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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | Remodel your home

Bixby New Homes | Remodel your home

At Shaw homes, we are broken Arrow’s home builder. We are like the biggest Broken Arrow home builder. We’Ve got amazing floor plans were available in multiple different communities in the Broken Arrow area. Well, first start you out: by doing a model home to work, the model home tour will take you around to multiple locations, and you will see gorgeous fully furnished and decorated Model Homes will explain to you the different functions of each floor plan and why they were Created the way that they are being a broken arrow home builder Shaw homes likes to give you a lot of different options and choices and floor plan is going to be one of them. We are. We has about 64 different floor plans and we’re available in over 27 different communities, Broken Arrow, Bixby New Homes being one of the largest ones, will take you around to the different model home. So that way you can see the functions and the flow of each floor plans. We will ask you to you know, please feel free to take as many pictures as you like, because it will help during your Design, Studio process being a broken arrow home builder. We know options are very important to you and B floor plans is going to be a wide variety pending on budget square footage layout and the size of your family, because we know that every family has different needs than once green. The model home tour. It’S important to ask as many questions as you like, and your sales manager will answer. Your questions

Go over different options, go over the different functions and layout and how we would downsize a floor plan, because when we make our model homes, we build em in the largest form. Typically because it’s a little bit easier to explain what a smaller version looks like Shaw homes is, you know an amazing, Broken Arrow home builder and we go over all of these options with you, one of the things that people love most about their experience at Shaw Homes is the model home tour, we’ll discuss the different layout during that time you know, Bixby New Homes like I said you can take as many pictures as you like the different styles of the floor, the cabinet’s the tile even paint color exterior. Bixby New Homes We show you roughly about 728 different floor plans. The model home tour typically takes about 90 minutes during the model home tour. This also gives you a chance to look at the different communities that we offer as well, which is important being at a broken arrow. Home builder, we do have a lot of different communities in the Broken Arrow area. However, we are available in Bixby and jeans Inola. We can actually build off side as well during the model home tour. This is really where you want to feel you know the function of a house, and this is kind of where you guys can find your favorite floor plan, because a lot of times when you do look at the floor plans online and when you are actually inside Of the home.

it’s completely different on top of that, since our model homes are fully furnished and decorated, it does give you a better idea of what it was, what it would look like if you lived in it with all of your items, and you could envision You and your family in that house and are buyers or customers pretty much. Anyone that you know does have an experience at Shaw homes. Their favorite portion of the entire process is our model home tour, so whether they choose to build with us or by 8 used home or go with another Builder, they find that our model home tour is very, very beneficial to their home shopping experience. We do our model home tours every week. At the same time, three times a week, some of the sales managers will do more than 3 times a week just pending on. You know how busy the schedule is. Typically, Bixby New Homes our model home tours are done Saturday mornings at 9, Sunday at 5 and Monday at 6. There are other managers that will throw in more model home tours you’re just going to want to discuss it with your sales manager after the model home tour. This is when you want to go home and discuss with your family the pros and cons to each of the house. Sometimes families will know exactly which house is for then sometime. You know you may have it narrowed down to a top two or top three and that’s okay. You know we can work things out with you and discuss with you the different floor plans and if we have to you know, we can make a second trip out to just those talk to or top three homes.

Typically, at the end of the model, home tour, you are pretty much, you know sometimes confused with what it is that you had just seen and which had what layout and do you remember this and that it varies and that’s our job to help you answer. All of those questions and hopefully put it down to just one floor plan and then that’s when we will schedule our second appointment with you, I, which will be the price out and typically we can do that price out. You know, depending on how many families we’ve got during that week, we have different appointments. You know that will work with you on getting that price out of appointment done and that’s pretty much how the model home tour work. This is an opportunity that you are not going to be able to find anywhere else so make sure you get in touch with the people over at Shaw Homes so call them today at the number 918-688-5660. They are by far the best whenever it comes to the things they are going to be able to provide you. Make sure you get in touch with them today.

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