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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | Brand New Homes

Bixby New Homes | Brand New Homes

Hey it’s candice again michelle holmes, talking to you about some of our market-ready homes that we have available that are complete or nearly complete. As aBixby new homes builder, we like to keep a plenty of them on stock for customers who need to move into something very quickly, and here at shaw hopes. We have got in brighton village our monroe to 2172 sq ft. It’s, located brighton village is county line, basically, and the creek turnpike. So you have great access to absolutely everything. You’d ever want to be close to. You could be at the airport no time at all or downtown really anywhere zipping on that crate turnpike. You can get anywhere pretty quickly in the city of Tulsa that monroe, it’s located at 6005, south, 13th, street, 2172, sq ft, it’s priced at $261,279. It is a three-bedroom two-bath and three car garage. Also in Elwood park jenks home builder. We have to move in ready homes, and one of them is our beautiful Redford, which our Redford model is our model home in somerset of bixby. If you or your Bixby New Homes clients would like to see a completely furnished and decorated model home, but consider buying the one in elmwood park, then we could run over to somerset see the model. So you can see what it looks like Bixby New Homes furnished because, of course, the one in elmwood park is still under construction and is not complete yet, but that way you can get an idea of what the home would look like on the inside and, of course, you can drive. We can drive over to the Elwood park address and see what the yard would look like the front and back yards and then and the site plan that Redford is located at 11730, south, redbud street, and then it is in jenks the beautiful jenks school system. So that’s going to be jenks west elementary, also as a jinx home builder, in jinx in ellwood park we currently have are beautiful, Vientiane q. This is our most popular floor plan. It was designed to get families the most amount of square footage for the least amount of money home is in Yorktown, which is a jinx address, but bixby schools Yorktown is basically located at 128th and south elm peoria.

So it’s super easy to find. If you would like to see what that home looks like fully furnished, then we can come to the model, and then we can zip the mile-and-a-half over to elmwood park to see what the yard would look like on that ventana q that address in elmwood park is 195, west, 117th court, and it is priced it only $318,423. It’s a beautiful floor plan with two bedrooms up and a game room and a bathroom upstairs and then two bedrooms down with a large master suite, a very large great room that is open to a kitchen with a huge pantry in it a nice size, notebook and then the front door. You got a beautiful size study the thing that makes the ventana so special. Is we designed it with the least amount of hallway space in it to keep that price down? I always say that hallway space is the most inexpensive space in the home because you are not living in it. You are just traveling in it. So that’s something to consider with the ventana q does a bixby new homes. We also have a home for sale in beautiful estates at the river, our monroe e at 3074 square feet. The monroe is I like to say it’s like our queen mother ship. You know, monroe was one of our first and longest running floor plans that we’ve modified a number of different ways. We can actually build the monroe floor plans, 16 different ways. So that’s why it’s so important to go on a model home tour with us because as we’re walking through, as you were walking to the model by yourself, you might see the utility room in a location that isn’t where you wanted to be, if maybe you’re thinking gosh instead of the garage I wish that utility room was right off the master closet will guess what there been plenty of other customers that have made that same comment to us over the years. So we have redesigned and rebuilt that monroe at 1 inch of monroe to giving you that utility room right there off the master closet.

Like I said we can build at 16 different ways how many rooms do you want upstairs? How many downstairs? That’s why the model home tours are so important. In fact, our customers have told us that, even if they end up buying a used home or even building with somebody else that our model home tours was the single most important helpful thing that they’ve done on their home buying a research also as a Bixby new homes, we have a couple of homes for sale in are beautiful, gated, somerset community, which is right off of the intersection 121st and sheridan. So that’s going to be on the northeast corner of 121st and sheridan inside the somerset property there in bixby on the east side of somerset. It actually backs those lots actually back to bixby north elementary. So if you want to be able to walk the kiddos to school, it doesn’t get any closer than it does right there. In somerset we have our Redford money for sale at 6670, east, 119th, street south, that’s all I’m lot, 11 blocks 3 in somerset, that’s 30, 181 square feet and $4,000 now price down to only 380 3608 home builder. We have in our beautiful somerset our wonderful single-story monterey. The monterey is a real special home I love. It I actually sell it. A lot to people who work in the medical industry or baby do shift work, because not only is it a split floor plan, but the master suite is down a long private l-shaped.

All so I can be going on in the kitchen and in the great room, part of the home, and someone could actually still be resting in the master suite. So it’s a it’s a great home, for that also has an ensuite downstairs for a grown child or maybe mom. You know it’s a perfect mother-in-law:suite, it’s a beautiful, beautiful home and it’s for sale at 12024, south, 68th, east, avenue and this home is a ready to go. It is 100% complete ready for you to move into and it is priced at only $344,330 which, for that location at 121st and sheridan and 2419 square feet on a beautiful lot that backs to woods. That’s just pretty hard to beat it’s a gorgeous home and we would love to show it to you. We also have a furnished model of the monterey. If you would like to see what one looks like furnished, Bixby New Homes you can give us a call at 918-724-2280 or you can reach us anytime online at www.Homes.Com.

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