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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | Highest Quality Services

Bixby New Homes | Highest Quality Services

If you’re, looking in Bigsby and you’re searching on Google for Bixby home builders, you’re going to find that Shaw homes offer Spa wonderful communities in Bixby. If people are trying to be close to Memorial and they want North Bixby schools or if they are empty-nesters and they’ve. Just lived in South hole saw their lives are downsizing. We see a lot of that or families that have grown, but they want to stay in that area that they’re used to then you’ll want to check out Seven Lakes. Seven Lakes is just one of our five Bixby community and the thing I love about Seven Lakes is: they have seven man-made lakes in the community to fish at they also have a beach swimming pool and Clubhouse, and one of my favorite things about Seven Lakes. Bixby New HomesIs your getting a Premier Community but you’re not going to pay the premier price compared to other builders? I know that there’s a lot of people that search in the Bigsby homebuilders and in the Bigsby neighborhood and they’re not going to find another Builder that would be able to take a floor plan, build it in there and get you in the 280 with lot included. Giving you all of those amenities and a prime neighborhood, Seven Lakes is located on 121st and Sheridan, and it’s just one block off of 121st and Sheridan and soSeven Lakes has been around there’s five phases to it. So each phase just had a different amount of Homesite. Then we all would say we have about 10 Homesite. If you’re looking for Bigsby home builders, we have 10 home sites in Seven Lakes before were sold out now. One thing about Seven Lakes is: we’ve got Pond lot. Bixby New Homes We have home site that back up to Greenbelt. We have interior home side like Corner home sites where you just have one neighbor, so a lot of people that are Google and Bigsby home builders, they’re, really looking for Budget Inn, how many rooms can I can I stay in that area that they’re used to so Seven Lakes has been one of my favorite. We just we’ve been there gosh well over 10 years now. So it’s a bit. It’S a nice, establish community and actually preferred lenders Ethan Wagner and he actually built it on a Greenbelt, absolutely loves.

It he’s always bragging to people that come to him that are looking to build with us about his great experience that he had years ago with us and other than Creek that I was telling you it’s only 3000 lesson which we can build in there too. But if you’ve been looking at Bixby home builders, you already know that it’s almost unheard of to be in the prime area, you’re also going to get sprinkler system in extra Landscaping, a tile shower in the master, bathroom, 3, centimeter, quartz or Granite. All those things are included and to top it off of a ,000 incentive, and when I mean, if you say hey, I need my ,000 closing costs paid that Ethan her one quoted me and then I want to take 9000 off the price done. You can do it if you say you know, I really really need to be more in the 260 range, but I have to have that area instead of 15,000 will let you take ,000 right off the be right for you want. So if you’re Googling be home, builders you’ll be able to get in there for about the 260s right now, our current incentive doesn’t end until the 15th, so you still have a week to get in before it’s over. Bixby New Homes But if you’ve been looking at Bixby home builders, you’re going to see Shaw, homes is going to pull up and we’re going to have the most communities to offer in the best price range, with the most included features in the best incentives and 10. Your truck for warranty, so nobody, I personally think, are warranties – are set apart from other Bixby home builders, because we offered a 10-year structural warranty years on the plumbing and electric and Lifetime on the roof. Who does that? Nobody? We have nobody in this area that I know of that builds Custom Homes and gives you a 10-year structural warranty, and I know if your Google in Bixby home builders you’re also going to notice that our warranty is transferable.

Other builders are going to give you a one year warranty and that’s it. That’S all because we know that when you’re building a shop you’ll ever make in your life, don’t you want to warranty that if you happen to get transferred with a job that you can transfer will with our warranty you can. I don’t know of anybody that does that, but I know that when people are shopping, Bigsby home builders builder, in the entire area of Oklahoma – and I would say the Tulsa Owasso Broken Arrow area. We have the most communities that we offer out of any other Builder out there and have a process that we have. I know when people are Googling Bigsby, home builders, they’re also looking for the best process. Bixby New Homes The rest best experience as well as the price and warranty will Shaw homes, has that we have a process down and really we have 26 communities. We have a Design Center that state-of-the-art. We have more selections than any Builder that I’ve ever met in this entire area. We have a 15010 of so you can take your home that you chose with us price and pay and get every single thing that you desire in that home. Bixby New Homes Compare 04. It use a 15000 incentive, villager house out. I get that you’re not going to get it anywhere else and we stand behind our building our homes. We stand behind the quality. Bixby New Homes We have a great experience so when you’re looking for Bixby home builders you’re going to want to definitely take a model home tour wish. I look at our Seven Lakes Community because Seven Lakes is going to give you the swimming pool, the clubhouse with restrooms. It’S a fully furnished clubhouse too. It’S not just an empty Clubhouse. This club house has beautiful as tables and chairs built-in kitchen that we design and actually we have granite countertops on it, a refrigerator.

So when you’re having your private parties to actually place your refrigerated items in, we have a fireplace a beautiful fireplace as well lit. It’S a ventless gas, fireplace and so the whole Clubhouse gets, and when you put your deposit down, you get your deposit back as long as it’s clean Community Center restrooms his and her showers, it is absolutely to die for and when you drive through the community you’re Going to see why people choose Seven Lakes and shall we have the most built and sold homes in that Community up against any other builder in town, hands down when you’re looking for a home builders, you’re, definitely going to want to see Seven Lakes Community wish all Homes and just drive through and see, can ask yourself. Can I see myself living here? Why would you talking about when you drive through all you’re going to want to do is pick out your home size model home tour pick the plan for us to price out that same day will help you choose to fit you and keep you in that price Budget with the desire of your heart, like whatever you want, we’re going to be able to meet next I’ll talk about Somerset, Bixby New Homes which one is one of our other beautiful Bixby community. So any will never want to look anywhere else. And if you already know that you’re going to be back – and you will sign with us compared to what she was going to give you if you’re looking for Bigsby home builders, we have the best thing going today and thank God, thank God that are. Are we stand behind our product and the results are Timeless? Seven Lakes Community fix a block from 121st and Sheridan just going south on Sheridan and you’ll, see why people have chose to pick that Community. It’S phenomenal

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