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Bixby New Homes | Real Homes for Real People

Bixby New Homes To 818 podcast 3 I want to talk about the wonderful things that we offer here at shaw homes, and that would start off first off by saying that when you are looking for bixby home builders, you will find them better than shaw homes, mainly because of everything that we offer as far as compared to anybody else and what they offer is going to be superior to what they offer in many cents. Instances and out. One of those that I’ll be highlighting today is going to be the incentives that we offer now many builders to build incentives into their pricing and I offer incentives for many different reasons and in many different ways, with different methods and also a variety of options that they include or change, depending on what they’re looking to offer that day that week that money. Bixby New Homes So you hear shaw homes is, are multiple reasons. Our options are inclusive, with all of the features that would allow our what we do for our customers is provided incentives that no other builder in tulsa touches this because, as being bixby be so affordable based on the quality that we swell on. This is caused by the fact of the amount of home we build. / 200 300 equate us in the ability to buy it so much to the fact to the tune that other sources and distributors to us will reduce their pricing greatly. Now this allows us to have the most competitive product in tulsa mpix in broken arrow in jenks, in glenpool, in broken arrow. However, what this allows is us to drive our prices down, to keep our margins low and, in turn off for such a good incentive that it creates the customer to have a win-win-win. Bixby New Homes So our incentive separates itself from other builders by about $10,000 on average, typically most builders, the most that I averaged in seeing around the tulsa area, is about a $5,000 or less incentive included in the bill to their home to $20,000, depending on the month, depending on the process and what we’re offering what selections we have in there, and it does change every month every half month, but currently our incentive is $15,000 and free upgrades and also were including a three-car garage in the mixes well for a signature, inheritance series, collection of homes that we do have other incentives that are applied to a applicable homes that are in other segments that we offer, such as the manchester series home in the water. However, I would say that the most sold home that we offer is the signature inheritance series collection of homes, which includes a $15,000 currently that ends february 28th, so I speak with our incentives is. Bixby New Homes This is made directly correlate with our preferred lender status. We provide such an amazing incentive simply because we know the process of our home building experience and what we want. Our customers to have. In that home building experience what we want them to do when they come in our doors most likely, customers have an idea of where they want to get their lending done, or they have no idea. They have no clue what they’re home and, as far as the lending side goes, they can choose to go with that they like, however, we do offer the most competitive wonders here in the tulsa area, and there’s many reasons to this. I won’t get into that. However, what I will say is that our incentive is tied directly to our preferred. Lender is being used, because our preferred lenders require less commitment from you as far as financial digging, and we trust their judgment enough that we only need a pre-approval rather than a mortgage commitment. If you would choose another lender, you would require a mortgage commitment to use our incentive, but our incentive would not be applicable at that same value receive less incentive because you chose an outside lender. Bixby New Homes Can we do this just because the series of the process, the efficiency in which the purchase agreement continues throughout how easy it is to build in your home and closing her home, and we don’t have any surprises or issues to worry about bixby home bruce just told her what we do offer at $15,000 now, how can this be applied? Well, it’s applied many ways. This can be applied in upgrades of any of your choice. Choosing. So if you want wood floors, if you want upgraded trim, if you want custom options to be changed, if you want upgraded, granite’s or different courts, or something outside of our included features that we offer. If you want to change the upgrades two more your suited, taste and style, then you’re using $15,000 to do so. However, what they want $15,000, a very long way to help with that. So if you chose $30,000 of options and upgrades, then it would only cost you $15,015 and we’re offering will help you reduce. Cost to buy set amount. So what we offer is always changing. Sometimes it’s 10,000, sometimes it’s particular options that we will choose out as a company say hour, options list to five options. We would do a pretty cabinet heights, we were under cabinet lights, maybe an upgraded front door. Things like that that we would pretty shoes for you and then the remaining let’s say:8, grand or 10. Grand that we offer would be there for you to apply how you wish towards upgrades or closing costs. Also this another way that is bixby home, but if we can provide another opportunity for you to utilize that $15,000 in a way you see fit and obviously has an effect and also the cost of the home, how much the closing cost would be for you, but based on that, the 15,000 was hypothetically, say your closing cost at 6 grand. So that would make us $9,000 of upgrades that you could take off that 6 grand will be applied towards closing closing your home that we would pay for you on your behalf, so it is dependent on the loan in the home cost, but other than that it is a nice way to have your closing costs paid for you, which is fantastic. Bixby New Homes

Bixby New Homes Since we are bixby home builder. We provide these things in lieu of other services, such as hyped up price on the home and also inferior products being used. We do have our process down to it to akif fitment and we have gone to the process of figuring out. Bixby New Homes What is the best options for the home, best hardware for the home, best equipment for the home to be used, and just the process of the entirety of how we put our homes together and what we put in our homes included, features wise ice and water, shield tyvek home, wrap, post tension slab the way we build our homes. We offer radiant barrier roof decking, we include granite in the kitchens we include tile and most of the weather, all the wet areas. I’ve been really what you’re looking for in a home, you’ll find with a home and because we do have so many options. We are bixby home builders best builder, so I would say that you want to come and check us out. We would encourage you to come to any of our 14 model homes that are surrounded from jenks to tulsa, all through bixby in broken arrow, as well I’m to come on out, speak with one of our sales managers and go on tour with us, we’re doing them every single week or two them saturdays and sundays at 5 p.M. And you’re not going to put us out to do that. We would love to have you along and we’ll know. You see some beautiful. We always encourage people to go and check out mine if you would testimonies online as well, but you’ll find the process in which we offer different from other builders from around the area so much, and so that people rave about our process simply because it’s an easy one to follow and as bixby home builders best builder. We do appreciate your business and your input as far as how to make her company better more wise, more and more capable to build the best home possible at the best quality possible– here in the tulsa bixby broken arrow jenks glenpool area. So once again, is you know if you’re searching for bixby home builders? Look no further! You found the right for you. It’s just a matter of us going through our process or 10 step phases and finding the one that’s most suitable for you and making your own making your dream home. So I look forward to it. Hope you guys see you soon Bixby New Homes

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