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Bixby New Homes | Phenomenal Experiences

Bixby New Homes | Phenomenal Experiences

Welcome what is up you got the j-man here with another thrilling podcast brought to you by the good folks and shaw home and thrive I’m. The day will continue talking about NFL football, because it’s the best just kidding bixby new home builder, is the amazing but I’m sure about to start paying off. Just haven’t seen it yet in the organic search rankings. The final team that will be talking about this year’s the tampa bay buccaneers stadium, the bucks, are still all in with quarterback jameis winston, who struggled with a shoulder injury throughout the 2017 season, but he’s also still under league investigation for allegedly groping an uber driver, Bixby New Homes creating some uncertain. If he’s subject to a six-game suspension similar to ezekiel elliott’s, be to resign backup, ryan fitzpatrick, who won two of the three games, he started in 2017. If he doesn’t, the bucs do have ryan griffin waiting in the wings as a third off. Overall, the team would prefer to have an experienced player behind wilson to help him along, though I’m just about wrap it up for our qv talk this year. As far as the nfl draft goes, my personal side, no socks are number one wow for the last year and they traded up and spend a bunch of draft capital to take him number 1 overall. And what do you know? One of the best quarterbacks in the league to the playoffs? Absolutely phenomenal are the los angeles rams i, don’t think it’s closed. What he did was real bixby new home builders. All the thoughts about quarterbacks in theNFL, the texans came out looking real smart. Bixby New Homes They traded up as well quite a bit to move up and take this shot sitting in the draft.

This past trap, ironically trading up with perpetual a quarterback starve Cleveland to take watson, who not only was the best quarterback in fantasy football. He was the best quarterback in the entire nfl, the first 6 weeks of the season. Unfortunately, he did destroyed his acl in so hopefully he bounces back strong for him, but man night and day what a difference a quarterback makes in any level of football. Truly, theNFL, though it’s nice really nice to have a good, kia, Philadelphia eagles roster off of the year before he was phenomenal, he’s in total package 235. His mobile can make all the throws smart, audible, all the above, but unfortunately he tore his acl as well this year so bit of a bummer. Bixby New HomesBut it is the nature of the beast. It’s a dangerous game and it is quite physical. It’s not like i, you know, patty cake, sucker or even basketball, where they blow the whistle. If you have too much contact theNFL you’re trying to hurt your opponent as much as you can, without getting a whistle builders. Of course, fair and balanced sean’s has an award-winning 10-year structural warranty. We have over 30 different neighborhoods, another 500 homicides with 66 different floor plans. Come check us out. Look up online, show homes.Com video of all of our different floor plans as well as customer testimonials construction. Videos frequently asked questions, lender information and, more so, be sure to check us out at shaw homes.Com we’re going to be on the second page of the organic search rankings. If you search for bixby new home builders and maybe we’ll even get on the first page, I know I’d like to see and I’m sure everybody would so yeah. You know just going to try to stretch out this next 5 minutes here. I’m i, just don’t have another article cute up to reach you guys. I am happy to be here. I want to know that. Want you to know that I guess I should go ahead and apologize. If you have listened to any of my other podcasts I did not relearn until recently that anyone would ever listen to them. In fact, I was told and no one would ever listen or read them. So when apologize, if you were upset or offended by any of my previous podcast, that was not my intention. My intention was shirley.

Amusement I just was in there having a good time with it. Talking crap I didn’t mean to hurt anybody, hurt anybody’s feelings, hurt anyone’s business. That’s why I said this was not a malicious act. Ii simply was was told. Incorrect information I was told it be completely private to be anonymous. No one would ever listen to it or or read it so I can I just want to say I’m very sorry, and you know please know that it was nothing more than that I have no ill will or ill intent towards anyone. I just want everyone to be happy straight up, so hello, bixby, new home builder, as I’m sure you know, is the key word that were working on it’s funny, no matter how many times I say it I Bixby New Homes still hate saying that you know. But what can you do if boss man says you got to do what you got to do it? That’s just it that’s what I’m doing so I will be keeping it real, but also keeping it professional from here on out now Bixby New Homes that I do know that somebody is there listening on the other side. So what is thank you for being there keeping me accountable. That was a great great bit of humiliation that I received. So job will prove that my boss decided to keep me on I think he knows that I’m, a good guy and I didn’t mean anything bad by it at all. So I’m a boss is a good guy to talk to a lot of crap about him. Also, so I would never wish it upon anybody and least of all you know the man with the keys. Alright got cut out there a little bit, but I’m back and I have another one minute in 46 seconds to talk to you so I’m, just going to unload a rapid fire number. One government looks like it’s about to shut down. I find that hilarious, because it’s shut down so many times before and it cracks me up like 96% of government employees are deemed non-essential a lot like if 96% of the people in the government I don’t know. Same people in the government or bad. But of course, if you work for the government you’re going to be the government kind of goes hand-in-hand.

That’s why 97% of government employees are left-leaning democrats or what happened but I just gets me the government shutdown, but like we’re good, it’s like we’re fine. Without it, we just leave it down for a while and just see if we like it better that way, you know, there’s a whole list of guys that would love to do that job for free. They would volunteer to take care of the, monuments Bixby New Homes and I’m just sure of it just saved $7. What else do you need department of agriculture? What’s that you say you have over a hundred thousand employees, that’s more than the kind of weird hundred thousand employees. That’s one employee for every three excuse me for every 30, farmers, wow, I guess I can see how 96% are non-essential I’m, starting to wonder if 96% of government agencies are non-essential

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