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Bixby New Homes | Matthew is Great

Bixby New Homes To 818 podcast 5 matthew shaw homes, people often ask where are model homes are at and since we are all across tulsa, there are many ways in which people find us where there be broken arrow, hot. Looking for jinx or possibly bixby home builders, new homes in tulsa, whatever it be, people will find us some different ways. Maybe they’ll drive by and see our signs, lcr directional signs that I’ll call the main office will see a facebook post by one of our sales managers will communicate with their friends and then I’ll stop by one drop in regardless of how they find us. We have staff model home hours that are weekly and we have 14 sales managers that office out of these model homes across the tulsa area. So one of the important factors is that we are always at our model homes where, as many other builders and many of the other neighborhoods you can drive through and see. If there is no one available, there’s no one, there there’s no one home, no one’s ever at their model home. So it’s interesting enough because, when you think about it, people typically walk into a main corporate office or call the phone number to see what’s available to go out to see it. Bixby New Homes If you would expect to get traffic, if someone stopped by your home and you’re, not there if they can’t get in and they can’t see, you don’t have an opportunity, missed an opportunity to show them products and potentially lead them to a purchase of a new home. So we’re very understanding that we need to have people in the front line so to speak, to speak to the customers, because without us the customers wouldn’t be able to get into our homes and they would be able to find our homes. I wouldn’t be able to build our homes have a company. So we appreciate the customers for coming by, and hopefully they appreciate our hours that we keep on a regular basis after the model home. Now, where are model homes are located, differ and like I was missing in the beginning of this, we have model homes that are from jenks to broken arrow, big speed, glenpool and everywhere in between and i, were consistently upgrading, consistently opening up more opportunities for customers and new communities, but is bixby home builders best builder. Bixby New Homes We will start off to some of the areas we have here in broken arrow. We have a couple of neighborhoods. We have ashbrook is a half acre, community home site off of highway 51, and that has a prescott model home which is going to be a beautiful two-story, but we have multiple versions of that home. You can go see that out at ashbrook. You can find all the addresses in conjunction with these model homes that I’ll be telling you in the website that we offer that shot. Homes.Com. You can find that information. I am highland creek we’re going to have another home to addison. Addison p is a two-story home, and that will be available to see you throughout the week. If you stop by you’ll, see available model home hours, we do have many communities throughout tulsa, the majority of them in bixby, jinx I am broken arrow I’ll, continue on by saying that seven oaks south has to model homes. We have a stone, crow story, model home, that you can see there I texted to stonebrook and the greenville right next door to the presidential help both of these going to be located off of new orleans street 101st, and you will find those look at in broken arrow brighton village is not a great community. Bixby New Homes That’s nearly complete it out full of build. Bixby New Homes There are a couple of home, so I slept in there and we did a couple of move-in-ready homes available as well for you. So frightened village is a fantastic opportunity to get in there and see some beautiful homes that you could. Potentially we have the parkwood at the model home over there in brighton village. Some of the communities we have here in broken arrow will be our tucson village, opening up soon to tucson villages on 121st street. You could find this location information on our website, but a hundred 21st street, tucson village commander series, i, hope you’ll find the nearest bixby home builders best builder. When you look for us, you’ll find that we have such a variety of home to choose from it’s hard, not to be happy about what we offer. Another community that we do offer is going to be at spring creek spring creek is located at 145th and 101st hundred 21st and 145th going to be one, and this is a very large home. It is a model home, but we will convert it and sell. It is for sale. Currently, at the current moment, beautiful move-in ready home available for you in a wonderful neighborhood at spring creek. Also in broken arrow. We have the village at southern trails, which we do have to model homes in there. Currently one of them is for sale, that is a monterey 108, the monterey 1h of the beautiful ones. There should be two story home that is in the village of southern trails. We also have a monroe to pee that is going to be in the village at southern trails. As well and these homes are beautiful, move-in-ready homes, the road to pee, is beautiful, 2 story home with an upstairs gameroom. It is available brand new. You can come check it out. We have staff model home hours there and the monroe mall ravens there in village trail is for sale. Check. Those out we all should I brush brook north is a wonderful community. We don’t have a model home for sale in there right now, but we do have them in road to as a one-story variance and it is available in there to see.

However, it’s not staffed hours to make sure that you have a sales representative with you to show you that beautiful home that’s available at bixby home builders, best motor from the other ones we have are going to jinx jinx is going to be oak. Ridge oak ridge is wonderful community that we offer. We do not have a model home in there as of yet, but we will in the future. It seems. Timbercreek is a good acre, acre and a half homesite community that we offer off of i-75 and 21st on the east side of 75 highway. Beautiful monterey monterey. Crawford, we also have elwood park in yorktown elwood park at a redford, make sure you check those out, get a sales manager to be your new home specialist job opportunities over there in elwood park, which is right off of elwood, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful community in the last layover in jenks, is going to be yorktown. Bixby New Homes So yorktown is a very popular neighborhood, getting a brand new expansion added to it, but your town fair popular master, p, 238 $240,000 on up 2 million million, plus it’s a beautiful neighborhood, multi variety of neighborhood architecture in their ponds. Tons of amenities are great, great neighborhood out there and yorktown in jenks. Another opportunity that we offer here in bixby is going to be at quail, creek, somerset, seven, lakes and states at the river. We do it more communities as well and we’re hoping it’s just some of the ones that I would think that offer bixby home builders when they’re. Looking for that, although campground around 121st and sheridan from the memorial for her 21st, you will find those communities that we offer so quail. Creek is a wonderful community newly-completed out of a move-in ready home available in there to see how to make sure you check that out. Somerset we’ve been for redford that is available as well as a couple of move-in-ready homes available in that community redford is in the somerset community located at 121st and sheridan. Are we looking for bixby home builders? Look no further than the states of the river won the most premier communities in bixby absolutely gorgeous, and we do have a monroe one eye in that community at quail creek or sees me at the states of the river and just fix the river is one of the best builders. We shall we build in the river and it will be having an attitude as well. So look forward to that home builders here and we are at shaw homes. Bixby New Homes Building great communities in seven lakes is one that is nearly completed. It’s just being finished up a few more open availabilities. In there we have a windham ar model home in document, so make sure you go home check to one of our new home specialist in any of the model homes that you see. We have many others as well make sure you check this out. Look around coming to any of her. Model homes were always taking on to her. So when you looking for bixby home builders, best builder know that we are always waiting for you in our models and you can come schedule a home to her that we go on every week, most likely going to have a couple of families but you’re more than welcome to join along on any true that we have saturday, sunday or monday saturday at 9 a.M. Sunday at 5 p.M. On mondays at 5 p.M. Currently, until we switch to summer hours and when we do that it’ll go to 6 p.M. On mondays hope you having a wonderful day. We look forward to seeing you and thank you for checking out shaw home. Since we are bixby home builders best builder. We look forward to meeting you and showing you I Bixby New Homes

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