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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | Homes you aren’t going to find anywhere else

Bixby New Homes | Homes you aren’t going to find anywhere else

So if you’re in the bixby community and you’re looking for a bixby new homes you’re going to want to check out estates at the river, if you’re also going to look at spring, hill farms, so when you’re in the bixby home builders and you’re, looking for a bigsby home you’re going to want to check out shaw homes.Com you’re, going to look at bixby, home builders and you’re going to want to see spring, hill farms and, like we were saying earlier, you’ll be able to see spring hill farms location is going to be the least expensive. Kingston get up here. I’m going to take you in your bed at the river is going to give you a good home and home side you’ll be at 308,000 to get in there with lot included and bixby home builders homes as kind of got the market. We’ve got five different communities, and if anybody has been looking at bixby home builders you’re going to see that there hasn’t really been a lot to choose from in that area. What you’re looking for get up here on the bed right now inside when the shah holmes community you’re, going to see if bigsby location is going to be? It will be the spring hill farm estates at the river somerset, which of the gated community quail creek, sits across the street from somerset and then our final one is going to be chisholm ranch. So in the shaw homes, communities you’re going to want to check out shaw, homes.Com and check out all five of our communities and you’re going Bixby New Homes to want to look at what we offer in a home. Cuz. There’s no other home builder! That’s going to give you what we offer, one of the things that I love about the five different communities that are right down the street from one another other than other than spring hill farms spring hill farms is going to be set a little bit further south. So you know you’ll be a little bit further off the grid in spring hill farms that you will have a half acre home site now, there’s other places in bigsby. If you been looking at bixby new homes builders that you’re going to find and they’re just not going to offer you what shaw homes has to offer everything that we have, we try to have a process in in with our customers in mine and one of the processes, contact shaw homes in ocala homes.Com. If you’re looking for bixby new homes builders you’re going to want to sign up for a model home tour, it we’re going to take you on a tour. It’s about a 90-minute tour. But if you’ve been looking for bixby new homes builders and you look at shaw, homes.Com you’ll see that we’ve kind of perfected the doors we know exactly how to keep people in their budget with how many rooms they have in mind in the location, don’t give baby cakes any of that. Okay and so in the big city home builders area.

You’re, going to be able to find everything that you want in a home and more usually after our model home tour. We tell you to take the next 48 hours, but we go ahead and pre schedule our next appointment with you now. The reason we do this is our appointments booked up usually a week in advance. So if we don’t go ahead and set that second appointment with you, while you’re in in front of more than likely we’re not going to be able to get you in for the next two weeks-and it just gets a little jumbled after that for people even remember what they looked looked at. And so it’s fresh on your rebel to meet you within the next week, but schedule that second appointment while you’re there with us after the tour so on our second appointment, we’re going to do a price out and buy price out. We mean that we walk through that particular home that you love and we start from the outside. And then we talked about the different choices that you have what’s included first and maybe what mr. Shaw. If it is an added feature, then we go room by room and so each one of those added features that you give us we’re going to be able to write down and create what we call your wish list. And then we will take it back to her office and price it out and get back to you within 24 hours. So you have all the pricing in your hand before you ever make it to mittman or buy a house from us you looking at. Are you watching mommy you watching mommy work and then what we do is we take that list and we meet you a third time just to you know, reserve the home site that maybe we’ve picked out for you, because we all are so listen to what home site that you have in mind and then we go over that wish list and we adjusted for some of the things that you might want to take out. Some of the things that you want to keep in are you laughing at mommy I’m working, yeah mommy is working and so anyway. We takin adjust anything that you might want to take off the house and get the price down Bixby New Homes and then our next step is to move the purchase agreement, and so when we moved our purchase agreement within a week’s time, you’re going to be scheduled for one of your three design meetings and your first meeting is going to be 2 hours. Long, it’s going to be with one of our two designers. It’s going to help walk you through your home in the design and flow of your home, to figure out what you have in mind for color selections.

Kingston. If you give the dog your cheeto, then we’re going to put those up. Okay, we don’t give the dog your little mini crunches, and so the next thing that we do is you’ll have your two 2-hour design meetings. And then you have a third 15-minute follow-up meeting just to go over review. What you got it into your house in the sign off so after your design meeting, usually within a week’s time, you’re going to sit in your construction meeting and that’s where you’re going to meet the construction manager. That’s going to oversee the building of your home. Have a thing I love about this! Is you get to meet the actual person that oversees your home? You get to exchange cell phone numbers and he’s going to be in constant contact with you throughout your bills to make sure your eyes are on it. His eyes are on it and that you have really good direct communication and i. Don’t know of a lot of builders that do that. But when you’re looking for bixby home builders in to show homes, is your builder we’re going to hand walk you through it? It’s like a marriage, we’re not going to stop in the middle we’re going to court. You we’re going to get you through all the way down to the to the saying I do so we’re going to be in it together until the end we’re not going to leave. You were also going to make sure that you have a3 warranty follow-up calls so you’ll have your first warranty walkthrough on your home a week prior to closing then you’re going to have a second warranty follow-up 60 days after you’ve lived in the home and then at 11 we’re going to contact you again to see. Bixby New Homes If there’s anything you missed anything, we missed so that we can take care of it no charge to you. Another thing:i love about that is that a lot of people worried that most builders. They give you a one one week prior to closing, walk through, and you never hear or see him again. What does never going to do that to a buyer because we stand behind their product, we believe in our product and we’re going to make sure that your home is going to last. You the life that you’re in and there’s other things that mr. Shaw will suggest that come with your home buyers manual that you’ll actually receive a week after purchase, and it just gives you step-by-step things to do over the year to keep.

You know proper maintenance of your home up, so that it will run good and that you will be able to live in that for life, but you’ll definitely want to check out when you look at shaw homes.Com or if your googling bigsby home builders, you want to go to shaw homes.Com, you want to sign up for one of our chores letter. Show you why we won 13 awards this past parade of homes. Let us show you why, when people search they find shell homes. First, let us show you why we have a 10-year structural warranty on her homes. 2 years we give you a1, electric and plumbing and lifetime on the roof, which is a rafters and it’s by liberty, mutual. So I guess there’s a lot of things that go in a home that you need to think about that also separate us from the others and one of which is not just our warranty but the but we’ve been in business for 28 years, and so, if you check out bigsby home builders and you check out shaw homes.Com you’re going to see why we were the builder of choice for 2017 you’re, also going to see why tulsa people gave us 13 awards when I think the most awards any other builder had was maybe 3, but there’s a reason that we have it because of our process and are people that work for our company. We do care about you we’re Bixby New Homes going to make sure that you have other easy process and we’re going to make sure that you love your shawl home for life, so check out, bigsby home builders show homes.Com come see the builder that’s been tulsa’s choice 28 years. That has a process like none other, that’s going to make it super easy for you in your next investment, which is your home, invest as much as they do in a home. So we want to make sure that the process is down in the you enjoy. It

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