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Bixby New Home Builders | Top of the line builders

Bixby New Home Builders | Top of the line builders

Turn the bixby area in you’re, looking to find a little bit bigger of a home site. You’ll want to go check out, spring hill farms, now spring hill farms is going to be area located on 171st street between peoria and harvard. In the thing I love about spring hill farms is you’re going to be close to all the city conveniences, but you will be not too far from mother nature. The thing I really really love about that haunt that spring hill, farms area308, with homesite included and I’ll go up in the beauty about a state to the river. Is here actually going to see a neighborhood that when the face 2 is developed, you’ll actually have a community pool in a park. I’m a lot of people love that neighborhood in area. Bixby New Home Builders They just don’t know what we offer in there. So it’s going to be one of our newest upcoming communities in the bigs, the area now a lot of people if you want to get a half acre home site and then in our spring hill farms area. That says someone for tickly, 1 and 1/2 acre home site and they want to be in the community. That’s going to start in the to 80s and go up. So that’s going to be a great community. If people are wanting kind of a country setting with city convenience stores that are within 5 minutes, away so you’re going to be able to see spring hill farms area is surrounded by nature and trees. And when you go down 171st street, you can actually go down highway 75 and exit off of 171st, street and 171st street, and it is between peoria and harvard, and so that was going to give you a really nice community to find we also have an area or different corner home sites. In there they’ll give you a really nice a little bit over a half acre actually on those and a you can be in a one-story plan in that community and it would be in the to 80s and that would actually give you 2500 to 2600 square feet, and so there’s just a lot to choose from in that area, and then we always have an incentive going so right.

Now our current incentives going to give you $15,000, you want to use it and really for a builder to always offer an incentive. You know the best time to buy is now because I tell people the only thing. That’s going to change the surprise. So that’s Friday only thing you don’t want it to change the price but bixby bixby, home builders, Bixby home builders, family horse, ranches and it’s kind of funny, because the neighborhood is going to give you the address. But it’s all Bixby schools. You will have the Bixby schools you’re just going to have a little a little bit, you’re, basically going to be living in a country setting it’s peaceful and quiet. Bixby New Home Builders You don’t have a ride. On top of you, but you’re going to have all the city convenient says that you would love cuz. Everything is all around you, so they’re, just nothing not to love about that. Another thing is it’ll, be school. District number for settled of your central elementary will be the school for that community middle school now, like i, said that square footage is going to be from 2556 square feet in that neighborhood will go up to 3712 square feet, so you can definitely get in there with homes. You know starting the 270th on a one-story and get what you want now. We also have some two-story plans that will get keep you in the 270 is as well. So it’s not just a one story that you would have to do out. Bixby New Home Builders There I absolutely love the bigsby spring creek community, because you’ve got you know, 9 blocks of home and out of all of those like i, say it’s about 8 to 10 home sites that are still available and as you from a hundred and 71st street, it sits on the south side of the road you’re actually going to see her areas, one in the middle and then why post in tree size of the community and it’ll have asphalted walking trails throughout those that nature area and it kind of circles around the community and there’s actually two fishing ponds in that community.

That you’ll be able to see it’s just such a great area and great location, actually there’s three fishing ponds. Now that I think about it and we have some corners still available before those are sold out and then, of course, we have just half acre and then some that are half acre plus so they’re little bit over an acre. But just such a nice community there’s four reserved areas within that community, where you can walk out and kind of walk around in a more fish and just a lot of nice scenery for the money that you get and one of the things that I love about that area is, you are going to just see so many so many nice area to choose from I just really think that if people drive out there, they’re already sold. So if you’re looking for bixby home builders-and you want to check out spring hill farms you’re, going to see why we’ve almost sold out in there, it’s just such a great neighborhood and a lot to offer families. It’s pretty incredible. Bixby New Home Builders But if you’re looking for Bixby home builders and you’re, trying to find a half acre, plus I’m going to be the place for you, you’re not going to find any area that I know of that you can get in in the 270 and have a one story or two story home, giving you all the rooms that we do. So if you’re in that area and you’re looking at spring, hill farms one of the things I love about, it is you’re out and nature, but you’re close to all the city convenient says so you’re going to you know they don’t have like, as far as amenities are going to have asphalt, a jogging trails and walking trails in the area. You’re also going to see a really big catch release pain as you pull up in the commute. It’s going to be surrounded by trees and nature, all the way around the community and within that communities. There’s three catch-and-release pond, so you’d be able to fish with the kids or hang out and just be outdoors and not have a neighbor right.

On top of you, I think that’s one of the things that we’ve loved about spring hill farms, as you can get into that community in the 280. So if you’re looking for bixby home builders-and you want to check out charles homes.Com you’ll definitely want to see spring hill farms, to give you a half acre or more, it’s going to be one of the nicest even in a one-story plan. You’d be in the 280 s in there with lot included and that’s giving you three bedrooms:a formal, dining, a private study off the master and and a flex room, giving you 2661 square feet or we have given you a game, room, I’m, sorry, a great room, 3 bedrooms, a dining in a study and I’ll, give you 2500 square feet so either one of those to 80s with a half acre included. So if you’re, looking Bixby new home builders check out shaw homes.Com go on our website. Look at spring, hill farms! Look at our plat map! If you needed an update when you can also call the office, and they will schedule you to talk to a sales representative for shaw homes, kingston to see exactly what you’re looking for we’re going to go to bed, if you do that again and so shall homes.Com spring, hill, farms, bixby home builders leave hillary alone and come over here right now, bixby home builders show homes.Com in so check out. Bixby home builders on the net, shaw homes.Com and you’ll see what the best that charles has to offer in new home construction. For the only builder to give you a 10 year, structural warranty, we back our product, we have a process like none other and then you’re, going to you’re, going to love our process builders and come and check us out you’re going to love what you see and what are what our company will offer you in a new home social homes.Com,Bixby new home builders, come check us out

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