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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | Oklahoma’s finest builders

Bixby New Home Builders | Oklahoma’s finest builders

Look up bixby new home builders, you’re, going to find a lot of communities with their shaw homes within the shaw homes building, if which bigsby home communities that you can choose from and a lot of our buyers when they walk in our door. It’s really what we call our their second visit, their first visit. We would account for when they got online and they search for bixby, home builders and they ran across y’all homes.Com or they just found shaw homes on the website. So when they walk in the door, I’ll say:is this your first visit or is this your second visit and if they say we’ll know, we’ve never been in a shell homes? We’ve actually just looked on your website, I’ll say well, then it is your for your second visit cuz. Your first visit was on her website and that’s what brought you guys today so today, I’m going to talk a little bit about our bigsby home builders. If you’re looking for bixby home builders and you’re, looking in the bigs the area, we have five really great communities to choose from now bixby as one of the most blown out communities this year that we’ve seen it has more gross out of all the communities that we have combined. So in the bixby area, our first location is going to be allocated if it feels like you’re in south tulsa, but you’re not is considered bigsby, but it’s going to be called Chisholm ranch now, Chisholm ranch sets on 121st and it’s between mingo and garnett. It’s on the south side of 121st. Now the thing that I love about Chisholm ranch, if you’re looking in the bigsby area, especially if you have family or if your empty nesters and you have grandkids, there’s everybody can benefit from amenities in a community I’m. So this opportunity to have a swimming pool. It has grilling stations next to the pool to the pool area just got to cabana with restrooms. It also has 5 walkthrough the community, and it is a really nice nice community.

We consider it one of our premier communities. So when we say premier all that means to you is it’s going to have some extras that other non premier communities would not have now. Some of them are going to be covenant requirement, so they’re they’re required by the community for every home to have to be in that community and then some things are going to be extras that mr. Shaw has felt that people that live in that neighborhood would expect that as an amenity inside their home, such as a tiled shower in the master suite or a full guttering on the house, 3cm granite or quartz in the kitchen and on the island. So those are some of the things inside the house that Bixby New Home Builders are going to be included in our bigsby premier communities, so in Chisholm ranch you would have, though, now on the covenant requirement side you will have a full sprinkler system. So that means you will have it on the front. The back and the sides of your home site plus landscaping, and it’s typically going to be on a 5000 square foot lot. So I would say a corner lot. You know, even if it’s a little oversized is long as it’s within our communities that we build an and not an offside in by all side, I mean on your own land, like a half acre or more. It’s going to give you full full sprinkler on the whole home site, plus you’ll have full guttering and most of the communities. They want a little extra landscaping. So we’ve already included that you don’t have to worry about it. When you turn your can move in your home now another thing that I love about bigsby Chisholm ranch, if you’re looking for bixby home builders and you checked out Chisholm ranch and you drive through you’re, going to notice that around the whole community on the east side, it’s surrounded by nature trees, just beautiful landscaping, surrounded and there’s probably about 10 home sites. In there before they’re sold out, it’s been a very popular community. It is bigsby address bigsby schools and you’re, going to be able to get everything that you need as far as family amenities in that community are going to run 550 a year and and that’s not much for all the amenities that you get living and having that lifestyle in Chisholm ranch.

Now, if you pull back out on 121st street and you’re heading or sorry, you’re heading west you’re, going to just pass memorial in on the left hand, side, which is the south side of 121st street between memorial and sheridan you’re, going to see our next bixby community called quail. Creek creek is the price you are in a premier community, so you will get a sprinkler system. You’ll have tile shower in the master, 3 centimeter, quartz or granite in the kitchen, but you’re also going to get full guttering extra landscaping in a full sprinkler system outside and extra landscaping thing. I love is, you know, are most expensive, greenbelt home sites in there, only four thousand extra to be on them, and you can actually get in that neighborhood in the two 80s or two, depending on how you use our incentive and that’s kind of where the salesperson comes into play, because we’re going to help you figure out what is more important to you and your family. Is it amenities inside the home and not so much square footage? Or is it more important to you to have all the square footage that you need and everybody have their own rooms but you’re, not so crazy that you don’t have to have all the crown molding and all the amenities inside the home? So we try to figure out and then location locations, a huge thing that plays a big part of a home purchase, because you want to make sure that you’re in the right location, because some people will say you know what, as long as we’re in the right location, we’re willing to not have as many amenities in the home. But this is how many rooms that we need for the play. So there’s three things to consider when your shopping, new construction, location, amenities and price, so one of the things that you’re going to find when you’re shopping around it show homes.Com is you’re going to stay there, so many bigsby communities to choose from and as far as quail creek goes.

You know they do not have a homeowners association yet because they are there. Two new in that community now, once the community gets to be about I would say at least 75%. I have a homeowners association most of the communities that we seeing the bigsby I think the highest one is 500 or 550 year. So when you’re spreading that out with 12 months, that’s not much to have a prime location and then the other thing I love about quail creek. Is it’s located right across the street from all the bixby schools? So if he have children, they’re not going to be that far to walk and go into they’re, not going to be that far to walk or you know be able to get to school now. Another thing that I love is, if you go to church, there’s a life church right next to the bixby school, so you just not going to have to go far to to find what you’re looking for now as far as as far as the neighborhood you’re also going to be close to all the restaurants, and you know if there’s there’s one thing that a lot of people like to do is they have a certain lifestyle expectation when they’re moving into a new community? So if you’ve been googling, bixby home builders, you’re going to notice that you will have all the restaurants shopping and all of that to choose from that’s going to be right at your fingertips, there’s also a target there’s a sprouts there’s movie theater. So if you look for entertainment for the family, you’re going to find everything that you need, within, these, bixby community. So if you’re looking for bixby new home builders you’ll want to check out shaw, homes.Com and you’ll want to check out bixby new home builders, shaw homes.Com and a lot of people will look just google bixby home builders to go to shaw homes.Com. So when you’re looking for bixby new home builders, you’re going to want to look up shaw homes.Com and check out what we have, the bixby new home builders show homes.Com

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