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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | Phenomenal Option

Bixby New Home Builders | Phenomenal Option

so we’re talking about theBixby New Home Builders and Shaw homes they been in business 28 years mr. Shaw’s then one of the we’re actually the largest Bigsby home builder in the area we’ve chose six Prime locations we actually looked at a map and did the math and could see all the growth and we have Chisholm Ranch Estates at the river Seven Lakes Somerset Quail Creek in Spring Hill Farms so 6 locations in the Bigsby area and out of those 6 locations as a Bigsby home builder we’re by far the best price the best locations the most plans that we offer best incentive the best builder the longest years I mean we’ve been in business 28 year so we always offer an incentive every month and out of the Bigsby area are incentives 10,000 towards you want to use it. And then $6,000 worth of stuff for 6 bucks so you can’t beat that butt in the Bigsby locations we were talking about Seven Lakes and Seven Lakes is probably our best Bixby New Home Builders to get in before they’re sold out got about eight home sites in there they back up to either green belts or lakes in there are seven lakes in Bixby New Home Builders it that’s why we call it Seven Lakes and then in that in that Community we offer out of all the Bixby home builders we offer the most amenities we have a clubhouse and mr. Shaw actually built it’s Scott frigerator kitchen granite countertops fireplace got all the tables and chair so you can have your private parties it’s got his and her restrooms with 5-foot showers and itch water fountain and it’s a beachfront swimming pool it’s out of the Bixby New Home Builders  is our largest amenity location that we have so attracts families and also attracts empty-nesters so out of all the Bigsby home builders we’ve chose the best so wish all homes you’re going to get the most amenities in there the least amount of price down on a home and a prime location it’s actually surrounded by 500 600,000 half million dollar homes plus easy A lot of people ask is it in flood zone no it’s not in a flood zone you don’t need flood insurance but you do need a swimming suit so you’ll be able to use the pool they have tennis courts now they really don’t have tennis courts but we do have the most amenities in there for families lot of activity you will be able to get in there for Round 2 eighties on up depending on the home site so you’ll want to get that before it’s sold out and then if you go back down to Sheridan 121st and you’re heading west you’re going to see another Prime Bigsby location.

And out of the Bigsby home builders we chose this spot it’s it’s actually between Sheridan and yell on 121st on the south side of the road we chose this prime location of the amenities that are coming up in phase two are going to be phenomenal they’re going to blow your mind we have a swimming pool nature trails jogging trails grilling stations we’ve got Greenbelt Lots cul-de-sac lot small Lots large Lots we offer 13 different models to choose from to build in there and probably 89 different varieties you can build them in so in that neighborhood you’re going to look at about $305,000 on up and in that neighborhood we’ve got our Monroe model that we had on the parade this year and of course it of course when Awards with gotten plastered all over the place but you’ll see if and when you pull out if you’re going to feel the vibe I want to buy one of our homes it’s a pretty phenomenal and then we have a two-story in there and since we chose the Bixby locations and I would say there’s probably well out of the Bigsby home builders we’re going to be the best in their best price this location best plans this Friday and you won’t even want to look at the other builders but even if you’re in a magazine and you looked up Bixby home builders you’re going to say Shaw homes first and there’s a reason for that but you’ll see when you walk in our Bixby New Home Builders doors and right now we have a great incentive that you’ll be able to do $6,000 worth of stuff for 6 bucks I mean where you going to get that you’re not and get that from any other Builder and Bigsby that we are at the Bixby New Home Builders  of choice and that neighborhood is a gym we’ve got we’ve just we’ve got it all and then if you go back out on 121st Street and you you can take Riverside Drive if you want to see Nick drive but if you’re looking for a Bigsby home builder you’re going to want to check a big specially with a half acre home site you’re going to want to check out our Spring Hill Farms I bet is you curve around Riverside Drive you’re going to jump on the Creek Turnpike and as you head West on the Creek Turnpike you can either exit off of elm Peoria and go to Shaw homes that way you’ll go south on there until you get to 171st and take a left or you can just stay on the creek and go to Highway 75 and exit off 171st that way and we chose

Spring Hill Farms location cuz if you’re on 275 in your near talk to you passed Tulsa Hills and all the shopping You’re Going to exit off 171st and you’re going to go East until you just passed Peoria you’re going to see Springhill Farms on the right it’s a prime half-acre location and Bigsby it’ll blow your mind horse ranches all around it peace peaceful studying and out of the Bixby home builders we chose this because we wanted to be able to offer family symbol and not just have a neighbor right on top of you so if you pick Spring Hill Farms you can get in there around two hundred eighty thousand. Even before incentive I know we’re blowing your mind Bixby New Home Builders but that’s what we’re in the mind-blowing business we shouldn’t be called Shaw homes it should be called mind blowers come come pick a plan at the Mind blowers but it kind of doesn’t sound professional so we went ahead and stuck with Shaw homes and we also don’t want to hurt Glenn Charles feelings because he is a Bigsby home builder in the Bixby home builder of choice so anyways you’ll want to look at Spring Hill Farms whether you wanted to Story one story you want to pick a home site and you want to pick a plan to go in there excuse me there’s nothing you won’t like about Spring Hill Farms in the Bixby location you are sitting out there a little ways but your clothes you’re so close to everything but you just have that country setting trees ponds for your kids to fish at just nature surrounding you so it’ll blow your mind shaw homes a blow your mind out of the Bixby home builders where it so come see us and Estates at the river so that I can give you a plat map to all the Bixby locations because you’re going to want to pick a home site before they’re sold out our home sites don’t last usually when we’re in the neighborhood in a seashell homes in the Bigsby area they’re reserving a lot before they even see the light they just call and go I don’t know what it looks like

but I’m going to pick Lot 2 block for let’s do this and then we usually will run their credit card over the phone and reserve it until they can get there I’m kidding we don’t have a credit card machine nor do people do that but they do want to come out and see our Bigsby locations and they do want to find a plan to make it work to be in that area cuz it’s so hot I actually thought about calling it hot for the city instead of Bigsby know they they never wanted to call it hot that’s ridiculous it didn’t even sound right they want to they want to call it Big cuz that’s what it is it’s a Bigsby when you think of Bigsby you think of Shaw homes you think of Bixby home builders you think of the best you think of incentives you think of Glenn Shaw and his family you think I want to give my money to that guy because he is an amazing guy and Aaron and his he’s an amazing trainer he has so much knowledge is the wizard at Shaw home so how can I take everything that we saved up for our entire life and hand it over to Shaw homes well come see us and Bixby New Home Builders we’ll show you how it’s not that hard don’t forget your checkbook we’re going to want to see that and then we want our lenders to meet you there’s a reason for that too but Shaw homes Bixby home builders the best come see us where the Bixby home builder of choice big visit guys can find a spot before they’re gone I would mention my name but they won’t let me hear but anyways Shaw homes is it

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