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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby new home builders | Oklahoma’s best builders

Bixby new home builders | Oklahoma’s best builders

So when people are looking for bixby new home builders and you’re in the area, my next community I’d love to talk about, wish all homes located at 12072, south, 68th, east, avenue, bixby, Oklahoma, zip code 74008, it’s one of our newest communities that skated and in this area, if you’re, looking for a gated community and you shopped around, especially if you’re not going to find a gated community for you’re, not spending at least a half a million dollars on up well with somerset, you can actually have all the amenities as far as gated community extra landscaping you’ll be able to have 3, centimeter, granite or quartz standard in the kitchen. And full sprinkler system, I call it a temporary eventually. If someone purchases the property, they have to do a lot and has millions of dollars to develop this property could really nice shopping area like we have on the opposite corner of it in somerset. You know, as far as price wise, you can get in as small as 307300 with a lot included so gated community, and that would actually give you 12 square face and that’s where it’s going to start. If you’re looking for a two story I would say, you’re probably going to be able to get in around 340,000 and some change, and that will give you at least 2700 square feet, but as far as somerset goes on the thing, I love about that community is its right next to the bixby schools. So if you’ve been google and bixby new home builders and you’re trying to find a good location for your grandchildren, your children or you just want to be close to activity where you can get out and walk or church life church is direct directly next door and you’ll see the school is next door to it. In life. Church is next door to that. So you don’t even actually have to drive or walk your I mean you can walk your kids and nice weather or you could walk to church and not have to drive it that close and. Of course it’s gated, so that’s amenity that a lot of people are looking forward to being bigsby of that they can afford so for 307,000 lot included and you still have our 50,000. That’s going to be really tough for any other builder to matt and that’s the beauty of shaw homes. We have an un-match warranty, we’re going to give you a 10-year structural warranty on your own fears on your plumbing and electric and lifetime on the roof and there’s no other builder.

That’s going to back their home like that that I know of in this area, you’re also going to have a one year warranty on the home itself. We do a 30-year shingle, and you know you just we have 3 warranty. Walkthrough is also with your home so you’ll have one a week before you close on it and then you’ll have a second warranty for the email that your initial walk-through and so once you have that little list, together, 60 days after you’ve, lived in the home, we’re going to come in and take care of those items for you at no extra charge, of course, and you’ve lived in the shell home for 11 months. We’re going to do your third and final warranty to take care of anything that you’ve seen or anything. We’ve missed just to make sure that you’re satisfied with your new home purchase and that everything is running properly. I, don’t know of any other builders that take the time to do that. I’ve always heard it there one week before they close and then I never hear from you again and that’s just not the experience that we want you to have when you’re investing in a shell homes so when you’re looking for bixby new home builders in your wanting a gated community-and you want to be close by restaurants and shopping you’re, definitely going to want to check out somerset. We have actually one of our most popular at homes in somerset, which I love it’s it’s called are Retford 1/8 and the Retford 1h is array, show it with 3 bedrooms and a study down, and then upstairs. We show with two bedrooms a game room in a bathtub. We do make that home in a one-story in that same neighborhood.

So if you’re looking for a one-story home and you fall in love with our model, you can actually get into it at 316700 with lot included and that’ll. Give you three bedrooms in a study and give you one of the largest kitchens that we build if you like, the model home that you is 3369 square feet and you’re going to be at 370600 with lot included. But remember you still have our $15,000 incentive until the end of January 2018 to spend, and one thing that we pride ourselves in is we’re always going to offer you an incentive to build with shaw just to show that you’re off the market in your getting the quality that your family deserves in everything that you’re looking for in a home and in the perfect location that you’re really desiring. So if you’re looking for a gated community, you’re definitely going to want to check out somerset and you can find it by shaw homes.Com. We have the address listed or you can just call shaw homes or you can just drive to the community and come check us out and. All of our sales people are very friendly and they’re always there to help we’re all part of the family here and we like to treat our clients as such. So if you’ve been looking at bixby home builders, you’ll want to check out shaw, homes.Com and check out all the different plans that we have are always improving. We’re always changing things depending on what of our buyers are telling us that is important to them. So over the year, we always try to tweak our plans and maybe build a new model. If you haven’t looked in about a year, you’re definitely going to want to do a new model home tour, because there’s a lot of new homes that offer you definitely want to check out a bixby new home builders, show homes.Com and check out and just come on whenever model home tours, and let us just show you what we can do and what we can provide for your family not every plant is going to be exactly what you’re looking for, but you will always find the one plan that will work for your family and, if you’re looking for bixby home builders, you’re going to want to check out somerset in the other thing that I love about somerset is it has that temporary green belt?

That actually is it outlines the entire neighborhood? So if you’re on any of our east-facing home sites, you’re going to have its going to back up to a forest of trees, are just beautiful if you’re on any of our north-facing home side’s, those are going to require a deck which is really nice. So you have a huge walkout decks that you walk out and all you’ll see her trees in the back. I’ll be north-facing. So that’s good! For you know. In the winter time, if it snow in your son, the sun will melt off your snow in the front of the driveway. So we do have some with some of those ever. You have nothing behind you, but maybe some pine trees and then some will back up to the school. And then you know you may want to have some type of sub to walk your kids to school and never have to leave your driveway. But if you’re looking for bixby new home builders and you’re, looking at shaw, homes.Com you’re going to want to check out or somerset community, because that one is going to be a fast sell out-and it’s really really hard to find. We actually have a one-story plan called the gives you three bedrooms, two baths, a study in a dining, and we have one of those available right now for move-in ready backs up to the trees. It’s east-facing 3 car garage. But if you look at bixby home builders show homes.Com check out. Bixby, home builders and you’ll see why sha homes is the builder of choice, but look under bixby new home builders somerset gated community in bixby show homes.Com that you’ll want to check out and as long as you are looking for, bixby home builders you’re going to see why sha homes has the entire market of the bigsby area, there’s no one that has as many bixby communities available for a client than we do. So. Com builder of choice in 2017 parade of homes winner

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