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Bixby New Homes | Most affordable homes

Bixby New Homes | Most affordable homes

This is Brooklyn reclusive, shaw homes, I’d like to continue talking to you today about some of the features water stone homes like to talk to you, what is included in the bedroom closet with the double doors, and this really makes a huge difference in that bedroom, so you’re going to have that ceiling fan with the light. That’s included. This is going to be a picture as well. So you have that secure steel box. Bixby new homes That’s mounted on cedar ceiling fans never going to rattle around with in that box. It’s in the plastic, which is how it would if it were just a light having, that extra wide closet in having a double doors, you’ve got more more walk-in room to that closet makes it feels so much bigger in it and the ease of the closet. You have so much more. The bedroom three is going to have the same. The ceiling fan with the light, as well as the extra wide closet, with the double doors, so true, 3 or just want to make sure that you know we can give you all of those two bedrooms as well. No, it’s going to be included in that master, bathroom master, bedroom, tray ceiling with the single-level crown molding on so just kind of give you an accent there. It looks real nice, two different areas of crown molding or crown headers to a crown header into the master bath as well. It’s going to be the exterior door to the patio option here is going to be the reading light with the light kit switched receptacle in a little bit, more relaxed really make it like a like a retreat, which is really what we like to envision our master suite. That has sort of feel like that’s what you’re.

So that’s why we like to add those as a big, be handled very important for our clients, and they found that was other bixby home builders skip try to cheap in sheep in the interior’s, on give you more expensive, exterior and really not have all those amenities on the inside, but we really appreciate also it’s going to be included in the master bathroom, so this distance huge. This is really something. So there are so many features here that are included that are so nice and it’s really going to make it again, because this is what area what’s going to be included in the master bathroom is going to be indoor paint on them, so it just looks hiring and it looks really. Bixby new homes Nice I really speak polish in there with the under mount sinks. So it’s just a really polished luck with those over mount under mount. Again, you will have the choice of granite edging did my bullnose full notice or flat polished. He will also have the jetta whirlpool tub, as well as the as well as the raised panel front on the tub deck. So that’s just make sure that your tub deck matches the cabinets I’m. So it doesn’t look like just a drop in tub. You actually have a cabinet front to it as well tile shower with the corner seat into shelves just depending on what yours looks like shower:enclosure, victorian oil, rubbed, bronze, plumbing, fixtures and really special here is you won’t have a separate toilet enclosure, so you’re going to have to boil it. Closet is a really good size here. Definitely need to store some excess bathroom items inside the water closet.

You are going to have that elongated toilet or the head, not as weak in the outside, and there will be for the shower and over the tab as well as in something that’s an option. Action here is to have the teeth, have a tv inside your mirror with ceiling speakers, the tv is actually installed a walk-in pantry into your mirror, I’m in your kitchen, and it is the coolest so that you can watch the tv when you’re on your knees. It’s almost like an ice storm pictures that you know when you have when you’re entertaining and have guests over that’s going to be something that people are saying about, because it’s hidden behind the mirror. It’s just a really cool feature on at water stone home, Bixby new homes like i, said i, think the master suite the master bedroom sets us apart shows off all the cool things that we can do inside next to the master closet, because I really do think that we have so many cool things that we can do in the master, closet and i. Think that it’s a really really beautiful, it really sets the home on another level. The saints of the age will have two stairs walk up to the landing area and that’s where the two bedrooms or one bedroom will be you’ll notice. This bathroom upstairs the space.

It’s in that room where the toilet area is between the bathtub i, just told nice spacious upstairs bathroom, especially for the kids, so the bedroom, which be the 4th bedroom of the house, is 13 ft, 6 in by 11 ft 5, which makes it a nice size overall, four-bedroom home up there later to the game run. The features that we put in her home separates us from the other jinx home builders just really put on top of the map of the other jinx home builders. So what would do to finish up this floor plan is go down as you go down back the hall and take a shower and go back. You still get that under the stair closet that you enter in the hallway going towards the second and third bedroom. Bixby new homes But this one has the stairs options with the monroe 1e and the one ages is. So so now we’re going to talk about the monroe e-learning, rephrase that the monroe 1e, which is 3074 square feet, the downstairs is basically identical to the monroe one. The only difference is that it has a stairs takes you upstairs.

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