Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | No one compares

Bixby New Homes | No one compares

As a Bixby home builder, at Shaw, homes were going to take care of you or going to carry you through the entire process. After you are model homes made with your sales person, you will do a price out of your favorite model home. Then. At that time you will go to do. Reservation, you’re, not reservations, a very simple document: ,000, not deposited a check that will not be cashed, Bixby New Homes will be taken made out to Shaw homes to hold your lot, basically pull it off the market for 7 days. While we get the ins and outs in the details, like her home, all figured out after, you have decided for sure on the lot that you want to do a lot reservation and a price out. We will do your paperwork, your contract. This is about an hour long meeting. You will watch an informational video at that time and your salesperson will answer any questions that you have. We will do your contract and your earnest deposit at that time. Then, after contract you meet with the designers they’re going to help, you pick out all the colors of your home, your tiles, your granite, your brick, all that kind of stuff. We don’t leave you to make those decisions on your own. We want you to have the help of an expert. In fact, it’s the same girls that. Decorate and furnish her beautiful model homes that work with our customers after. You have gone through the design studio. Bixby New Homes You will meet with your construction manager on what is called a plan review at that time. He is going to tell you he’s going to go over your building at your site plan. Let you know exactly how big your yard is going to be. He is going to go over all the details of the home that you picked out in the design studio so that you can make sure that both he and you are on the same page that he knows exactly what colors you chosen.

Because they’re all right there And you work the kid: if there’s any questions, we can get that fixed before we order anything and, then, after playing with you, we got to work on filling out building permits, doing the engineering sending off the for the HVAC load, calculations Etc and getting the construction loan In place for the building of your home, once we start building your home, of course, Bixby New Homes the pad and the footings are first and their crucial cuz, as a Bixby home builder. You’Re going to want us know, of course, set that pad nice and high for you. So you don’t have any drainage issues and then you will start, we will start once we get the footings done and the foundation poured and we passed all other expect inspections. The a once the slab is poured. The Carpenters are going to start working on the framing process and a lot of stuff during the framing process is going to happen very quickly. It’S been fun for me as a salesperson working in the Bixby area with Bixby home builders, the last few years, because people get so tickled at how fast the framing of the home is done in just a few days. Once we get the roof put on that roof, that house is now called in the drive and all that building can go on inside all the detail. Work can start happening inside a weather, the weather outside is frightful or whether it’s cooperating as you know. Bixby New Homes Sometimes in Bixby we get those storms butt. Once we get the roof on, we are gold. Inside after we get the roof on, the shingles are applied and the houses in the dry in the plumbers are going to come back. To return to your home. To top out the house running additional water and drain lines, as well as vent pipes and any gas lines that need to be run, they’re also going to install certain tubs and showers at that time. And then all your wines are going to be pressurized to protect against possible leaks later on, the furnaces are then set.

The ductwork is run throughout the house and, of course, we make Provisions for the return air flow to the furnaces and the air handler, and also for the condensing units which will be in stalled outside later on. Bathroom fans are vented to the exterior at this time and the electricians will run the rough-in for the wiring for the breaker boxes, over your switches, receptacles lights, Exedra and then heavy gauge wire is going to be run to the kitchen for your cooking equipment and to The outside for your air conditioners, recessed lights – fixtures are all going to be installed this stage, as well as your cable and tv, your cable, TV and telephone outlets. All mechanical trades will head there, Bixby New Homes rough-in work inspected and then a frame inspection is done to make sure. No boards have been cut or moved that can cause structural weakness upon approvals. Insulation is installed in the walls and that will be in the wall, so it would be insulated and in certain inaccessible ceilings, all holes in exterior walls are filled with a poly cell foam to maintain air tightness and exterior masonry is normally installed about this same time. As Bixby home builder, right after that, we’re going to start step 7, which is drywall, trim and painting your sheetrock drywall, isn’t going to be installed on your ceilings and then the walls, and then it will be taped, bedded and skimmed wall textures applied where it is Indicated and hardwood floors are going to be installed next by first laying plastic over the concrete slab and then installing a 5/8 inch plywood of plywood to the concrete, a layer of 15lb felt will Top the plywood and finally, Bixby New Homes true hardwood floors are installed. On top of that trim, carpenters will arrive to install the cabinets, the doors the moldings and the mantles closets are laid out and installed to maximize their storage capacity, take over and initially stain any necessary wood, and then they apply the oil base, enamel tall other woodworker.

True afterwards and these those surfaces are tightly taped and the walls and ceilings are then painted, an exterior Landscaping happens with the sod installation, installation, the guttering and the pouring of concrete driveways driveways, sidewalks and porches, which, as a Bixby home builder at Shaw homes. That is going to include rebar in all of your exterior concrete, which is something no many other builders. Do then, on your interior finish the kitchen and bathroom countertops and marble tubs are installed as well as the showers ceramic tile floors and backsplash. Then the plumbers will install fixtures and faucets. Next, the electricians will install light fixtures and he switches, receptacles and appliances and finally, the garage door. Openers and security, keypads shower doors, mirrors and Hardware are all installed to complete the construction all prior to the installation of carpeting and applying the final coat on the hardwood floors and your final detail after carpets are installed. A detailed cleaning takes place to make sure that your home is in octuple, moving condition, window screens are installed and the final inspections take place at your pre-closing walkthrough. This to Ed is also going to happen at this time. Then. After closing, your new home has been protected and it has been constructed with hundreds of products found in nature. Another set of man-made, and some of these will have inherently moisture and then these characteristics and the changes of the seasoning season and cause expansion and contraction. And many materials, therefore, you should inspect to expect to see minor, cracking and drywall and masonry services. This is perfectly normal and unavoidable, but it’s all homes were going to take care of this. For you, with your 60-day warranty, call and then again, at 11 month, warranty call Essential homes to get your new Bixby home builders, home built.

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