make the customer feel like they are listen to and actually respond to the questions with substantial answers and at the same time make the process easy and fun and exciting for them so the process of the focus of the day is the construction side of things we do love to watch your face light up when we you know first retrograde the ground and I have customers who come out on a regular basis who will a Bixby New Home Builders couple times a week if they’re retired throughout their everyday it seems if they are you know a newly couple that there may be out there once a week after church or something of that nature but still regardless the emotions of the same so happy.

they’re excited their ground being graded now for a for a first Stamp Out of the footings and those get poured out the form boards go up after the electrical and plumbing go in each step is a little bit more excitement for them in a little bit more fun to be had one of my customers will come out and take pictures of every step of the process and actually creates an album that he’s going to have to watch the process of your home he has a picture of it documenting it to where he can look back and say this is where my home is Bill this is how is Bill and see the steps but here is a become the best and most recognizable of any builder in the area we look to make sure to earn Bixby New Home Builders your trust and never have that Sway and that comes from the quality of control that we have when we build your home along with the updates that come with that process so we have implemented in our process now that every week you receive on-site pictures of your home with detailed descriptions current steps that are taking place and what steps should come next what process are going to be implemented next and what trades will be coming so maybe the guttering is being put in so we’re going to send you an update to say here’s the guttering go to be put in next week we have this delivery coming in and that should be a great update to you understanding what’s going on with your home that process people really enjoying his Bixby home builders best builder we definitely love to implement that and are working on it finite details trying to make it home in at a sharp more pleasurable pleasurable experience for the customer to your informed and Bixby New Home Builders maybe if you don’t have the time but you want to know what’s going on with your house and other builders you have communication issues you can’t get ahold of anybody we know by sending these updates to you it allows you to not have to really worry about being on site if you can’t make it there’s no stress.

If I don’t know what’s going on with my home cuz you don’t have to be out there were sending you updates via email with text messages and with detailed instructions as to what we’re doing next and what’s to come what step of the process we all have which is always an excellent excitement for the customer because it’s so you know what I couldn’t make it out there this week but with with evil such as it allows me to to know what’s going on from the house and feel comfortable that I’m not there so it’s always up a personal touch when we can you know have a little bit of happiness come out of a customer even more so just every little bit counts in and we love seeing those the faces light up in the positive responses and I all the people who give us reviews on Google and Facebook and all these different areas where you know social media sees all this because they were back in the tell us where we need to improve and it’s continually we’re really a customer May Bixby New Home Builders Company you know what we have we have the business side we have you know where office side and if we would be here without everybody in her office in our sales team everything else but get the inside of the general population in our area what work doesn’t how can we help how can we improve how can we assist what can we do to make things better for you so it’s always a positive experience to have a customer come in and told me that they loved it and are processing there so happy to have the new home now and everything that occurred in their new home and it’s always fun to watch him and fun to be a part of so I take a big chunk out of that. Every time best builder office once the foundation is poured Foundation poured it watch it so specifically on your home it’s even more exhilarating but just the experience of going to a Bixby New Home Builders construction site and watching a foundation and how it’s scraped out everybody’s walking in trying to get it all measured out the cinnamon level it’s it’s a really fun experience to watch it’s kind of intriguing to see how the Machinery works and how they lay it down at the watch the concrete pour out you see that’s my home being built them.

It’s just amazing I have some customers who will replace a Bible in the foundation or available now though right scriptures on the wet cement or something or just it just depends on if there’s all different people that takes Sharpie after it dries and I’ll go right on the foundation to know what they wanted the scriptures to say and or just to let you know meaningful experience or memory or or what not and have it in the house and it’s really a fun you know addition to the home that you could do that most people may or may not think of but I don’t think most people think of it to add a little your own touch to the house just to know that this is my home this is what I built to be Bixby New Home Builders proud of it to be happy of it so you know as we move on to other things like the form boards get taken off and not Foundation solid and the next step is really to frame the house and get things going up so you’ll have a crew or two out there for a couple of days for a note to once were down there should be complete pretty quickly if the two story home it takes just a little bit longer then the roof rafter start to go up and then eventually the roof goes on the out exterior walls all this stuff that’s a fun process to go and see on a regular basis new home specialist to reach out to your construction manager and get those answers process and have a fun time part of it so it’s really it’s it’s a fun process first step is to go on one of her model home tours you can do that by some home specialist who cannot assist you, model home tour so we look forward to it hope you guys have been blessed.

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