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Bixby New Home Builders | Top Notch Builders

Bixby New Home Builders | Top Notch Builders

Well welcome to the podcast and we’re going to be talking about the great Bixby new home homebuilders today which we are the best we have a lot of different exciting things in the Bigsby area that go on throughout the year the population is growing just it’s exploding over there but we have a lot of things that go on throughout the year you know they have a lot of Bigsby festivals that got a barbecue festival that they do every year and of course it’s not put on by the Bixby home builders but it’s right on the river a lot of folks come out there have a great time they have all kinds of little Carnival throughout the year and as far as that area the Bixby area has a lot to offer families a great location right off of Memorial and 121st we picked four of the five Bigsby locations that we build in the fifth one is our half acre one that’s located a little further south for those people that want to get land and not be crammed up to a neighbor that’s three feet from their door but the Bigsby location areas or gray in other they have Banks they have entertainment there’s a new rustic cuff for all the ladies they have the spirit Event Center they’ve got more restaurants and I’ve ever seen I mean the place is just exploding with activity a lot of growth in Bigsby and out of the Bixby new home builders the four locations that we’d shows we did on purpose where it was you know it can get you 20 minutes to the airport or you know you’re close to home restaurant shopping there’s a Sprouts local market there which is pretty popular there’s a lot of different restaurants along Memorial to you know for families on the Go I mean there’s a Chick-fil-A just about every kind of flavor food that you would want and then if you were on the Creek Turnpike heading west you just sex it off Memorial and go south on Bixby New Home Builders Memorial until you get to 121st Street and 121st if you take a right heading east or I’m sorry take a right heading west you’re going to see Quail Creek on the south side of 121st that location is great we’re currently under construction on a new model in that community and we probably sold 3 of our new home sites that we’ve just opened up to sell and I would say that neighborhood as far as price wise I know where the best price when you compare it to all the other Bixby new home builders I would say the price is going to start around 300,000 today we are going to probably be looking at about 2200 square feet.

On up in there with us and it’ll keep the cops up keep competition good for if we have no competition so but that neighborhood I would say it consists of about 100 Holmes we picked eight of the very best home sites to put a home on keeping in mind that people have green belts most of ours are green belts we did pick a couple of them centrally-located they give you a north-south facing home site which seems to be popular for gardeners and then as far as the community the homeowners dues are not active yet but once they are I mean you’re probably looking at 300-350 year once I go active I believe the phase II may have a pole not for sure but as far as walking trails you’ve got those you step outside your door you can boom be right on the walking trail and it kind of goes along the Little Dry Creek area and it’ll cross over to one of my favorite spots Life Church so if you like to do Jesus than he’s right across the street or inside of you if you saved but I anyways Life Church to cross the street so you can go on the path crossover to a little church time praise and worship on get praise and worship on and then you can walk if you wanted to to buy home from us so you could walk going West on 121st and right next to Life Church you’re going to see the Bigsby schools Witcher just beautiful brand-new and we picked Somerset location that’s just south of the school right next door on purpose it’s a gated community and out of the Bixby home builders that’s probably one of our nicest gated communities we’ve ever invested in when you pull in Bixby New Home Builders we’ve got home site to back up to a temporary green belt or model is one of them are retford model.

I just love that house great for entertaining it is over the top with one of the best decorators in the state and that place is just phenomenal if you haven’t gone to see that mod all you’ve got to go see it put it on your bucket list cuz it’s it’s a bucket list worthy anyways and then as you drive through the neighborhood it’s kind of shaped like an L actually it is an l a backwards L but you’ve got all East-West Lots on one street and then as you turn the corner those are all of our three car garage home sites or what I call him they back up to the temporary green belt so for now you’re going to have a beautiful lush green force behind you so you’ll be able to take advantage of that until someone purchases I’ll save some of the trees the outline it to keep the Beauty and the the look that people love so much going but on that street that has a 70-foot lots of those are all are three car garage home sites as I said we’ve got one market-ready home and out of all the Bixby new home builders in that area we have a two-story version we build to the Red Fern it is it’s magnificent I mean there’s no other way to describe it got a deck on the back so if you like of you it’s got to be you but all of the home sites on that street that are the three car garage Homesite those are all going to have a $4,000 premium charge however I do have one home site in there that you can save money on there’s no extra charge for it so you save for Grand getting on it it’s just going to take a more narrow or plan but beautiful beautiful views I’m all of the homes that will be built on that street on the home sites we are going to have a front south-facing home site so a lot of people like that they love north-south for the exposure gardeners love it you’re not dealing with the West son you know you’ve got it coming up on the side of your house instead of the the front or the back but love that area it’s a prime a primary to be on today

And I would say the homes in there you could get in there probably before around 305000 on it we’ve got one beautiful Monterey model we haven’t there for sale I mean I just don’t even know if people have seen it it’s it’s one of our best-selling plans and truly truly there’s nothing like it out there and out of the Bixby new home builders we truly are the best Bixby new home builder around so you’ve got to get in there to see that Monterey it’s priced at 3:44 and I just can’t even believe it there but I come by and see us in the Somerset Community and then we’ve got three other communities will talk about coming up next and there’s just nothing like us compared to any other Bigsby home builders were the best so coming up we’re going to talk about the other three communities that we have out there and have a blessed day

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