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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | Phenomenal Home Design

Bixby New Home Builders | Phenomenal Home Design

Hi candice michelle holmes podcast number three of the weekend of January 20th steps of building or buying a new home I’m sure that a lot of people have heard that building a home can be very stressful or even difficult, but it sure seems we have a huge team approach to building your new home and we try to make the process as stressful as possible and help you make all those decisions that come with every home that must be built. Perhaps the person who told you that it was a very stressful environment built with a company that just doesn’t have the proven process that experience team in place to do things. The way we do here at shaw homes. What we like to tell customers is we’ve we’ve done this a few thousand times. So it’s okay! If you haven’t hold your hand every step of the way, you’re not trying to figure it all out, you will have our entire team at your disposal to literally walk you through from contract, to design, to draft to construction, Bixby New Home Builders to closing, to warranty. We’ve done this thousands of times, and we know which questions you’re going to have, probably even before you do, and so we are glad to hold your hand each step of the way, so that the first step is the model home tour I mean who doesn’t love to go around looking at beautifully decorated and it’s shaw homes.

We have more fully furnished and decorated bottle homes in the Tulsa area model home tours and we’ve had actually had people who have more buildings with another builder tell us that our model home tour was the single best thing. I’ve done in their home floor plan model home tours just a couple of hours and I’ll meet you at one of the bottles play if an emergency comes up or something like that:you’re free to go at any time and then step 2 is financing. In order to help you focus on the plan that will fit your budget the best we suggest you go ahead and apply for a mortgage pre-approval from one of our preferred lenders door. It’s a free application. You will have your approval within 24 hours that helps you narrow. Do you know where you want to be with you and how much you want to spend and once we know what dollar amount you want to spend and it helps us help you focus on which homes will bet fit. Your budgetary requirements then step 3 is the home site reservation. We have to find that one of a kind of piece of land to place it on the home site on every home side. So now that we know the floor plan, I will show you which home side’s then once you’ve selected your home side, it’s time to do a 7-day, refundable deposit called a homesite reservation. That way it will take your home side off of the market for the next 7 days, so that no one can take it away from you. We are finishing out the final details on what you want to build and how much it’s going to cost then step for structural options and pricing. So now that your home side is reserved, we meet back at your flight favorite model home and review the smart flex Bixby New Home Builders features that are available to you for that plan and I will create a price quote for you. These options can also be found on the interactive floor plan section of this website of our website at shaw homes.Com, and this is all done in an effort to get you the information you need about decision after we have done your contract, your paperwork and locked you into current pricing of your home. On that one of the six steps. Six is the design studio at shaw homes.

We actually give you your own personal design, consultant consultant to help you walk through the process of picking out the colors and finishes for your homes. These are actually the exact same designers that design our beautiful model homes that you’ve walked through and admired the same interior designers that work on our model home, there’s just no reason for you to spend hours and hours and hours dwelling on which grout color you’re going to put with the tile in your kitchen. Your designer will help you figure all that out in short order, so that you can get onto doing something a little more fun and then, after you’ve made all your design selection steps to review. That’s where you go to meet your construction manager, who will work directly with you through the completion of your home? The plan reviews our system of checks and balances to make sure that Bixby New Home Builders the person who is responsible for building construction manager has all the Bixby New Home Builders details of your home correctly and have been related to him an insurer smooth that will ensure a smooth building process. He will go over all the full size blueprints the specifications and finishes with you, as well as your site plan and your home placement at that meeting. So at this meeting is going to tell you he’s going to tell you exactly how all of that and that meeting is completed. Then it’s time to schedule excavation started restart the building process. During the building process, we will have at least two scheduled meetings with you. The first is called a pre drywall meeting and that’s before the drywall goes up, but all the deaths of the home are still exposed for you to go. So this is a good time to make an adjustment to something before the drywall is put up rather than after the drywall is put up. Then the second meeting reschedule with you is called the.

This is where you get a room walkthrough of your home with your construction. He will help you understand how everything in your new home works. You will learn how to ignite your pilot, light use the appliances and mechanical as well as do a quality assurance warranty, walkthrough, step. 9 is your closing and we will notify you of your closing date about approximately 30 days prior to your closing by emailing you a closing letter with helpful information and instruction. This letter will have contact information for the many different utility and you will have your closing at the title. Company office and all the paperwork from shaw homes will already be there. When you arrive prior to your closing and walk you through the paperwork and give you your keys when completed, skip tennis warranty once your closing has occurred, your warranty. Your warranty. And, you will have direct access to. There are emergency phone numbers if you need Bixby New Home Builders answers or help during non-business hours. So if you don’t contact us for any needs, they will contact our warranty. Direct a coordinator will call you when she fit in your home for 60 days and then again will call you at 11 months after closing, to see if you have any warranty needs that need to be addressed. This is the process that we followed at shaw homes a few thousand times, and we managed to make many many many failed this process and we would love to have the opportunity to earn your business. You can find us at shaw, homes.Com

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