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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | Services you can’t find anywhere else

Bixby New Home Builders | Services you can’t find anywhere else

Charles Holmes podcast welcome to the podcast of Shaw homes Bixby home builders best builder coming in hot now with some wonderful we do have 45 move-in-ready homes Bixby New Home Builders that are near completion or at completion either about to welcome your furniture ready to do so right away if you like to take a look at these other than the description about to read please visit one of our sales managers in our new community specialist is any of our move-in ready model homes which are going to be fully furnished and fully decorated for your viewing pleasure virtual Imaging as big as best builder this is a beautiful home located at 3725 South Elder Boulevard Broken Arrow Oklahoma which is a bath upstairs 4 bedrooms 3 baths 2 stories car garage $181 this is going to be Wolf Creek Elementary Oliver Middle School in Broken Arrow High School the next one we have is going to be our beautiful Elwood Park in Jenks 1905 17th Court Jenks Oklahoma coming in at that nice heavy 2595 square feet 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms two stories 3 car garage is an active listing it will be ready shortly down the road here if you’re not looking to potentially spend a couple of months it takes to build a home well if you want one to be moving out of your lease or rent or possibly even to sell your home this is a beautiful option for that Bixby New Home Builders will be ready here in the coming month or two 2595 square feet at $315,159 4 bedrooms 3 baths two cars two stories and three car garage it’s going to be a beautiful home you guys going to come check out what is our Millicent Pond to community now this is going to be very close to everything in Tulsa and Broken Arrow and Bixby Bixby home builders best builder.

We definitely like to say that you know we have more options than any builder in Tulsa which is true I’m working in Tulsa again which is true this one has a slight modification to it because the minimum square footage cost in Millicent Pond 2800 square feet minimum build size so we have on this home I’m added movie room upstairs the access is through the game room and it is a beautiful Bixby New Home Builders movie room that we built out to accommodate that square footage requirement this home is $319,900 bedrooms two-and-a-half baths two stories and a three-car garage Union School District folks like this one out because Union School District hard to beat Anderson Elementary School Union Middle School and High School this is located at 1016 South Joshua Avenue Broken Arrow Oklahoma 74012 folks we encourage you to come on out one of our sales representatives and the we will put you in to view the state is the one for you guys to move into so hi Bixby home builders best builder again we have more options anyone else and we look forward to that now one of our most popular communities in the Bixby area is Quail Creek Creek is hey gorgeous Community with a wonderful Monterey one story that we have available in their $324,883 price we are asking for this beautiful Monterey one store now if its 2419 square feet all of the Bixby New Home Builders common areas which include the study the living room the dining room Nook the kitchen all of that is viewable on site but from the outside or they see all this commentaries open feel to the home beautiful but this home does have a private master bedroom which is tucked away nicely now we also have in this home three bedrooms two baths it is a one-story home with 3 car garage but we are in Bixby North Elementary Bixby Middle School Bixby High School excellent home address is 12533 South 7th East Place Bixby Oklahoma next time we have up in Bixby is Seven Lakes Bixby home of the best but we like to strive to be the best and the home that we have available.

There’s a Stone brook V this is going to be 4 bedrooms two-and-a-half bath it is two stories I’m going to have it a three-car garage with a price of 328 322 it is a beautiful home address is located at 7095 East 124th Street South Bixby Oklahoma with Bixby school district of North Elementary Bixby middle Bixby High School people are looking for Bixby home builders they do look for Shaw homes everywhere we’re all over Tulsa multiple communities more options than anyone and we have another great Bixby community that you might be familiar with Somerset who do the Monterey one story in there it is a modern one $339,000 it’s going to 2419 square feet with 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1 story and it’s three car garage to be accessible to the North Elementary School District Bixby Middle School in Bixby High School the address is 12024 South 68th East Avenue in Bixby Oklahoma and like I said one of my favorite communities with one of my favorite floor plans you have to come check it out very very very open but when you walk in this Bixby New Home Builders feels like home beautiful yard that it said on and you have forestry behind you beautiful home you got to come check it out ask one of our new home specialist to take you to this home or go on tour with one of us to see all of our options available another great home that we had at the Reserve at Spring Creek now this is going to be 6501 South Chestnut Avenue Broken Arrow Oklahoma now there is nearly completed this is a floor plan that we have in there that is available in Stir of a home 3653 square feet price to 309300 Army 369900 bedroom 3 bathroom Creek Elementary School in Broken Arrow High School this is a beautiful home is the white trim that surrounds the outside contrasting the beautiful taupe.

That’s all of the exterior of the home with the shutters and the trim everything just contrast and popping feeling so well but you have to come see this home it stands out the entire neighborhood absolutely gorgeous as far as aesthetically pleasing I have a beautiful home you need to come check that home and then also we do have the village seven Trails will go back and finish this neighborhood at Bixby Village at seven Trails here for Shaw homes is a premier absolutely close to everything in Broken Arrow Bixby and Jinx just minutes away from Memorial Drive and absolutely gorgeous home it’s 300 an active listing it’s ready to move in this home has every Belle & whistle in it for bedrooms two bath two stories in a three-car Bixby New Home Builders garage unassuming Wolf Creek Elementary Oliver Middle School in Broken Arrow High School but the village of seven Trails we have that Monterey 1H to come check out that 3606 South fir Boulevard that’s fir full Boulevard Broken Arrow Oklahoma is Bixby humble ourselves and having all the options possible and we always listen to our customers, what they’re saying what the what the market is needing we listen to all of our Realtors what they tell us there and we try to supply that for everyone in the Tulsa area in Tulsa for to helping you out further the future but your home-buying process

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