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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | No one is better

Bixby New Home Builders | No one is better

okay I want to talk a little bit about Bigsby home builders one of the things that Shaw homes is done as we have created for actually five great communities in The Bigs the area one of which is at Estates at the River Estates at the river is very easy to find a great location you can get to it probably one of the fastest ways is going on the Creek Turnpike and exiting on Memorial and you’ll head south on Memorial until you get to 121st Street and 121st you’ll see a lot of Bixby home builders but you’ll just take a right there heading west on 121stand I just as soon as you passed Sheridan you will see your about not even an eighth of a mile so past Sheridan light heading west you’ll see Bixby New Home Builders Estates at the River on the left so as you turn in we have a great model that we have set up in there the Monroe and one of our top sellers and out of the all the Bigsby home builders I think we build the best so then if I would say we have about 30 different home sites available in that community that we own and which will probably be sold out within the next year and then as you leave that neighborhood we’ve got another great location that is right down the street so if you head back going east on 121st just as soon as you pass the Sheraton light hey you are going to see I would say it is Somerset and Somerset is going to be on the left hand side as soon as you pass Sheridan the really nice gated community you’ll turn into the left we have a really nice Shaw homes model there it’s one of our one of my favorites the Bixby New Home Builders Redford and then that neighborhood I would say there’s about 40 for home sites in there some really good cul-de-sac Homesite some pretty temporary green belts or what I call him because someone could buy that land behind them and wipe them out but anyways for now it’s a it’s a really great community and even if they do take him out your in a prime location so who cares right so as you pull out of summer so if you go back east you will see Quail Creek located on the south side of 121st Street now there’s some great Bixby home builders in that Community.

But the only one that’s important is us so as you pull into Quail Creek I would say that we have about eight current home sites there that we purchased and the neighborhood is quite small quaint there’s some nice green belt lots of back up to reserve areas and then soon we’ll be building a model in there who knows what model but it will be beautiful fantastic amazing as always and then as you pull out of the Quail Creek community you will find yourself back on 121st Street if you had North and then as you pull out on 121st Street and take a right heading East on 121st you will find another great location I would say that you probably have about 5 to 10 miles to drive and you will get to Chisholm Ranch in Chisholm Ranch is a wonderful development beautiful green belts available I would say that neighborhoods been there probably for 3 years or more we do not personally own any of the home sites there but we can purchase any of them from the developer if someone chose to do so that Community to me if I had to describe it I would say it’s heavily wooded it’s got a beautiful swimming pool for the community got some outdoor grilling areas for families to gather and and oversized homes and for people who want kind Bixby New Home Builders of a zero lot line when they’ve got those two in there and now that Community I would say the average price range is probably 350 to 400 thousand however you could build with us since we are one of the best Bigsby homebuilders around you could probably be in there around 300,000 and then if you get back on 121st Street and go down to 169 and you go back to the Creek Turnpike.

so you’ll be heading north on 169 you’ll jump on the creek and you will head I would say you would head you’ll Head West on the Creek Turnpike going down to the Jenks area soon as you cross the bridge you can either exit off on Peoria and go south on that to get Tyler and 71st or if you want a faster track you just stay on the Creek Turnpike until it turns into Highway 75 heading south and once you go on Highway 75 heading south you will actually go to 171st Street and you will exit there and then you will head back east on 171st Street you probably won’t see a ton of signs talking about the Bigsby homebuilders but eventually you will pass Peoria and you’re almost there to our beautiful half acre Community Bixby New Home Builders called Springhill Farms now that Spring Hill Farms is on 171st as I said it’s right past Peoria so it’s located between Peoria and Harvard and I’ll be on the south side of the road on 171st Street if I was to describe that Community I would say it’s a wooded Community with nature trails surrounded by white fencing and panoramic views of horse ranches the perfect country setting but you’re close enough to the city that you’ll have all the conveniences that most people have in town but of course your secluded out there and as one of the well the best Bigsby home builders we offer half acre homesites and then summer a little bit above half acre that you can get and the pricing if you’re doing a one-story you’re probably looking at about I would say about 2 80s and that would give you at least 2500 square feet plus the half-acre would be included we’ve had some beautiful homes we built in there.

I mean there anywhere from the to 80s and low price out I mean there’s some in there that are probably easily 350000 + we just actually purchased all the home sites that were left available there was about 10 that we bought and so we save some of the best for last time we have a deal that we called a delay release and on a delay release its its simply saying we hold the best for the very final end so it’s not leftovers it’s not the last of the home sites it’s the best and so if someone was needing a half acre this is the prime time to get in there because out of all the Bigsby homebuilders around we’re going to give you the best deal hands down we have no competition in this market and that the blessing Bixby New Home Builders to say that but it’s the truth but anyways I think that will conclude all of our Bigsby how are sorry communities and we own the most out of all the Bixby home builders we own the most communities around so if you’re wanting variety the best the best warranty all of that show homes is it and can’t say my name cuz I’d like to advertise myself on this but I can’t so I’m not going to but come see us you’ll have the best experience around.

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