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Bixby New Homes | Hunter Hints at Homes

Bixby New homes Bixby home builders they’re finally, actually give you a february in centerville of each other coming tomorrow, I’m too, or was I supposed to be home. Bixby New homes Builders close our time, which works better to get them out of them to our great so I have you on the books for february 18th at 9 a.M. So. You want me to remodel home in ashbrook in broken arrow. Actually, it’s on east 95th street in broken arrow. What’s an email address, I can get from you, so I can send a confirmation email to you also going to strongly encourage you to read reviews on my between now and then because I’m super excited for you to see all over model homes that we have I know you’re going to have so much fun to learn a whole lot about the home building process. Let me take him in and give you a benefit of a bixby home builder. Let me give you a quick over your three things that make sure home stuff into the other builder in the tulsa area. Also in oklahoma. First, we have been around since 95 me, typically build more quality., oklahoma rainbow bases. Second benefit:you have a building with a shot homes or the bixby home better to have more furnished and decorated model homes for you to her than any other builder in tulsa. That is just one of the benefits that we have. We are at bixby home builder, so I just wanted to clarify what is the price range of a hummer looking for when are you looking to move into a home? What monthly payment are you comfortable with needs? Are you needed for your cooler outside financing? Bixby New homes This pointed yard, have financing approved with another lender report? Have you stop by the shop around with any other builders? Yet hey buddy? How are you doing? This is kyle shaw homes? How are you doing today, hello? Is this the amazing? How do I saw that you’re looking to schedule looking into building a new home online sales, counselor script, blind copy, aaron, holland calendar updates to calendar alerts one per day before in the second one, two hours before subject:model them to her show homes, email, confirmation going to look and create an event invite for them. Bixby New homes The following parameters. Bixby New homes Take me home builders close by finally look forward to meeting you face to face soon. I hope, you’re, going to have a blast in the mall on two or see you soon. Bye, close bixby home builders, I think I have everything, I need and I prepared for you working at you, i, look forward to seeing you on february 17th at 9 a.M. Heading up in a minute, I’ll send you a map. Pin I mentioned a calendar. Invite so I can have it on my phone before I go to g. Have any other questions. For me, please be home builders. What kind of square footage did you want? What is the tire pressure on your looking for, and did you want one or two story home? Do you want a formal, dining room addition to the veteran county mention? Did you also want to study books me home builders? How many car garages did you want? Do you currently rent around your house that you’re living a do? You have any better that you need how many bathrooms, if you want to play a card or slipper, thought the answers on it as they give you the answers. When did you want to be in your new home and her to tell her to her best figuring? It’s I wanted to go to the love of mation about and what you’re looking for is that? Okay, let me talk about your needs:bixby, home builders, hi hunter. Bixby New homes This is johnny at shaw homes first and last name, first name. How are you doing today? I saw you put it to her and I want to take the sun to reach out and introduce myself and talk to you a little bit about who I am and all the cool things I can do for you, like shoot lasers on my ass I’m, a new home specialist on taking a picture and I can’t wait to know what location is off to bixby home builders. Hello. Is this the amazing johnny rapport, guest registration, scrabble online sales, counselor number to this deleted either called in or emailed are online sales counselor? That knows nothing about. Shaw homes are online sales, council of with the tour for you than email. You, the pertinent information it smell better. They will also use the online sales counselor scripted, looking at you or for you after you book your cheery, they want to email you with the lead and all introduction and the call guest registration script. Number three main office call him. This is a call, though before is it to you and you can use your phone to look to where I get them on tour with your own script. Number for is a walk in this is so when he walked into your model home to meet you and it’s your job to use your script and book a model home tour thrive this slowly that click on her facebook ad for either the pearl, necklace or the starbucks card, received a call from drive to schedule an appointment to see how about you. Email the confirmation, if you’re, already booked two are going to call and introduce yourself tell them about what you’re going to do and get some information for. You also follow the guess what race is complete when I come in at five types member used to represent real here. I saw him today, the customer through the same process. At the same time, we do not have liver, I’ll pack up whatever we want to say talk about. We want talk about what the customer wants to hear, how to percent of the time a hundred percent of the people, bixby home builders Bixby New homes

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