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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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I wanted to Bixby home builders Shaw homes. We have the largest collection of fully furnished and decorated model homes in the greater Tulsa area, and so we have to take our people because who doesn’t love to go around looking at beautifully decorated model homes for building with someone else. They have found our model home tour to be the single most helpful thing, they’ve done during their fixed fee, home builders, shopping experience. Bixby New Homes That’S because, on the tour, we really focus on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan. When we design a floor plan, there’s a great deal of thought that we put into why we laid out the rooms the way that we did. These plans are designed from over 30 years of architectural experience and thousands of comments from our customers walking through our homes. For the past couple years, in many instances you are looking at version 200 or 300 of a plan because we have redesigned it and rebuild a model based on popular Trend trends. So the way, though, tour works is, I will be taking several families on our Bixby home builders tour at the same time – and you will just follow me in your own car that way, if you have any kind of an emergency or something comes up, you’re free To go at any time I give these chores every week. Bixby New Homes At the same time, Saturday, at 9 a.m. Sunday at 5 p.m. and Monday at 6 p.m. I can only a limited number of people with me. At the same time, I will need to go ahead and hold your space.

If you would like to join us, which one of those times works best for you, so we will meet you at our model, home at 24068 – East 95th Street South in Broken Arrow. I will need a good email address from you so that I can send you a confirmation until we go on the model home tour. I would like to encourage you to read all reviews on line between now and then and I’m super excited for you to see the model homes. I know you’re going to have a lot of fun and that you’re going to learn a lot about the home building process as one of the greatest Bixby home builders. Bixby New Homes We have more furnished and decorated Model Homes walk in the model homes. We don’t like any surprises anymore than our customers to so the best way to do to take care of that and to have the model homes built with all the different floor plan that we have options for to be able to take our customers through. Each of these Model Homes, one at a time putting out all the different functions of the Holmes every home functions differently on the tour. We will talk about how many steps you have to take to carry your groceries in from the garage to the kitchen to The Pantry. We’Ll also talk about that washer and dryer, going on the tour we’re going to talk about all the different ways. The house functions and whether the game room is upstairs. If it’s on top of the great room, if you’re going to have the kids up there, you might want to consider a different location so that friends and family are not disturb downstairs and the great room when they’re watching TV, if kids are stomping around upstairs.

As I mentioned will be taking several different families on the home tours and they’re just a lot of fun. We meet at 9 in the morning on Saturday for his done after 6 or 8 model the first time around. So I typically start them fight Far East Broken Arrow, and then we work our way back towards Bixby, one of the premiere Bixby home builders. We have got. Located near the intersection of 121st and Sheridan so super quickly. Once we have gone on the model home tour, I still want you to see the other models that we may be didn’t make it to the best way to do. That is. Let me just schedule another time to go with you. I like walking through the model homes with you, because friends did so it can be up to 16 different ways. Bixby New Homes So if you were walking through and you saw something to didn’t function perfectly for your family, you might be tempted to write that model off when if I were there with you, we can move that utility room or we can do that game room or we can Change that bathroom is, I can add, additional bedrooms upstairs there’s all kinds of things and, of course one of my specialties is working with my customers within their budget. I want to keep you as close to your eliminating things that you could add to the home later or really really need right. Now I will talk with you and we will pick out your favorites and we have over ,000 in our system. That makes it very easy for me to Francis forever.

You would like them whatever it is that you’re most interested in are also already going to be in our system, so makes it very easy for me to did that price out for you. We can go over your finances need to your shoulders, one of the largest companies. We can actually do contingent contract contingent upon your home selling, which makes it very convenient for you, so we’re all about servicing customers and making sure we can do like. I said those contingent contracts, we can do to lay the field, so you can go ahead and secure and fulfill your little hearts desire for the particular loss that you want in particular neighborhood that you want it really all comes down to the lot into the neighborhood. Bixby New Homes That’S the most important thing is getting that getting that shows in and getting that figured out, sometimes the lock themselves kind of dictate what home goes on them, depending on the width of the lot or the depth of the lot. So I always encourage my customers to pick out their home side first, because that’s something that I can’t at the Bixby home builders. We have more lot more neighborhoods than any other Builder. We have more models, we have the best warranties. We have the largest staff. We have our own in-house warranty department and we’ve got just a huge sales team that would love to help. You build your new Shaw home

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